Tasnee & Sahara Olefins Company

Tasnee & Sahara Olefins Company is a recently established joint stock company.
Its main shareholders are
Tasnee Petrochemicals and Sahara Petrochemical Company with a minor shareholding by the Saudi Arabian General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI).

TSOC was established in June 2005 as a closed joint stock company in which Sahara owns 32.55%, GOSI owns 7.00% and the remaining 60.45% is owned by Tasnee, Tasnee Petrochemicals and Marketing Company, National Gulf Company for Petrochemical Technology and National Worldwide Industrial Advancement Company. 


Basell has signed a joint venture agreement with Tasnee & Sahara Olefins Company

社名:Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company,(SEPC)

出資: Basell 25%、Tasnee & Sahara Olefins 75% (Tasnee Sahara Olefins JV
Al-Jubail Industrial City
製品:ethylene gas cracker
      1000 KT per year of ethylene and 285 KT per year of propylene
     400KT high density polyethylene Basells latest generation Hostalen process
     400KT low density polyethylene Basells Lupotech T technology
       (the largest Hostalen and Lupotech T process plants in the world

Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Co (SEPC) plans to start operations at a 400,000 tpa high density polyethylene (HDPE) facility and a 1 mln tpa cracker by the end of August 2008.
To be located in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, the company will start up a 400,000 tpa low density polyethylene (LDPE) facility a month later.
SPEC will also manufacture 280,000 tpa propylene, which will serve as feedstock to an expansion of a 450,000 tpa polypropylene (PP) unit, operated by Saudi Polyolefins Co.


Tasnee & Basell : Saudi Polyolefins Company
            485 kta PP and 450 kt propane dehydrogenation

Sahara & Basell : new 450 KT per year Spherizone polypropylene plant and propane dehydrogenation unit in Al-Jubail.
  → Al-Waha Petrochemical Company


Saudi Acrylic Acid Company

  出資:National Industrialization Company (Tasnee) and Sahara Petrochemicals.

Saudi Acrylic Monomer Company SAMCO

出資:Rohm & Haas→Dow  25%、Saudi Acrylic Acid Company 75% (Tasnee Sahara Olefins JV
acrylic acid  250千トン and related esters
Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene

Saudi Acrylic Polymers Company (SAPCo)

出資:Evonik Industries / Saudi Acrylic Acid Company