National Oil Corporation of Libya (NOC)

Established in 1970

1.7 million bls/day of crude oil
 2.7 TSCFD of raw gas

  NOC 5 petroleum refineries  at Ras Lanuf
   a total refining capacity of 380,000 lbs/day
   methanol 2000 t/day
   ammonia 2200 t/day
   urea    2750 t/day

 Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (RASCO)
LPG 105 850 MTA
naphtha 1,811,130 MTA
kerosene 525,230 MTA  

Ethylene 330 kt/year
   Propylene 170 kt/year
   mixed C4's 130 kt/year
   Pyrolysis Gasoline 325 kt/year
   LLDPE  80 kt/year
   HDPE  80 kt/year





2007/4 Libya's NOCand Dow Announce JV Plans To Expand Petrochemical Complex in Libya