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海外PP事業                                     Back


         サウジ ラービグ計画


         米国PP計画 Phillips Sumika Polypropylene Co


Wind-Up of Phillips Sumika Polypropylene Company Operations

         シンガポール TPC社  

          2005/2 住友化学、シンガポールでLLDPE設備をPPに転換


 サンアロマー 韓国ポリミレイに参加

 三菱商事  アリステック・ケミカル(売却

 伊藤忠    ARCO Polypropylene, LLC (1/3)

               → BPによるARCO買収でARCO持分はBPへ
               → 伊藤忠15%に

BP 100%に (伊藤忠はアジア、南米のSales agent)

 丸紅     JG Summit Petrochemical (JGSP)

 日商岩井   PT Polytama Propindo

住友化学  米国 Phillips Sumika Polypropylene Co.

設立年月: 1992年5月
資本金  : − (Partnership)
持株比率: Sumika Polymers America Corp.が出資
事業内容: ポリプロピレンの製造、販売

         * Sumika Polymers America Corp.
             設立年月: 1992年5月
             資本金: 66.8百万US$
             持株比率: Sumitomo Chemical America, Inc.が100%所有
             事業内容: 北米における合成樹脂事業

94年8月にフィリップスのPP事業(バルク法 3系列 計22万t:Houston)を引継ぐ
96年11月に、住化気相法技術で 1系列(12万t)稼動

2001年能力 38万トン

→ バルクプラント1系列を停止、気相法プラントを増強

  Extrusion Blow
Injection Blow
Blow Molding
Film   Extrusion
Coating/ Fiber
Homopolymers   v   v    v  v  v   v
Random Copolymers   v   v   v  v      
Impact Copolymers   v      v  v    
Engineered Resins        v      


Homepage  http://www.cpchem.com/phillipssumika/index.asp

Two of the world's leading petrochemical companies have joined forces to manufacture and globally market polypropylene and engineered resins. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP (CPC), based in the U.S., and Sumika Polymers America Corporation (SPAC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd., based in Japan, have formed the Phillips Sumika Polypropylene Company (PSPC).

The merger of CPC's existing polypropylene business infrastructure and support organizations in the U.S. with Sumitomo's advanced technologies has created synergy on many levels and made Phillips Sumika a leading force in polypropylene.

Phillips Sumika combines the considerable strengths of both of its parent organizations and benefits everyone dealing with this versatile plastic. Our organization offers customers significant advantages compared to what either parent could have offered alone.

A full range of products offering processors more capabilities to bring consumers superior products
Innovative products and ideas that bring real value to our customers
New manufacturing technologies supporting improved product quality, productivity and efficiency
Chevron Phillips and Sumitomo have expanded the technology base, product base, technical service, and customer service now available to customers. Moreover, Phillips Sumika enjoys the full support of both parents, giving customers access to additional resources within each parent.

化学工業日報 2002/9/19 



→ バルクプラント1系列を停止、気相法プラントを増強

2011/9/13  Chevron Phillips

Chevron Phillips Chemical Confirms Plans To Wind-Up Phillips Sumika Polypropylene Company Operations

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP (Chevron Phillips Chemical) can confirm that an agreement has been reached with Sumika Polymers America Corporation, a wholly-owned affiliate of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd., for the permanent shutdown of the polypropylene assets jointly owned by the parties in Phillips Sumika Polypropylene Company (PSPC) and the orderly wind-up of PSPC operations.

PSPC has announced that it intends to make the transition as smooth as possible and is working with its customers to assist during this period. All other operations at the Chevron Phillips Chemical Pasadena Plastics Complex are unaffected by the closing of the PSPC polypropylene plant at that facility.

"The company remains focused on running our operation safely for our employees and the community in which we operate. We are assessing the impact to employees affected by this closing and will work to redeploy as many as possible in other parts of our organization," said Tim Taylor, chief operating officer for Chevron Phillips Chemical.

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC remains committed to the polypropylene business, and its network of marketing affiliates will market polypropylene produced by the Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo) joint venture scheduled to start up during the second half of 2011. SPCo is a limited liability company owned by Arabian Chevron Phillips Petrochemical Company Limited and National Petrochemical Company (Petrochem).

About Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, one of the world’s top producers of olefins and polyolefins and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, specialty chemicals, plastic piping and polymer resins. The LLC and its affiliates own over $8 billion in assets and employ approximately 4,600 people at 36 manufacturing and research facilities in eight countries. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC is equally owned by Chevron Corporation and ConocoPhillips, and is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. For more information about Chevron Phillips Chemical, visit http://www.cpchem.com.

サンアロマー  韓国ポリミレイに参加

2000/11/27 モンテル・エスディーケイ・サンライズ社発表)


モンテル・エスディーケイ・サンライズは、2001年1月1日をもちまして「サンアロマー株式会社(英文で表す場合には、SunAllomer Ltd.)」に社名を変更




1.本社所在地  オランダ王国フーフドープ市
2.社長兼CEO フォルカー・トラウツ氏(Dr. Volker Trautz)
3.発足年月日  2000年10月1日
4.資本構成   英蘭シェル・グループ 50%
         独BASF社 50%
5.生産能力   世界17ヶ国に63工場
         ポリエチレン : 年産約260万t(世界第四位)

POLYMIRAE社の概要      詳細別紙

1.本社所在地  韓国ソウル市
2.社長兼CEO クライブ・ブロードベント氏(Mr. Clive Broadbent)
3.発足年月日  2000年9月1日
4.資本構成   韓国大林産業 50%
サンアロマー 30%
         バセル・インターナショナル・ホールディングス社  8%
台湾ポリプロピレン 12%


5.生産能力   工場:韓国ヨチョン市
         生産能力:年産約54万トン →61.5万トン*

     LyondellBasells Metocene PP technology selected by PolyMirae


三菱商事 アリステック・ケミカルをスノコ社に売却        Sunoco発表




2003/3 Equister, SunocoにPPプラント売却、プロピレンを長期供給

2003/4  Sunoco Signs Letter of Intent to Sell Its Plasticizer Business to BASF

2008/12 Sunoco says seeking sale of chemicals business

2000/11/10 三菱商事発表



  所在地   210 Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2611 U.S.A.
  代表者   石橋 武(同社Chairman & CEO、当社取締役)
  資本の額   582百万米ドル(2000年11月10現在)
  主な株主構成   当社 95.4%、米国三菱商事 4.6%(2000年11月10現在)


      1989年   ハンツマンがアリステック買収を計画
  89/11   アリスティックがハンツマンのTOBを拒否
  90/1   三菱商事がアリステック経営陣と共同で同社の買収を提案
  90/2   同社社外取締役会は三菱商事による買収を承認。買収価格27$。
       株式代金は 8.5億$だが借入金の引継ぎなどをいれると10億$以上。
  90/7   三菱化成、三菱油化、三菱瓦斯化学、三菱レ−ヨンが各4.48%出資。
  97/10   三菱レイヨンとアリステック 合弁会社設立
       社名   :アリステック・アクリリックス社
 目的   :アクリル樹脂シート製造販売


98年9月17日 伊藤忠発表


伊藤忠商事はARCO Products Company とポリプロピレン樹脂製造、販売を目的とする Joint Venture 設立のため、基本合意書(MOU)に調印

Joint Venture のパートナーシップは

→ 社名:ARCO Polypropylene, LLC

→ BPによるARCO買収でARCO持分はBPへ
→ 伊藤忠15%に

BP 100%に (伊藤忠はアジア、南米のSales agent)

JG Summit Petrochemical (JGSP) 

a joint venture between JG Summit Holdings (80%) and Marubeni (20%)

LLDPE and HDPE   175,000t/yr

化学工業日報 2002/8/16



JG Summit revisiting naphtha cracker plans

PT Polytama Propindo (PTPP) polypropylene produces 180,000 tonnes per annum of polypropylene, based on Himont technology in Balongan, Indonesia.

Polytama Propindo was established as a joint venture between Tirtamas Majutama with 80% stake, BP Chemicals owns 10% share and Japans Nissho Iwai owns the rest 10%.

Tirtamas Majutama had agreed to hand over its assets in the multibillion dollar project to Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency(IBRA).

2002/12/4 BP 

BP Buys Itochu's Minority Stake In ARCO Polypropylene

BP announced today that it has purchased Itochu's stake in the companies' joint venture, ARCO Polypropylene LLC.

a 200,000 tonnes a year polypropylene plant in Carson, California, was owned by BP's subsidiary ARCO Polypropylene Company and Itochu's subsidiary CIPLAS America Inc with shares of 85 percent and 15 percent respectively.

CIPLAS America Inc will continue to market production from the Carson facility in Asia and South America as a sales agent.