Shenhua Group Corp. 神華集団公司

Shenhua Group Corporation Limited (Shenhua GroupCorp.in abbreviation) is the wholly state-owned company incorporated in accordance with the system of modem enterprises. With the registered capital of RMB 2,580million and the right of stockholder being temporarily exercised by the State Planning Commission, Shenhua Group Corp.ranks among the top state enterprises under the pilot restucturing programme of the State Council.

Shenhua Group Corp.is responsible for the overall planning/development & operation of the massive
Shenfu Dongsheng coalfield 神府東勝鉱区as well as the related railway, power station, coal terminal and shipping fleet; pursuing the unified development of coalmine, railway, electric power, coal terminal and shipping fleet; undertaking the integrated operation of coal production/transportation/marketing; developing domestic & overseas investment & financing and trading business in the aforeaid respect and unfolding industrial development in the areas of finance, telecommunication and high-tech etc.

Shenhua Group Corp.is separately listed in the state plan and is endowed with the privilege of intern ational financing, trading, import & export of oal and the right to engage in foreign affairs.

Shenhua Group Corp.has set up the ensuing 10 subsidiaries: Shenhua Shenfu Coal Co., Dongsheng Coal Co., Shenghua Coal Trading Shenhua Shendong Power Co., Shenhua Railway Co., Shenhua Huanghua Port Co., Shenhua International Trading Co., Shenhua Int'l(Hong Kong)Co., Shenhua Clean Coal Co., thereby turning itself into an industrial conglomerate based on energy and communications, being diversifed in operation and featuring trans-regional, multi-industrial and trans-national development.

Shenhua Project

Shenhua Group Corp. assumes the mission to develop Shenhua Project. As a trans-regional/multi-disciplinary/transcentury giant project package, Shenhua Project enjoys prominent position in China's energy & communications construction and national economic development, and it is the key construction project respectively listed in the state "9th Five-Year Plan" and the Long-term Development Programme of China up until the year 2010.

Shenhua Project extends from Shenfu Dongsheng Coalfield to the related Baotou-Shenmu Railway & Shenmu-Huanghua Railway, electric power & telecommunication, Huanghua Port & shipping fleet of corresponding scale.

With a proven coal reserve of 223.6 billion tonnes and a coal bearing area of 31,200 square kilometers,
Shenfu Dongsheng Coalfield ranks among the top 8 coalfields in the world. Situated in Yulin Prefecture of Shaanxi Province and Yike league of Inner Mongolia, it is denominated as China's reserve energy base. The coal pertains to superior quality steaming & gasifiable coal, with low ash/sulphur/phosphorus content and medium/high calorific value. The Shenmu-Huanghua Railway as affiliated for the coalfield development is termed as China's second west-east coal haulage trunkline in the report of 14th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party and singled out as one of the 4 transcentury projects in China.

In accordance with state planning, Shenhua Project is divided into three phases: annual coal production of 30 million tonnes with the parallel construction of 172Km Baotou
(内蒙古・包頭)−Shenmu (陜西省・神木)railway and 269Km Shenmu(神木)ーShuoZhou(山西省・朔県 ) railway for the first two phases; annual coal production of 60 million tonnes with parallel construction of 599Km Shuozhou(朔県 )ーHuanghua(河北省・黄カ港) railway and 30 million MTA Huanghua coal terminal/3 224MW power station/shipping fleet of corresponding scale for the third phase. The tree-phase project package is to be completed by the year 2005 and the annual coahl production & shipping capacity is then set to reach 60 million tonnes. The aggregate investment of Shenhua project is estimated to be RMB 79.6 billion (in real term). In the long run, Shenhua Group is expected to produce and rail 100 million tonnes of coal per annum.

Shenhua project was under preparation during the state "7th Five-Year Plan" and entered into peak construction during state "8th Five-Year Plan". With 13-year strenuous endeavour, the investment as of 1997 year-end totalled RMB 151,87 million and the overall framework of Shenhua project is taking shape.


国際協力銀行 1997/09/12



朔県・黄ヵ港鉄道建設事業(III) Shuoxian-Huanghua Railway Construction Project(III)

(Shenhua Group Corporationである。

河北黄カ港建設事業 Huanghua Port Construction Project

(Shenhua Group Corporationである。


中国神華 米シェールガス市場進出に5.5億元

 エネルギー大手・中国神華能源株式有限公司が23日に発表した公告によると、同公司は全額出資の子会社・中国神華海外開発投資有限公司に9千万ドル(約5億5千万元)の追加融資を行い、この資金を登録資本金として海外公司の米国子会社・神華美国能源公司(仮称)を設立する計画を明らかにした。新子会社は海外公司と米国のEnergy Corporation of America(ECA)による、米ペンシルベニア州グリーン郡のシェールガス井25カ所を対象としたプロジェクトの投資主体になる見込みだ。人民網が伝えた。





December 27, 2013 ECA

ECA Announces Joint Venture with Shenhua America Holdings Corporation

Denver-Based Oil and Natural Gas Producer to Drill 25 Wells with Chinese Energy Company Over the Next 18 Months.

Officials with Energy Corporation of America (ECA) and China Shenhua Energy Company subsidiary Shenhua America Holdings Corporation (Shenhua) today announced that the two companies have entered into a 50/50 joint venture to develop 25 natural gas wells in Greene County, PA over the next 18 months.

Founded in 1963, ECA actively pursues the exploration, extraction, production and transportation of natural gas and oil, both in the United States and around the world.

Shenhua is a Chinese state-owned enterprise and the largest coal company in the world.

According to ECA CEO John Mork, Shenhua will contribute the first $90 million towards drilling the wells and ECA will be the operator of the properties. Any remaining capital expenditures will be split evenly between the two companies.

Mork said, “It is only fitting for these operations to take place in Greene County. This area of Appalachia has been at the center of ECA’s Marcellus development, as well as a hotbed of Marcellus development.” He continued, “We have an outstanding track record there, an excellent reputation, respect from local community members and leaders, and extensive experience working in the Marcellus. And – we are experts in shale gas development. We are very pleased to be working with Shenhua on this joint venture and this is only the beginning of what, I hope, will be a long, mutually-beneficial working relationship.”