2007-11-07 Xinhua

China issues new guide for foreign investment

China on Wednesday released a new guide for foreign investment to sort out industries that encourage foreign investment and those foreign companies are banned or restricted from entering the Chinese market.

The new guide, promulgated against the backdrop of China's economic transformation from quantity to quality, will replace the 2004 version and take effect as of Dec. 1, said the nation's top economic planner.

   改定目録(中国語) http://www.ndrc.gov.cn/zcfb/zcfbl/2007ling/W020071107537750156652.pdf


外国企業投資産業指導目録が改訂 奨励項目に変化









November 7, 2007 http://chinabusinesslaw.blogspot.com/

China's Foreign Investment Guide Catalogue Revised

November 7, 2007 marks an important date for foreign investment policies in China, as reported by the China Briefing Blog and elsewhere (in Chinese):

The Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly released the latest Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries today.

The catalogue, approved by the state council, will take effect on December 1 according to the NDRC's website. The new catalogue replaces a catalogue that came into effect in 2004.

While continuing to encourage foreign investment towards the hi-tech, equipment manufacturing and new material industries, the catalogue adds service-outsourcing and modern logistics to the service industry in an effort to fulfill China's commitment to the WTO.

Overseas investment targeting conventional manufacturing industries in which China has mastered advanced technologies and has competent production capacity is no longer encouraged in the new catalogue.

Under pressure to clean up a growing environmental catastrophe, Beijing is pushing FDI towards developing clean production, reproducible energy, and ecological protection. Foreign capital is not permitted in the exploration of rare and non-reproducible mineral resources, or in high consuming and polluting industries.

Hoping to further spur development away from the booming coast, the revised catalogue drops the article limiting foreign investment in the central and western regions of China. Introducing foreign capital will also be considered in rejuvenating Northeast China and other historical industrial bases.

These revisions to the Investment Guide Catalogue are consistent with recent changes in other Chinese laws and regulations. For example, China revised it tax code to unify tax rates for domestic and foreign-originated companies, while at the same time providing tax incentives for clean and environmentally friendly industries. In addition, China modified its catalogue of export products to limit the export of inexpensive and labor-intensive goods, with the purpose of adjusting trade imbalance with its trading partners and addressing environmental concerns.

Here is the revised Investment Guide Catalogue in
Chinese [I have not been able to find an English version]; here is the old Investment Guide Catalogue in English as of 2004. Be sure to note the differences.