当初、遼寧省最大の国有化学企業 遼寧華錦(Huajin)化工集 http://www.huajinchem.com

Laioning Huajin Chemicals Group
Polyolefin Products Panjin Ethylene Co.
Panjin Shuangxing Engineering
Chemical Fertilizers Liaohe Chemical Fertilizer Plant
Jinci Natural Gas Co.
Akeshu Huajin Chemical Fertilizer Plant

     Q1, 2006 China North Industries Group Corporation (CNGC:中国北方工業公司)子会社になる。

遼寧省政府は、同省の最大の国有化学企業・遼寧華錦化工(集団)有限責任公司の制度改革再編を中国兵器工業集団公司(China Ordnance Industry Corporation )が行うことで合意、再編協定に調印した。

一般名:中国北方工業公司(China North Industries Group:NORINCO)

中国兵器工業集団公司は遼寧華錦化工(集団)有限責任公司に対して現金を出資し株式数を拡大、再編を進めていく。遼寧華錦化工(集団)有限責任公司は従来の 国有独資から国有株式制企業へと再編、その後は中国兵器工業集団公司の豊富な海外での石油資源を活用し、資源から末端製品までの産業チェーンを整備してい く。

Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemical Co., Ltd. 遼寧華錦通達化工 announced on May 8th, 2008 it will acquire refining and ethylene facility assets from its majority shareholder Liaoning Huajin Group Co., Ltd.




華錦化工集団(HuajinChem:通称盤錦エチレン)は遼寧省盤錦市のエチレン能力を拡大する。CNPC傘下の建設会社、中国HuanQiu 工程公司と新エチレンプラント建設の契約を締結した。来年3月に鍬入式を行い、2008年末に完成の予定。

華錦化工集団は遼寧省政府所有企業であったが、本年第1四半期に中国北方工業公司(CNGC:China North Industries Group Corporation)に吸収合併された。


製品 能力
技術 増設 着工
エチレン 160→180    +240
+300 →+450+460
PE    130    HDPE +300
SM     75    +120
PP     70    +120 +250
Butadiene      65
BTX      250
PS     30    
ABS     50    
アンモニア    900    
尿素   1,500    



2006/12/6 中国でエチレン増設相次ぎ完成、新規着工も



September 21, 2009 PN China Blog

A new player in China's ethylene industry

What do the top three Chinese ethylene producers - China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec), China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) and China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) - have in common? Two things: state ownership/control and integrated business of oil drilling, refining and petrochemical production. Now, they are going to be joined by a new player with similar background: China North Industries Group Corp. (CNGG).

CNGG's subsidiary Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Liaotong) is going to test its new 450,000-metric-ton ethylene project at the end of this month, which, depending on the test results, will be followed by an official launch.

While the project is smaller than the big three's facilities (up to 1-million-metric-ton each), it signifies CNGG's entry into the ethylene market and the completion of the oil drilling, refinery and resin production line. CNGG's subsidiary Zhenhua Oil Co. Ltd.
振華石油 will supply crude oil through a 140-kilometer pipe from the Yingkou 営口 port to Liaotong's base.

China's domestic ethylene industry touts a total production capacity of 10 million metric tons by 2008, 64 percent of which belongs to market leader Sinopec. CNPC claims another third of the total capacity, and CNOOC is ranked the third with its joint venture with Shell Petrochemical Co.

Unlike the big three, CNGG's main business is supplying to the Chinese military, but the company is gradually transitioning to high-tech civilian machinery and chemical products. With 99 subsidiary companies, it's also the fourth largest Chinese firm that's permitted to own overseas oil operations.

Publicly traded Liaotong expects the ethylene project to turn in up to 7.7 billion yuan (US$1.1 billion) of annual sales and 975 million yuan (US$143 million) of after-tax profit.
China still relies on export for more than 40 percent of its ethylene consumption.

China North Industries Group (NORINCO)


No. 46 Sanlihelu, Beijing China 100821
Tel: 8610-68594210, 68594230
Fax: 8610-68594232
Website: www.norinco.com




The NORINCO Group is one of China's ten
defense-industrial enterprises which report to the State Council; it does not have any formal ties to the PLA, although NORINCO is an important military supplier. NORINCO was created in the early 1980's as the export arm of the Fifth Ministry of Machine Industry (5MMI); in 1982, 5MMI was renamed the Ministry of Ordnance Industry. NORINCO was "corporatized" in 1988 as the China Ordnance Industry Corporation (COIC), but due to name recognition issues, the name NORINCO remained in use (or alternatively, the NORINCO Group.)

In addition, NORINCO develops, produces, and markets a variety of military equipment, systems, and components, including fire control systems, sighting and aiming systems, and NBC protection equipment.

The reorganization of state owned enterprises (SOEs) after the ninth meeting of the National People's Congress restructured much of China's defense industrial complex. As part of the reorganization, in 1998 and 1999 COIC was divided into two entities, the China Ordnance Industry Group Company and the China Ordnance Equipment Industry Group Company. However, NORINCO remained one of the export arms of the two new entities.

According to official company information:

* NORINCO is a large transnational corporation specializing in a combination of technology, manufacture and trade;
* The Corporation deals with imports and exports, international and domestic trade, supplying goods, materials and large complete sets of equipment, contracting for engineering projects, export of labor services, processing with materials or according to samples and assembling parts, all supplied by investors, and compensation trade as well as industrial investment.
* Main products include: "vehicles and mechanical products, optical-electronic products, explosives and blast materials, civil firearms and ammunition, light industrial products, special products, fire-fighting equipment, building materials, metal and non-metal materials and their finished products." [most of these products are actually produced by other companies but exported by NORINCO]
* The Corporation is involved in other business including exhibition and advertising, audio, video and publishing services, information consultation, real estate development, storage and transportation, finance, hotel and travel services.
* In 1996, NORINCO's gross volume of business reached more than 23 billion Chinese yuan, of which, the grand total of import and export became 1.5 billion US dollars, and the overseas business value was 700 million US dollars, ranking first similar enterprises in China.
* NORINCO has 82 overseas companies and offices, and 23 domestic subsidiaries. NORINCO has close business relations with numerous enterprises and companies both domestically and internationally.

In March 2000, NORINCO sold US $65.9 million in arms to the Zimbabwe government. The types of arms that were transferred included rocket anti-personnel shells, grenades for assault rifles, and hand grenades. Tanks and tank ammunition may also have been included in the sale. NORINCO is a major exporter of small arms.

In May 2003, the U.S. government imposed sanctions
制裁 on NORINCO for allegedly supplying missile technology to Iran. The sanctions, which went into effect on 9 May, barred all exports to the United States by NORINCO or its subsidiaries, and forbade any contracts between the company and U.S. government agencies. The measure was expected to have more of an impact than previous sanctions; in 2002, NORINCO exported an estimated $100 million worth of products to the United States. The U.S. sanctioned NORINCO again in June 2003 for allegedly selling to Iran equipment and technology that could contribute to a WMD program, and for a third time in one year in September 2003 for alleged transfers of missile-related equipment or technology to an undisclosed recipient. NORINCO was sanctioned again in April 2004 under the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000.


 China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) is an enterprise group engaged in both products and capital operation, integrated with R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and services. NORINCO mainly deals with defense products, international engineering contracting, optronic products, chemical products, sports arms & equipment, automobiles and logistics services, etc.

        NORINCO faces toward the markets and strives for development of updated high-tech defense products. NORINCO has demonstrated the solid strength of Chinese national defense industry and technology in precision strike systems, amphibious assault weapons and equipment, long-range suppression weapon systems, anti-aircraft & anti-missile systems, information & night vision products, high-effect destruction systems, anti-terrorism & anti-riot products as well as small arms. NORINCO has won trust from clients for its high quality products and excellent services.

        While having built its brands in such services as international engineering contracting, logistics and automobiles, NORINCO maintains its competitive edge in chemicals, optronic products, and sports arms based on the integration of technology, manufacturing and trade. NORINCO's subsidiary has been registered in the lead of the global 225 largest international engineering contractors for successive years, and many NORINCO's subsidiaries have also been awarded the national title as advanced enterprise for excellent quality and performance.

        By advocating collaboration and mutual benefit, and having made constant efforts to enhance the capabilities of taking the whole situation into account on management of its overseas and domestic markets, NORINCO has established a global operation and information network and formed a worldwide-diversified market setup.

        As a conglomerate integrating R&D, manufacture, marketing and services, NORINCO has been continuously developing up-to-date high-tech defense products. It has demonstrated the strong capabilities in providing customers with systems and solutions in the fields of precision strike, amphibious assault, long-range suppression, anti-aircraft & anti-missile, information & night vision, high-effect destruction, anti-terrorism & anti-riot, and small arms.

        For years, NORINCO has been making efforts to strengthen its export control and has made progress improving it's international non-proliferation process.

        NORINCO always holds the belief that non-proliferation of WMD & launcher is conducive to maintaining the global and regional peace and stability, and is of interest to the international community and China.
Engineering Contracting
        NORINCO has been consecutively ranked among top 225 world largest international engineering project contractors. Our businesses include railway and highway construction, power plant, energy exploitation and telecommunications. NORINCO has accomplished a number of projects such as Tehran subway and electrified railway in Iran, highway and hydropower plant in Ethiopia, digital switching exchanges in Pakistan, and Century Bridge in Haikou, China. The fine quality of these projects has won high reputation among customers.
 Diversified Businesses
         NORINCO has maintained strong competitive edge in such fields as optronic products, sport arms & equipment, vehicles, logistic service, packing products, and microelectronics. NORINCO is the largest exporter of optoelectronic products, and one of the largest retail sellers of automobiles in China. It enjoys unique advantages in the logistic of hazardous goods and professional advantages in optical cold processing, development of flexible circuit board, and manufacture of tinplate container.


2009/10/19 上海発


華錦化工集団(通称 盤錦エチレン) は10月初め、遼寧省盤錦で500万トン/年の製油所と46万トン/年のエチレンの操業を開始した。




華錦化工集団は遼寧省政府所有企業であったが、2006年に中国北方工業公司(CNGC:China North Industries Group Corporation)に吸収合併された。



  増設前 増設 増設後
製油所    -- 5,000 5,000
Ethylene 180 460 640
PE 130 300 430
PP 60 250 310
SM 75 120 195
PS 30    -- 30
ABS 50    -- 50
ブタジエン 25 65 90
BTX 80 250 330
分解ガソリン 80 370 450
MTBE/ブテン-1    -- 80 80
アンモニア 900    -- 900
尿素 1,500    -- 1,500