DuPont News, May 15, 2008

DuPont, Genencor Create Cellulosic Ethanol Company

DuPont and Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, are forming DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC, a 50/50 global joint venture to develop and commercialize the leading, low-cost technology solution for the production of cellulosic ethanol -- a next generation biofuel produced from non-food sources - to address a USD 75 billion global market opportunity.  

The partners plan an initial three-year investment of USD 140 million, which will initially target corn stover トウモロコシ茎葉 and sugar cane bagasseサトウキビの絞りかす.  Future targets include multiple ligno-cellulosic feedstocks including wheat straw, a variety of energy crops and other biomass sources. 

"With food and gas prices surging at double-digit rates, there is an imperative for sustainable biofuels technologies.  This joint venture addresses this issue head on," said DuPont Chairman and CEO Chad Holliday.  "By integrating our companies' strengths and expertise in this new venture, we are significantly increasing the potential to make cellulosic ethanol from multiple non-food sources an economic reality around the world."

"By combining the world-class capabilities of DuPont and Danisco, our joint venture will offer the technology standard for cellulosic ethanol production," said Danisco CEO Tom Knutzen.  "This joint venture will be a powerhouse of discovery, development and engineering.  It represents a major step forward in Danisco's new strategic intent to be a leading force in the field of industrial biotechnology."

Through the scientists and technologies of both companies, DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC will launch an accelerated effort to integrate the unique cellulosic processing capabilities of both companies to economically produce ethanol from non-food sources.  The parent companies will license their combined existing intellectual property and patents related to cellulosic ethanol.  The goal is to maximize efficiency and lower the overall system cost to produce a gallon of ethanol from cellulosic materials by optimizing the process steps into a single integrated technology solution.

Danisco is one of the world's leading producers of ingredients for food and other consumer products.


DuPont July 11, 2008

DuPont to Add Capacity for Engineering Resins in China

DuPont is expanding compounding capacity for its range of DuPont? ZytelR nylon 6,6 resins and DuPont Zytel(R) HTN high performance polyamide resins at its manufacturing site
in Shenzhen, China. Start up of production is planned for the second quarter 2009. When combined with a recently announced expansion for Zytel(R) resins in Ulsan, South Korea, the result will be an additional 65,000 metric tons of capacity to serve growing markets in Asia. (Shenzhen +45Ulsan +20
"One of DuPont's key strategies is 'going where the growth is.' The investment at Shenzhen is part of our overall strategy to respond to long-term growth in demand for engineering polymers," said Keith Smith, vice president and general manager -- DuPont Engineering Polymers. "Our continued investment in the Shenzhen site demonstrates our commitment to reinforce our position as the leading supplier of nylon 6,6 engineering plastics globally and in Asia. We expect that the market in China will continue to grow at high rates. This investment will allow us to continue to provide a local source of supply."

"In terms of high performance Zytel(R) HTN PPA, this expanded capacity enables us to continue to respond to automotive and electronics market demands for materials with higher temperature performance properties. This will enable us to better support the growth of our global and Asia Pacific customers," Keith said.

In addition to manufacturing capability, DuPont also has invested in providing innovative technical solutions to engineering resin customers. The DuPont R&D Center in Shanghai is equipped with the full spectrum of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Engineering capabilities. These enhanced molding and testing capabilities will support development work for customers within a shorter time period. In addition, the DuPont Automotive Center in Nagoya, Japan, is collaborating with customers to provide new solutions for auto system applications.

August 31, 2007

DuPont Engineering Polymers expands compounding capacity for its DuPont Zytel(R
polyamide resins in Asia Pacific

DuPont Engineering Polymers has completed an expansion of compounding capacity for its range of DuPont Zytel(R) nylon 6 and 66 resins at the manufacturing site of DuPont in Ulsan, Korea.

This expansion adds
20,000 tons per year of new capacity and is in response to rapid growth in demand for reinforced nylon resins in the region, especially from the automotive industry.

April 23, 2004

New DuPont Compounding Facility Serves Booming China Market for Glass-Reinforced Zytel(R) Nylon

DuPont Engineering Polymers is meeting burgeoning demand in China for glass-reinforced Zytel(R) (GRZ) nylon resin from a new compounding facility in Shenzhen. It is DuPont
s first compounding unit for nylon engineering plastics in China.

2008/9/23 DuPont

DuPonts Board of Directors Appoints Ellen J. Kullman President and Board Member; Will Become Chief Executive Officer Effective Jan. 1, 2009
  Charles O. Holliday, Jr. to Continue as Chairman During Transition

DuPont today announced that its board of directors has elected Ellen J. Kullman, 52, president and a director of the company effective Oct. 1 and chief executive officer effective Jan. 1, 2009. Charles O. Holliday, Jr., 60, chairman and CEO, will serve as chairman of DuPont and as a member of the board until Kullmans expected succession as chairman.

During the past 10 years, I have had the unique privilege of leading DuPonts transformation to a market-driven science company that leads the way in solving some of the most difficult and pressing human needs in a resource-constrained world,Holliday said. Having transformed the company, increased our profitability and returns, and developed a talented and strong next generation of leaders, now is the right time to make a seamless transition to new leadership.

Ellen is ready to lead DuPonts market-driven strategy for faster growth,Holliday added. By appointing Ellen now as president, she will define DuPonts detailed 2009 execution plans that will make a solid advance toward achieving our 2010 accelerated growth goals.

Kullman is the 19th executive to lead the company in DuPonts 206-year history. Since June 2006, she has served as an executive vice president and a member of the companys office of the chief executive, with responsibility for four of DuPonts five business segments and its Marketing & Sales and Environmental Sustainability functions. From February 2002 to June 2006 as group vice president of the then-newly formed DuPont Safety & Protection segment, Kullman led revenue growth from $3.5 billion to $5.5 billion. She joined the company in 1988 from General Electric.

"Ellens strong track record, market focus and leadership skills were the basis for the boards decision that she is the right person to lead our exceptionally talented management team and 60,000-strong global work force into DuPonts bright future,Holliday said.

Ellen built what has become our highest-earning business segment, Safety & Protection, by assuring that we harnessed the power of our science to meet customer needs. She has thrived in DuPonts transformation to a market-driven science company, she has been an important force in linking our science to our customersneeds, and she has been instrumental to our strong emerging markets expansion.

I am excited to partner with Ellen as chairman through what I expect will be a very smooth and relatively brief transition,Holliday added. I look forward to watching in the years ahead as DuPont prospers while addressing critical world needs such as improving agriculture productivity, providing alternative energy sources, and protecting people and structures.

Holliday, a 38-year DuPont veteran, has led the company as CEO since February 1998. During his 10-year tenure:

During 2008, DuPont has continued to execute on its sustainable growth strategy and on its plans to achieve its targeted 2010 financial goals. Despite historically high commodity prices and difficult U.S. markets, DuPonts positioning as a market-driven science company enabled it to achieve record earnings for the first half of 2008 on the strength of its Agriculture & Nutrition segment and its growth in emerging markets.

"I am fortunate to have been able to work at DuPont and join so many dedicated people in making a contribution to the company and to the people and communities we serve around the world,Holliday said. I have loved leading DuPont. Now is the time for a new generation of talented leadership to advance the company forward on its mission of sustainable growth.

Kullman added, I am honored to have been selected by the board of directors to lead DuPont into its next phase of accelerated growth. We have a renowned science capability, a rich pipeline of new products, the right productivity mindset and terrific market opportunities. We will build on our momentum and drive earnings growth by continuing on our mission to solve challenging global problems and achieve our financial commitments, including our 2010 growth goals. I look forward to working with the exceptional people of DuPont to serve our customers and communities and to reward our shareholders.

2009/11/22 日本経済新聞

米デュポンCEO Ellen J. Kullman氏
 環境規制、どう商機に? 農業・太陽電池で「脱・化学」


ー 環境規制は化学会社にとって逆風となる。

ー 具体的には?

ー 世界の化学業界では大型のM&A(合併・買収)が相次いでいる。

ー 今後の日本企業との協力関係は。

ー 日本から撤退する外資企業も多い。

ー 温暖化ガスの排出規制にはどう対応する。