2002.12.23 LG

EDC Plant in Australia


 LG Chem will build EDC manufacturing plant with capacity of 300,000 MT in Gladstone, Australia by 2005 through cooperation with Cheetham Salt Ltd. of Australia and others.

Why Australia

 We chose Australia since it has easy access to low-cost electricity and salts, and a large market for caustic soda, its byproducts.      

Production status of PVC & EDC

2002.04.12 LG

Divestiture of Epoxy Business

 Based on the company strategy to focus on selective core business areas, and the companys restructuring efforts, the epoxy business was decided to be sold to Bakelite, a German company.

Background of the sale and expected benefit

 Epoxy business is recognized as a non-core business for the long-term business strategy, with limitations in gaining competitive edge due to increased competition and excess supply.

On Bakelite

 Bakelite is the worlds first developer of Phenol, specializing in thermo setting resin. Recently, Bakelite is making aggressive entry into the Asian region in areas such as EP compound and Epoxy resin.