NGL 1200-1300

Product 能 力
NGL-1200  27,262
NGL-1300  21,238

所有:National Iranian Oil Co.(NIOC)
運営:Petrochemical Industries Development Management Co.(Private Joint Stock)
立地: NGL 1200 in west of Gachsaran
     NGL 1300 in south-west of Gachsaran
       (Bibi Hakimeh region)



Gachsaran Olefin 

Implemented by: Gachsaran Petrochemical Co.

Ownership: NPC (20%) ,Mamasani Petrochemical Co.(20%), Kazeroon Petrochemical Co.(20%),
      Dehdasht Petrochemical Co.(20%), Charmahal va Bakhtiari Petrochemical Co. (20%)

Projected production date: 2011
* Approved by the government

Ethylene  1,000
C3+ 90