Chevron Lummus Global and Saudi Aramco Sign LC-HOPI+ Collaboration and Licensing Agreement

Chevron Lummus Global and Saudi Aramco Sign LC-HOPI+ Collaboration and Licensing Agreement

Chevron Lummus Global LLC (CLG) and Saudi Aramco announced that they have signed a Joint Collaboration and License Agreement to co-develop and license Saudi Aramco's Heavy Oil Processing Initiative (HOPI+) technology.

 Heavy Oil Processing Initiative aims to achieve relatively higher conversion of vacuum residue and other available heavy feeds, including incremental crude, using CLG's LC-FINING platform (沸騰床式残油水素化分解プロセス),  jointly referred to as LC-HOPI+.

The LC-HOPI+ innovative process is expected to help minimize both CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operating Expense) and significantly improve margins for bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading. 

In 2019, Saudi Aramco joined CLG at its research and development facility in Richmond, California, to create and develop the initial concept pilot testing. Success there led to further HOPI+ evaluations against different process schemes, which further helped quantify the technology's added value.

"HOPI+, combined with CLG's LC-FINING platform, is an innovative concept that simultaneously increases crude throughput and converts residue to valuable transportation fuels and petrochemical feedstock while minimizing capital and energy," said Ujjal Mukherjee, Managing Director, CLG. "The initiative further strengthens the relationship between Saudi Aramco and CLG as we develop, pursue and commercialize new and innovative technology."

"This collaboration with Chevron Lummus Global reflects the focus of Saudi Aramco on breakthrough technologies that generate added value across the hydrocarbon chain," said Motaz Al-Mashouk, Executive Director, Saudi Aramco.

Chevron Lummus Global and Saudi Aramco now intend to co-develop LC-HOPI+ technology before global commercialization by CLG.


CLGは、米国ChevronとLummus Technologyのジョイント・ベンチャーで、Chevron 石油精製プロセスをライセンスしている。 

Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), a joint venture between Chevron and Lummus Technology, offers complete engineering services from conceptual studies to full engineering design packages. CLG has a line of hydroprocessing technologies covering a full boiling range spectrum and catalyst systems proven to exceed processing objectives for:

・RDS/VRDS: 固定床式残油水素化脱硫プロセス
・OCR: 移動床式残油水素化脱メタルプロセス
・UFR: アップフロー固定床式残油水素化脱メタルプロセス
・ISOCRACKING®: 重質油水素化分解プロセス
・ISODEWAXING®: 潤滑油水素化脱ろうプロセス
・ISOFINISHING®: 潤滑油水素化仕上げプロセス
・ISOTREATING®: 留出油水素化精製プロセス
LC-FINING®、LC-MAX®: 沸騰床式残油水素化分解プロセス
・ISOMIX: 固定床反応器高性能インターナル