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Saudi Aramco statement on AOC sale of strategic stake to Hanjin Energy

The Board of Directors of S-Oil Corporation, an affiliate of Aramco Overseas Company B.V. (AOC), a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), today agreed to sell 31.9 million treasury shares
金庫株, previously owned by Ssangyong Cement Co. Ltd.雙龍セメント, to Hanjin Energy Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Hanjin Group韓進グループ incorporated under the laws of Korea (Hanjin Energy).

Company sources indicated that the total transaction value will be approximately KRW 2.4 trillion (
US$ 2.5 billion).

AOC invested in S-Oil in 1991 and continues to support the expansion and the growth of S-Oil. With this new partnership with Hanjin Energy, the growth of S-Oil will continue.

Saudi Aramco, the parent company of AOC, has long supported Korea's economic development by providing a reliable and stable supply of crude oil. As a result, S-Oil has become a symbol of economic cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2007/3/5 Bloomberg

Korean Air-Led Group to Buy $2.5 Billion S-Oil Stake

Korean Air Lines Co., the country's largest airline, will become a shareholder in oil refiner S-Oil Corp. as part of a 2.4 trillion-won ($2.5 billion) deal to secure a stable supply of jet fuel.

Hanjin Energy Co., formed last month by Hanjin Group, a conglomerate that controls Korean Air Lines, will buy 32 million shares of S-Oil for at 74,979 won each, the Seoul-based airline said in an e-mailed statement today. That's a 1
4 percent premium over the closing price of S-Oil, South Korea's third-largest oil refiner.

The agreement may allow
S-Oil to build a second refinery and gives Korean Air part of a fuel supplier as the price of jet kerosene has soared 60 percent in the last two years.

Saudi Aramco
The purchase of the 28.4 percent stake would make Hanjin Group the refiner's second-largest shareholder after Saudi Aramco,
Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company, which owns 35 percent. The affiliates will participate in S-Oil's management, justifying the premium offered for the shares, Ryu said.

The final acquisition price may change depending on S-Oil's dividend payout, Korean Air said in the statement.

S-Oil plans to invest 3.6 trillion won to build a second refinery as demand rises in China.

Hanjin Energy, established on March 2, is
82.5 percent owned by Korean Air, 14.6 percent held by Hanjin Shipping and Korea Airport Service has 2.9 percent. All the companies are controlled by Hanjin Group.

Hanjin Group announced yesterday that it will buy a 28.4 percent stake in S-Oil Corp, the nation's third-largest oil refinery, for 2.4 trillion won ($2.55 billion).

They also believe that the stock sale would help S-Oil finance its 3.5 trillion won ($3.7 billion) investment in new refining facilities and pay back its 800 billion won debt.

The company is set to build a 480,000 barrel-per-day crude refinery by 2010 in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province.

The mammoth project would raise its total refining capacity by almost 70 percent to 1.06 million barrels per day, outstripping the 650,000 barrels of the nation's No. 2 GS Caltex Corp.

韓国の石油会社は仁川精油を含め、旧大韓石油公社の流れをくむ SK(SK Corporation). を筆頭にLG-Caltex Oil、S-Oil、現代オイルバンク(Hyundai Oilbank)の5社寡占体制である。



2008/12/30 Platts

S Korea's S-Oil plans to start building new BTX complex Q1 2009

South Korea's S-Oil Corp. expects to start construction of its second naphtha-based aromatics complex at Onsan over the first quarter of 2009, an industry source said Wednesday.
The new facility will have the capacity to produce
900,000 mt/year of paraxylene and 280,000 mt/year of benzene. The production is to be exported to China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
About 10% of the design and engineering work has been completed, the source said. Construction was previously slated to begin by the end of December. The estimated completion date of the project is about the second quarter of 2011.


2011.10.20 S-Oil     

“S-OIL opens new horizon in petrochemical industry” Completion of world’s largest single train PX(Paraxylene) production facilities                  

●  ‘Surprise visit’ by President Lee to Onsan Refinery Expansion Inauguration with Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources 石油鉱物資源大臣 of Saudi Arabia.
     - President Lee expects further growth of the oil refining industry from an “industry that refines imported crude oil” into an “industry that exports high value added petroleum products.”
     - “The relationship between S-OIL and Saudi Aramco provides a successful model of economic cooperation and symbolizes friendship between Korea and Saudi Arabia”

● S-OIL, annual PX production capacity of 1.7 million tons, the world’s largest single train PX plant
     - Double production of petrochemical products… $2 billion in extra exports a year
     - S-OIL’s best-in-class competitiveness in refining and lubricants business stretches to petrochemical business

  既存 追加 合計
PX 800 900 1,700
ベンゼン   280   280  560

On Oct. 20th, S-OIL held ‘Onsan Refinery Expansion Inauguration’ in Onsan Refinery, Ulju County, Ulsan in the presence of President Lee Myung Bak and other VIPs. 
The Inauguration celebrating successful completion of petrochemical production plant was attended by close to 1,000 Koreans and foreigners among whom included Saudi Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Al Naimi, Ulsan City Mayor, Park Maeng Woo, President of Saudi Aramco, Al Fallih and Chairman of Hanjin Group, Cho Yang Ho, both companies of which are majority shareholders of S-OIL, lawmakers representing Ulsan and representatives of contractors.

2007/3/9  韓国の石油精製 S-Oil に韓進グループが参加

SaudiAramco の関係会社の韓国の石油精製会社 S-Oil は、以前に雙龍セメントが所有していた金庫株 28.4% を時価の14%増しの25億ドルで韓国航空など韓進グループに売却することを決めた。

S-Oilには SaudiAramco の子会社 Aramco Overseas Company B.V. 1991年以降35%出資しており、韓進グループは第二の株主となる。

S-OIL invested 1.3 trillion Won in ‘Onsan Refinery Expansion Project’ with the vision to secure engine for future growth. S-OIL’s annual production capacity of PX (raw material for poly ester) and benzene is 1,700,000 tons and 560,000 tons each, which is almost double the refiner’s original production capacity, positioning S-OIL into the one of the most competitive supplier of petrochemical products to the world.

■ World’s largest single train PX plant

Commercial operation of the world’s largest single train PX plant and its Inauguration set a new landmark in both taking Korean petrochemical industry’s global status and competitiveness to a higher level and in further vitalizing bilateral economic cooperation and exchanges in the private sector based on the principles of promoting mutual benefits between Saudi Aramco and Hanjin Group as majority shareholders of S-OIL.
In his congratulatory speech, President Lee Myung Bak expected further growth of the Korean oil refining industry from an “industry that refines imported crude oil” into an “industry that produces and exports high value added petroleum products.”
President Lee said that Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia Ali Al-Naimi, who had been the CEO of Saudi Aramco, had decided to make a large-scale investment in Korea 20 years ago for the first time among Saudi Arabian companies. He added, “Saudi Aramco, which has made S-OIL what it is now, is a global company that can do everything in relation to oil, ranging from oil development to the refining, transportation and sale of oil.” He also said that Korea and Saudi Arabia could combine mutual strengths and develop global markets since Saudi Aramco selected S-OIL, a Korean company, as its partner.
Saying that S-OIL is a successful model of economic cooperation between an oil producer and an oil consumer and symbolizes economic cooperation between Korea and Saudi Arabia, President Lee hoped that the two nations, which had mutually complementary industrial structures, would create a more advanced cooperation model in the future.
In addition, President Lee explained the strengths of Korea that has secured global competitiveness in the areas of smart grid, energy storage system, and fuel cell by adopting “green growth” as a paradigm for national growth. And then he assured that Korea and Saudi Arabia, which has great interest in green growth despite the world’s largest reserves of natural resources, would be reliable partners for each other.
Saudi Arabia Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Al Naimi said in his congratulatory address, “cooperation between S-OIL and Saudi Aramco is seen as the most ideal model of economic cooperation between an oil producing country and an oil consuming country. It is known as the most successful case out of the many projects that Saudi Arabia has undertaken around the world.” He went onto say that the ties between S-OIL and Saudi Aramco maintained for more than 20 years is the symbol for friendship of Korea and Saudi Arabia beyond a mere exchange between the two companies.”
He wrapped up his speech by noting “Korea’s know-how on economic development, sophisticated technology, people’s confidence and hard-working spirits are something to learn. I truly hope that today’s Inauguration becomes yet another turning point for the two countries to emerge as new strategic partners.”


■ Best-in-class competitiveness extending from refining, lubricant business to petrochemical business

Speaking to the audience, CEO of S-OIL, Ahmed A. Subaey introduced “the new aromatics complex, which produces textile material capable of producing 3.4 billion pieces of clothes a year, will enrich the lives of mankind.”
He said that S-OIL has expanded its business domain onto renewable energy solar PV, thereby proactively supporting the national initiative for green growth.
Subaey CEO went onto an old Korean saying goes “Jang-gwa chin-gu-nun o-rae mu-geo-ya je-ma-shi-da,” which means “Sauce and friends improve with age” like the Western’s “Old wine and friends improve with age.” He said “Korea and Saudi Arabia have long maintained close friendship as old friends. I hope today’s gathering will serve as an opportunity to deepen mutual partnership.”


■ Extra export generation of U$ 2 billion a year, increased demand from overseas market for considerable period

S-OIL, which enjoys world-class competitiveness in refining and lubricant business driven by continuous investment in high value added facilities since 1990s, will be able to witness increase in profitability generated from Onsan Refinery Expansion Project. 
By selling products streaming out of the new plant to overseas markets, S-OIL expects to add another USD $2 billion to its export revenues a year. Price of PX, which is the major production from the PX plant, has constantly rose since bottoming out from $847/ton in July, 2011 to reach record-high of $1,698/ton in March this year. It has stayed above $1,400 for several months and closed at an average of $1,675 in Sep.
Since commercial operation in mid-Apr., S-OIL’s 2Q sales in its petrochemical business achieved 915.6 billion Won in sales and 77.2 billion Won in operating income, growing by 156% and a whopping 852%, respectively.
An official at S-OIL said “supply volume will not increase in the next couple of months since it was only very recently that other companies announced PX plant projects while PX demand in Asia will see a huge growth largely driven by polyester industry expansion in China. As the most influential PX supplier in the Asia Pacific region, we will take full advantage of being geographically adjacent to the global center of demand to become the most competitive supplier.”

2015/11/30  住友化学 

韓国 S-Oil 社へのPP及びPO製造技術ライセンス供与

住友化学は、このたび韓国S-OIL社と、ポリプロピレン(PP )および プロピレンオキサイド(PO )の製造技術をライセンス供与することで合意し、契約いたしました。

S-OIL社は 、韓国の蔚山市に日量66 .9万バレルの能力を持つ石油精製コンビナートを有し、 燃料、潤滑油および石油化学製品を主に生産しています 。同社は、本年9月に重油を活用する日量7.6 万バレル規模の流動接触分解設備を導入し、高品質ガソリ ンとプロピレン誘導品の生産設備を建設するプロジェクトへの投資を決定しました。新たに生産される誘導品は、住友化学が独自に開発した技術を採用する年産40 .5万トンのPP 年産30 万トンの PO などで、 2018 年前半に完工の予定です。

住友化学のPP 製造技術は、当社千葉工場における運転実績に加えて、シンガポールなどの関係会社を含めた海外の企業にもライセンス供与し、多くのプラントで長期にわたる運転安定性を示し、高品質な製品を製造してきた実績があります。
また、PO 製造技術は、当社が世界で初めて工業化に成功したクメンを循環利用するクメン法PO単産プロセスで、併産物がなく 、独自に開発した高性能なエポキシ化触媒と組み合わることにより、高収率で運転安定性に優れていることが特徴で、当社千葉工場やサウジアラビアの関係会社の運転実績があります。

下記の通り、S-OilはSaudiAramco の子会社。
住友化学とAramcoとのJVのPetro Rabigh の第一期では、単産プロセスのPO 20万トン、PP 70万トンを生産している。

住友化学は、今後も革新的な技術を開発し、技術ポートフォリオの拡充による競争力強化を目指すととも に、ライセンス活動を通じて、当社が長年の経験で培ってきた技術をグロ ーバルに展開していくことで、世界の石油化学産業の発展に貢献してまいります。

設立: 1976 年
本社: 大韓民国 ソウル市
主な株主: アラムコ・オーバーシーカンパニー(AOC) 63.4%

S-Oil は1976年にKorea-Iran Petroleum Co., Ltd.として設立された。
第一次石油ショックで原油の安定購入が韓国の第一の課題であった時に、 双龍セメントがイラン国営石油会社(NIOC)との50/50 JV設立に成功した。

1978年のイラン革命で、イラン側が撤退し、1980年に双龍精油(Ssangyong Oil Refining)と改称した。

1991年にAramco Overseas Companyが3億9500百万ドルを出資して35%を取得、20年間の原油供給を約束した。
(現在のS-OilのCEOはSaudiAramcoの米国法人のCEOであったAhmed A. Al-Subaey 氏。)

1999年12月には、双龍セメントの持株 28.4%を自社株として買収し、双龍グループから法的に独立し、2000年3月に双龍精油からエスオイルに社名を変更した。



2011/10/28   韓国S-Oil、1系列で世界最大のパラキシレン工場の竣工式を開催

S-Oilには SaudiAramco の子会社 Aramco Overseas Company B.V. が1991年以降35%出資している。

S-Oil は2007年に、双龍セメントから買い取って金庫株としていた 28.4% を(時価の14%増しの)25億ドルで韓国航空など韓進グループに売却した。



2007/3/9 韓国の石油精製 S-Oil に韓進グループが参加

Aramco Overseasは2014年、韓進グループからS-Oil の28.4%を19.5億ドルで買収し、持株比率を現在の63.4%にした。