BP計画               BPの石化については別紙


JV名 : Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Company Ltd (SECCO)  上海賽科石油化工

当事者: BP (BP化工華東投資有限公司) 50%
Sinopec  30%
Shanghai Petrochemical Coprporation (SPC) 20%

         Shanghai Secco Olefins JV to Stay with BP After Innovene Spin-Off

立地: 上海市漕地区 上海ケミカルパーク

原料: ナフサ (ケミカルパーク内に第2期として 石油精製計画 750万d/年)
ZRCC and SECCO sign agreement for naphtha supply

生産開始: 2005

   2004/12/30 メカコン

   BP, Sinopec & SPC Celebrate SECCO Completion

   Shanghai Secco to debottleneck styrene monomer plant by mid-2009

2009/7 上海SECCO、エチレン増設完成

2011 Shanghai Secco to build new ACN capacity in SCIP

計画能力 (単位:トン):



→ 1,090,000 


SPC   LDPE163,000263,000


OCU 160,000 増設


→ 600,000


→ 650,000









その他、AN 260,000、エタノール 200,000、 酢酸エチル 150,000、酢酸ブチル 150,000
アセトン 130,000、フェノール 200,000、PTA 50,000(別途申請予定)、芳香族 500,000

他社の下流計画     全体

     粗MDI 160千t/ニトロベンゼン/アニリン

     TDI 130千t/硝酸/ニトロベンゼン/粗MDIの精製・製品化


  T期:PC 50千t、BPA 100千t
  U期:PC 50千t

     TDI 150千t,MDI 230千t (政府:BASF優先方針)

 ウ)SM/PO/ABS  計画詳細は未定
















(Shanghai Chemical Industry ParkとのJVの可能性)

Chemical Week Apr 10, 2002

BP, Sinopec Break Ground on China Petchem Complex

Shanghai Secco Petrochemical, a 50-30-20 joint venture between BP, Sinopec, and Shanghai Petrochemical, has broken ground on a $2.7-billion petrochemical complex at Caojing, China.

Chemical Week Apr 24, 2002

Lummus Reconfirms China Cracker Award from BP

ABB Lummus Global has officially confirmed that it has been awarded a contract to build a 900,000-m.t./year ethylene plant for Shanghai Secco Petrochemical, a joint venture between BP and Sinopec at Caojing, near Shanghai.



In December 2001 BP, Sinopec and Shanghai Petrochemical Coprporation (SPC) formed a joint venture for the development of an ethylene cracker and derivatives complex in Shanghai, China. SPC is one of the largest petrochemical companies in China, as well as one of the biggest producers of ethylene. The Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Company Ltd (SECCO) will build the complex, expected to go into operation in 2005. In March 2001 the two companies approved an agreement for a joint feasilibity study.

Earlier, in October 1999, BP Amoco and Sinopec signed a framework agreement under which the companies agreed to accelerate the project and to attempt a joint feasibility study report, to negotiate a joint-venture contract and to fulfil other commercial agreements.

2003-7-28 Asia Chemical weekly

ABB wins $123m of contracts for EB/SM, PS units in China

ABB announced Friday it has won $123m (Euro110m) of petrochemical contracts from Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co for its complex in Caojing, China.

The Swiss headquartered engineering group said in a statement that it would provide the technology licence, engineering, and procurement for a
ethylbenzene (EB)/styrene monomer (SM) unit of 500 000 tonne/year capacity, and the engineering and procurement for a 300 000 tonne/year polystyrene (PS) plant.

上海賽科石油化工(Secco) メカニカル コンプリーション

上海市漕地区の上海ケミカルパークで建設中の上海賽科石油化工(Secco)は、欧米企業との合弁エチレンセンターの先頭を切って、12月30日に90万トンエチレン コンプレックスがメカニカル コンプリーションとなった。商業生産は本年3月の予定。

 SeccoはBP 50%、Sinopec 30%、上海石化 20%のJVで、投資額は27.5億ドル。同コンプレックスにはプロピレン 61万トン、ブタジェン 9万トン、芳香族 50万トン、SM 50万トン、AN 26万トン、PE 2系列計60万トン、PP 25万トン、PS 30万トンがある。

 ・BASF/ポリウレタン繊維原料 P-THF

2005/5/22 Asia Chemical Weekly

ZRCC and SECCO sign agreement for naphtha supply

Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co (ZRCC)
a subsidiary of Sinopec - has signed a 15-year agreement with Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co (SECCO) for supplying 1m tonne/year of naphtha to the latter company; the supply agreement is effective from 2005 to 2020.

Secco has commissioned the 900 000 tonne/year cracker in March, it need about 3m tonne/year of naphtha for feedstock. According to the source, 70% of SECCO's naphtha requirement will come from ZRCC and Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical; the rest of 30% will be sourced from the international spot market.

The naphtha feedstock will be transported by pipeline. A benthal pipeline for delivering naphtha from ZRCC to Secco was completed Jan 2005.

ZRCC is the largest refiner in China. It has increased the refinery's capacity to 18.5m tonne/year in 2005 from 16 m tonne/year in 2004, and plans to 20m tonne/year in the middle of 2006. Besides, ZRCC planned a 1 m tonne/year ethylene project and it has got the approval from the government.

2005/6/30 BP

BP, Sinopec & SPC Celebrate SECCO Completion

BP, Sinopec and Shanghai Petrochemical Company, the three parties in the SECCO joint venture, today celebrated the successful construction and commissioning of the SECCO manufacturing site at a ceremony in Shanghai, following a decade-long collaboration.

The 220-hectare SECCO facility, the largest petrochemical complex in China to date, was built in just 27 months, 3 months ahead of schedule.
Commissioning of SECCO's 900ktpa cracker, in March 2005, took just 10 hours, 45 minutes, a world record.

Today's ceremony was attended by several senior Chinese officials, including Mr. Han Zheng, Mayor of Shanghai and Mr. Chen Liangyu, Communist Party Secretary of Shanghai. Senior Sinopec officials including Mr. Chen Tonghai, General Manager & Chairman of Sinopec, Mr. Wang Tianpu, President, and Mr. Wang Jiming, Vice Chairman, were also present.

Notes to editors:
The SECCO manufacturing site, situated in the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, is a $2.7bn joint venture between Sinopec, Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited and BP.

The site's production capacities are
900ktpa of ethylene, 600ktpa of polyethylene, 250ktpa of polypropylene, 300ktpa of polystyrene and 260ktpa of acrylonitrile. The ethylene cracker, SECCO's core asset, is currently the largest in China as well as one of the largest in the world.

BASF-YPC(南京・エチレン60万トン)は6月28日に商業生産開始を発表している。第3の外資JVの中海シェル石油化学(広東省恵州市・エチレン80万トン) は本年11月に完成予定で、本年中に3センター、エチレン合計230万トンが完成することとなる。

2007/11/5 Platts

Shanghai Secco to debottleneck styrene monomer plant by mid-2009

Shanghai Secco Petrochemical plans to debottleneck its Shanghai styrene monomer plant to boost its capacity to 680,000 mt/year by the middle of 2009, a source said Monday. (from 500.000 mt/year)





OCUはエチレンからプロピレンとイソブチレンを生産するもので、当初から1基を備えている。既存のプロピレン能力は 61万トンとなっている)




これとは別に、中海シェル石油化学CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Companyも来年3月にエチレン能力を現在の80万トンから95万トンに増強し、誘導品についても10-15%増やす。


2011/2/22 Shanghai 

Shanghai Secco to build new ACN capacity in SCIP

Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company (Secco) plans to build a new acrylonitrile (ACN) project in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP).

With total investment around RMB 2 billion, the designed capacity of the new project is 260 kt/a. Now, this project is under the stage of environmental protection assessment and which is expected to start construction in 2011 and complete in 2013.

The feedstock of propylene will be self provided. The technology route is will be propylene ammoxidation process. Secco operates an existing ACN plant in SCIP with capacity of 260 kt/a. After the new project startup, the total ACN capacity of Secco will reach 520 kt/a.

In 2009, Secco has competed the cracker expansion project, expanded the ethylene capacity to 1.19 million t/a from the previous 900 kt/a.

At the same time, Secco also added 160 kt/a (propylene and isobutylene) capacity by a Olefin Conversion Unit (OCU), which technology is provided by ABB-Lummus, and expanded the aromatic extraction unit capacity to 600 kt/a from 500 kt/a. Later, SECCO expanded the SM capacity to 650,000 t/a from 500,000 t/a.

SECCO was founded by Sinopec, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company (SPC) and BP with an investment of about $ 2.7 billion in 30:20:50 proportions. The company produced 1294 kt ethylene in 2010.

Secco's main products and existing capacities:
 Ethylene 1.19 million t/a
 PE 600 kt/a
 Styrene 650 kt/a
 PS 300 kt/a
 PP 250 kt/a
 ACN 260 kt/a
 Aromatics extraction 600 kt/a
 Butadiene extraction 90 kt/a

China imported 451 kt ACN in 2009 and 446 kt in 2010.