Finolex Industries                to double PVC capacity to 260,000mt/yr

Finolex Industries belonging to the P. P. Chhabria of Finolex Group has a production capacity of 130,000 tonnes of PVC, 32,850 tonnes for PVC pipes and 735 tonnes of PVC fittings. The company is the largest producer of PVC pipes and third largest producer of PVC in the country. PVC is the main revenue earner and contributes nearly 75% of the revenues of the company. PVC pipes and fittings is the second largest contributor with 20% contribution followed by miscellaneous items contributing about 5%. The companys PVC plant has obtained ISO 9002 certification. The companys PVC plant at Ratnagiri has an open sea cryogenic jetty, which is used for unloading cryogenic cargoes such as LPG and ethylene.

The company manufactures a wide range of PVC pipes and fittings suitable for diverse applications. The range includes agriculture pipes and fittings, plumbing pipes, casing pipes for borewells, SWR pipes and fittings and telephone ducting. The company has introduced new product like "Ringfit" pipes wherein a unique elastomeric sealing ring is used for joining pipes for replacing traditional piping material. Finolex has implemented various energy saving measures and has won the "Safety Award" from National Safety Accident for lowest accident frequency rate in 1999.

Future plans and outlook
Finolex Industries is planning to increase its pipe manufacturing capacity to 56,000 metric tonnes by augmenting the capacity of new PVC plant at Ratnagiri by 16,000 metric tonnes. The company is also planning to introduce new categories of PVC pipes catering to industrial and home applications like sewer Pipes that are used for low pressure sewage application from its Ratnagiri plant.

Finolex Industries has recently commissioned an additional EDC cracker, which is expected to add about 10% of its PVC production capacity. The company is planning to set up VCM conversion facility to bring down its raw material costs. Finolex is currently reviewing its plan to set up all weather jetty and captive power plant.

Higher economies of scale, better capacity utilization and strict focus on cost control will enable the company to report improved performance in FY7/01.


New Dehli (RPRASAD - Platts)--2002/10/14

India's Finolex to double PVC capacity to 260,000mt/yr

India's Finolex Industries Ltd is to double its polyvinyl chloride production capacity at its Ratnagiri plant, near Mumbai, to 260,000 mt/yr. The Pune-based company Finolex said in a statement that its Board of Directors had approved expansion of installed capacity of the PVC plant at Ratnagiri by an additional 130,000 mt/yr. The company did not disclose the details of the expansion plan. The initial 130,000 mt/yr PVC capacity was set up in technical collaboration with Uhde GmbH of Germany under a technology licence from Hoechst AG. The company is also one of the country's largest PVC pipe manufacturers, having a combined production capacity of 40,000 mt/yr spread over its two plants at Pune and Ratnagiri. The PVC pipe division and associated concerns consumes captively about 45,000 mt/yr.

2003/1/27 Financial Times

Finolex plans VCM/PVC start in 1Q/2Q 2003.

In 1Q or 2Q 2003, Finolex Industries Ltd plans to start construction of a $100 M 130,000 tonnes/y PVC plant at Ratnagiri, India. The company currently produces 130,000 tonnes/y vinyl chloride and 130,000 tonnes/y PVC on that site. Ethylene dichloride feedstock will be imported. There is a detailed discussion of the company's production, markets, and product mix. Indian demand for PVC is forecast at 900,000 tonnes/y for the fiscal year to 31 Mar 2004 (forecast 800,000 tonnes/y in previous fiscal year).


化学工業日報 2004/2/16

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Platts 2006/1/30

India's Finolex to double PVC capacity by March

India's Finolex Industries Ltd is to double its poly vinyl chloride resin production capacity to 260,000 mt/yr at Ratnagiri, near Mumbai, by March, the company said Saturday.
"The demand for PVC resin in India is growing, and the increase in PVC capacity by 130,000 mt/yr is expected to be commissioned during the current quarter [ending on March 30, 2006]," the company added while announcing the December quarter results.
The new production facilities are being set up with OxyVinyls licensed technology. Using imported ethylene dichloride and ethylene, Finolex manufactures suspension PVC as well as emulsion paste PVC, some of which is used in its own downstream facilities. It is an integrated company with facilities to manufacture products such as pipes and fittings, and consumes about 25% of the PVC it produces.
Finolex is to increase its PVC pipe production capacity from its current level of 85,000 mt/yr to 100,000 mt/yr by consuming the PVC to be produced from the new facility.