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 スパンデックスについては、浙江 Huafeng スパンデックス(浙江省温州:12千トン)、煙台スパンデックス(山東省煙台:10.5千トン)、LDZスパンデックス(江蘇省連雲港:7.5千トン)、暁星スパンデックス(浙江省嘉興:7.3千トン)、

◇中国藍星集団(Blue Star)は、当初天津で1.4-ブタンジオール25千トンプラントを計画していたが、これにPTMEG 50千トンプラントを加えることを検討している。




四川天化は、DuPontから1.4-ブタンジオール製造の新技術を導入した。四川省瀘州での生産を目指しており、既に政府の認可を得て設計中。合わせて1万4千トンのPTMEG建設も検討している。  (上海発=特約)

◇ PTMEG Project Startup in Jilin

2004/7/26 Asia Chemical Weekly

China National Blue Star mulls to integrate the Tianjin BDO project with PTMEG

China National Blue Star (Group) Corp (BLUE STAR) mulls to integrate the planned 25 000 tonne/year 1,4 butanediol (BDO) project (early planned on stream in 2005) in Tianjin, China, with a 50 000 tonne/year polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG) unit, and the company hoped to bring both units on stream at end-2005 or in early 2006, sources said.

As I know, BLUE STAR has not planned any PTMEG project originally, this time it plans to add a new PTMEG project, back-ingetrated the planned BDO project.

In Aug 2003, BLUE STAR announced that to pursue several projects in Tianjin, China, worth a total of more than Rmb3bn (US$362.4m), which including a 20 000 tonne/year modified PP unit, 350 000 tonne/year bitumen project, a 530 000 tonne/year PTA project, a 180 000 tonne/year PVC project and a chlor-alkali unit in Tianjin based on the ethylene route and a 50 000 tonne/year SBS project.

In May 2004, BLUE STAR merged China Haohua Chemical Industrial (Group) Corp, formed a new conglomerate, which named as China National Chemical Corporation (CNCC).

Driven by the fast-growing market of Spandex in China, many investors hold the optimism on PTMEG production. BASF has planned a 60,000 tonne/year PTMEG facility in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, and Taiwan's Dairen Chemical has planned a 40,000 tonne/year in Yizheng, Jiangsu province, and Sinochem also has planned a 20,000 tonne/year PTMEG unit in Taicang; Jiangsu.

Dairen has already completed the project in April 2004. Chinese media reported that the project has been trail operated, but I asked a staff of Dairen Jiangsu chemical Corp today, she answered that the company has started the commercial production.

Sichuan Tianhua's planed a BDO project in 2003, as I know from the lately media report, the feasibility study of the project has been completed and approved by the government, and the project is under the engineer designing. The project was scheduled to come onstream in 2005.
Furthermore, Sichuan Tianhua is considering a PTMEG with the capacity of 14kt/y.

Major spandex manufacturers in China as the table shows:

Manufacturer Location Capacity (kt/y)
Yantai Spandex Company Yantai 煙台、Shandong 山東省  10.5
Zhejiang Huafeng Spandex Company Wenzhou 温州 Zhejiang浙江省  12
Hyosung 暁星 Spandex (Jiaxing) Company Jiaxing 嘉 興, Zhejiang浙江省   7.3
LDZ Spandex Company Lianyungang連雲港, Jiangsu江蘇省   7.5
Hangzhou Asahikasei Spandex Company
Hangzhou杭州, Zhejiang浙江省   5.0
Invista, Shanghai Foshan仏山, Guangdong 広東省  12.0
Shaoxing Longshan 龍山Spanex Company Shaoxing紹興, Zhejiang浙江省  
Hyosung (Guangdong) Corp Zhuhai珠海、Guangdong広東省  18

There are several other Chinese private firms considering invest in spandex production.

日本経済新聞 2004/7/28

スパンデックス 輸出価格が一段安 中国メーカー増産で




2008-9-23 CCR

Yantai Spandex Starts up Its Second-Phase Aramid Fiber Project

Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd., China's biggest producer and supplier of m- aramid fiber, has commenced the production of its second-phase 1 500 t/a m-aramid fiber project. The total capacity of m-aramid fiber in the company has therefore reached 4 300 t/a.
In June 2007 the company raised funds by issuing domestic shares for the use in the project and a
1 000 t/a p-aramid fiber project.