Kuwait    最新版 (2013/1)

Petrochemical Industries Company K.S.C (PIC) was incorporated by an Amiri decree on July 23, 1963. By virtue of that decree, the first chemical fertilizer complex both in Kuwait and the region, comprising of ammonia, urea, ammonium sulphate, and sulphuric acid production was completed in 1966 at the Shuaiba industrial area.

Later, the company's industrial capacity was expanded with the addition of a further three ammonia plants and two urea plants.

In 1980, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation was formed by an Amiri decree number 6 in that year, as the holding company for the Kuwaiti oil sector and all shares in PIC were transferred to it.

石油化学 民営化

EQUATE was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Government-owned Petrochemical Industries Company and Union Carbide Corporation, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. Each holds 42.5% ownership with an additional 9% held by Boubyan Petrochemical Company, a publicly traded company on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. The remaining 6% is held by Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company, a Kuwaiti private-sector shareholding company established in 2004.

PIC has a stake of 10% in the capital of Boubyan company which PIC established on 12 February 1995 to encourage Kuwaiti private sector to participate in Equate Petrochemicals Complex project.

Equate Petrochemical Company

当初株主:Dow Chemical (旧UCC) 45%
       Petrochemical Industries Co.(PIC) 45%
       Boubyan Petrochemicals 10%
民営化後:Dow Chemical (旧UCC) 42.5%
       Petrochemical Industries Co.(PIC) 42.5%
       Boubyan Petrochemicals 9%
       Qurain Petrochemical 6%
製品:エチレン  当初 650千トン 増設後 800千トン
LL/HDPE    450千トン      600千トン→825千トン
EG         300千トン      400千トン→550千トン

    PP         100千トン      120千トン

Net profits  

  2008  683 million $
  2009   510
  2010   880












(1)Equate II

社名:Kuwait Olefins Company
株主:Dow Chemical (旧UCC) 42.5%
    Petrochemical Industries Co.(PIC) 42.5%
    Boubyan Petrochemicals & NPS 9%
    Qurain Petrochemical 6%

Ethylene Unit 850 KTA
Polyethylene Expansion 300 KTA (Additional)
Ethylene Glycol 600 KTA

生産:200811月 生産開始


The aromatics complex is based on processing full range naphtha feed from knpc's mina abdullah and shuaiba refineries for the production of para-xylene and benzene , as main products, and light naphtha, hydrogen, lpg, light ends and heavy aromatics as secondary products.

社名:Kuwait Paraxylene Production Company (KPPC)
     =Kuwait Aromatics Company100%子会社
          PIC 40%
          Kuwait National Petroleum Company 40%
           Qurain Petrochemicals 20%

製品:benzene   393,000t
    para-xylene 829,000t
     2009/12/22 商業生産開始


社名:The Kuwaiti Styrene Company        2009/3/16 試運転開始
株主:Dow 42.5%
    Kuwait Aromatics Company 57.5%
製品:EB 500千トン





















 Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company



50/50 global joint venture
manufacture and marketing of merchant monoethylene glycol and diethylene glycol (EG)


50/50 global joint venture
manufacture and marketing of polyethylene terephthalate resins (PET) and
manufacture of purified teraphthalic acid (PTA).


Kuwait, China to jointly build refinery, petrochemical plant in China