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Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.  http://www.scacc.com/e_INDEX.HTM

Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded on July, 1992. It's name was Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Complex. There are 5 billion RMB belong to SCAC, presently. It is one of 520 national key enterprise.

The company produces and sells caustic soda, chlorine, fluorine products, and plastic resin. These products are totaling 20 categories and 40 varieties. Among them, the output of the mainly products every year like these:
caustic soda is 400,000 T, vinyl chloride is 300,000T, PVC resin is 320,000T,hydrochloric acid is 250,000T.


2003/9/1  Asia Chemical Weekly

China's SCAC decide to back integrated PVC projects in two phases  

Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical (SCAC) has decided to pursue its back-integrated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) project in Caojing, Shanghai, China, in two phases instead of one, according to a company source.  

The source said the company would build a 280 000 tonne/year ethylene dichloride (EDC) plant in the first phase. That would be followed by vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and PVC plants, each with a capacity of 300 000 tonne/year.  

石油化学新報 2003/10/8





China Chemical WeekHeadlines (2003/10/24)

PVC makers'' worries loom
   by Liu Fangbin

The sound PVC production and sales situation led by the anti-dumping campaign is igniting a new wave of investment in capacity expansion.

Based on the 2002 import statistics, the PVC anti-dumping move is expected to cause a decline in imports by around 500,000t/a. It is estimated that domestic PVC capacity will outnumber 8mt by 2005, accounting for one-third of the global new capacity.

The carbide process is largely applied in the domestic PVC production, which makes up 53.4% of the total capacity, and the percentage is still expanding.


2003/11/14 China Chemical Reporter

Specialty PVC Project to be Constructed in Shenyang (

Shenyang Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.(瀋陽化工) has recently decided to construct a 30 000 t/a joint venture specialty PVC (paste) project. The project will use the micro-suspension process.

According to the statistics made by relevant departments, the output of specialty PVC in China was around 150 000 tons in 2002 and the import amount was more than 100 000 tons.

Specialty PVC is a leading product in Shenyang Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. The capacity is 45 000 t/a (including the capacity of the 10 000 t/a expansion unit to be soon completed) and the output holds the first place in China, accounting for 23% of the national total in 2002.


Platts 2004/2/16  

EDC-VCM-PVC Conference:
China to become PVC exporter after 2008

The dramatic growth of China's PVC production capacity over the next five years would turn it from being a net importer of PVC resin to becoming a net exporter after 2008, commented several panelists on the first day of the 4th China/Asia EDC-VCM-PVC Markets conference held at the Intercontinental Pudong Hotel in Shanghai, China.



2004/2/24 China Chemical Reporter

China's Biggest PVC Project in Erdos (内蒙古・鄂尓多斯)

The contract on the construction of a 1.0 million t/a PVC project and related facilities jointly by Guangzhou Zhongkexin Group and Yili Resources Group in Erdos was signed in Hohhot of Inner Mongolia recently. It shows that China's biggest PVC production base will be established in Erdos.
At the same time, Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch and Yili Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. signed a letter of intent on the PVC project investment. Inner Mongolia Sanwei Ferrous Alloy Co., Ltd. and Erdos Yide Resources Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on the construction of a
1.0 million t/a calcium carbide project.
Yili Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. jointly established by Guangzhou Zhongkexin Group, Yili Resources Group, Zhongwu High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. and Yili Science & Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Erdos and has a registered capital of RMB600 million. The project to be constructed has a
capacity of 1.0 million t/a PVC and 1.0 million t/a chlor-alkali.
The annual sales revenue is expected to be RMB10 billion and the profit will be more than RMB2.5 billion. The project will be executed in two phases. The first phase has a capacity of 500 000 t/a PVC and 500 000 t/a chlor-alkali. It will launch construction in April 2004 and start production in September 2005. The second phase will be completed in 2010. The investment in the first phase is RMB2.8 billion excluding utilities. The sales revenue will be RMB5.0 billion and the profit will be RMB1.2 billion. After the completion of the project, Erdos will become the biggest PVC production base in China. The 500 000 t/a PVC unit starting production in the first phase will also become the biggest PVC unit in China using
the calcium carbide process.

2004/3/16 China Chemical Reporter

PVC project started construction in Shanghai
           詳細    建設開始

On March 2, the first phase of 300 000 t/a PVC project broke the ground in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. This project is scheduled to complete construction at the end of 2005 and put on stream in the H1 of 2006. Shanghai caustic soda and PVC project is invested by Shanghai Tianyuan Huasheng Chemical Co Ltd 上海天原華勝化工公司、 as an important matching project to 900 000 t/a ethylene program, which will not only consume the products of upstream SECCO ethylene project but also can satisfy the demand of downstream BASF MDI/TDI project for chlorine. In addition it can absorb and make use of chlorine hydride, the byproduct of MDI/TDI unit.


2004-2-20 Asia Chemical Weekly

China's Runhua to go ahead with VCM, PVC project in Jiangsu  江蘇省江陰

China's Jiangyin Runhua Chemical Products Co is to build a 500 000 tonne/year vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) unit and a 300 000 tonne/year polyvinyl chloride (PVC) unit, according to a company source.

The project will be Runhua's first foray into VCM-PVC production. It currently produces only
expandable polystyrene (PS).

The company, a Sino-Hongkong joint venture, is looking at expanding its range of petrochemical products.


2004年07月15日 Chemnet Tokyo







 電力不足は短期間に解消する見込みはなく、この問題はPVCプラントの新増設に影響を与えることとなる。中国経済の急速な発展の矛盾がいろいろなところに出てきた形で、今後の動向に注意が必要である。 (この項上海発=CNT特約)

China Chemical Information Net  2004/10/14

Ningxia Baota to build PVC unit. 寧夏宝塔石化 (寧夏回族自治区銀川)

A 300,000 tonne/y PVC facility is to be constructed in Yinchuan,Ningxia, China, by Ningxia Baota Petrochemical. The company will also build a 400,000 tonne/y chlor-alkali plant and a 450,000 tonne/y calcium carbide unit. The plans are subject to municipal government approval.

November 04, 2004 Solvay

Solvay launches its vinyls technology in China with ground-breaking license agreement

Fast growing market calls for further engineering projects    江蘇省泰興

Solvay SA announces today that it has signed a license agreement to supply its vinyl chloride monomer technology to Singpu Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. for the construction of a new production unit in Taixing (Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China). The plant is scheduled to be operational in the first half of 2006, with an annual production capacity of 200 kilotons.

Singpu Chemicals   http://www.singpu.com/weDo.htm

Singpu Chemicals is a Singapore-incorporated chemical company with operations based solely in the PRC catering to the China market.

Through our two subsidiaries, wholly-owned Singpu Chemical Industries (Taixing) Co., Ltd, and 80%-owned Singpu Chemical Industries (Yancheng) Co., Ltd. we are principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of chemical products such as caustic soda, chlorine, hydrogen, aniline, nitrobenzene, p-nitrochlorobenzene, o-nitrochlorobenzene, and hydrochloric acid.

Since we commenced operations in 1994, we have grown rapidly to be one of the largest producers of aniline and ion-membrane caustic soda in the Jiangsu Province, and the largest chemical raw materials producer in the China Fine Chemical Industry Taixing Park ("CFCITP"), a development zone dedicated to the fine chemical industry in the Jiangsu Province, PRC.

Our ability to combine our trademark service with the best quality products at the most competitive prices to meet the needs of our customers has supported our efforts in establishing a strong track record in the PRC over the years.

China Chemical Reporter 2004/11/11

Large chlor-alkali project starts construction in Henan

On November 8, 100 000 t/a chlor-alkali and 100 000 t/a PVC project started construction in Henan Pingdingshan Huiyuan Co Ltd with an investment of RMB1 billion.
河南 平頂山匯源化学

2004/11/24 Chemnet Tokyo 

中国の巨星グループ、アセチレン法でPVC 50万トン体制へ

Sichuan GiantStarグループは四川省楽山Leshan, Sichuanでアセチレン法によるPVC 50万トン体制を目指す。2008年までに段階的に増強を図る。

Tongwei グループ(China's largest aquatic feed producer)との50/50JVの樂山永祥レジンLeshan Yongxiang Resins Coを設立し、電解とPVC事業を行っている。樂山永祥レジンはアセチレン法の4万トンプラントを2004年末に10万トンに拡張する。第三期として2005年末に20万トンに拡大し、3年後に50万トン(アセチレン法では中国最大)にする計画。同社ではアセチレン法はエネルギー消費は大きいが、現在のように石油価格が高い場合には原料費は安くつくとしている。


添付 建設中の第二期プラント写真
http://www.giantstar-c.com/yxcompany.htm から)

/年以上の設備は新設も認められており、伊利集団Yili Chemical Industrial Coが内蒙古・鄂尓多斯(Erdos, Inner Mongolia)で第1期50万トン、第2期50万トンの計画を、また新疆中泰化工Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Coが新疆ウイグル自治区ウルムチUrumqi, Xinjiangで50万トン計画をそれぞれ打ち出している。

Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co,.Ltd  新疆中泰化工               50万トン計画60万トン

Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical co,.ltd (hereinafter called Zhongtai Chemical) is located in the west of Urumqi. Zhongtai Chemicals is established in 2001 . Zhongtai chemical is engaged in producing and dealing with inorganic chemical products, organic chemical products, fine chemicals including imp/exp and logistics. Zhongtai Chemical developed rapidly, the total asset is RMB4.656billions from RMB 1.36 billions of registered capital. Zhongtai Chemical supplys quality products such as IEM Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine, paraffin chloride, hydrochloric acid, and so on with the first-class equipment and advanced technical art. Not only Zhongtai Chemical supply products for Xinjiang marketplace ,but also other provinces of China, especially export to meddle asian countries with high honor and popularity. It is very important econimical position for local econimy .With scale enlarged and technical reform, Zhongtai chemical have strong producing capicity.

Zhongtai chemical can produce IEM Caustic Soda 120 thousands ton, Polyvinyl Chloride Resin 120 thousands ton, Hydrochloric Acid 80 thousands ton, Liquid Chlorine 10 thousands ton every year.Now, Zhongtai chemical is the largest enterprise which produce hi-pure Caustic Soda in the west of china . Zhongtai Chemical have passed ISO9001 : Authentication of 2000 Internation Quality System ."Qingfeng" brand is evaluated as the famous brand &mark in Xinjiang province. It was honoured with the titles of proineer unit and top enterprise by goverment of Xinjiang and Urumqi. Zhongtai Chemical is being developping in Xinjiang. Zhongtai Chemical has built enterprise culture with Innovation, Honour, Teams, Self-development. Face WTO and west development, XIN JIANG Zhongtai Huaxue Chemical Co,.Ltd will stand in chemical industry, meanwhile go abroad. We believe Zhongtai Chemical will be an international enterprise.

2003-6-16 Asia Chemical Weekly

China's Xinjiang Zhongtai to double PVC, caustic soda output

China's Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical plans to double its polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and caustic soda capacities in Urumqi, Xinjiang, at the end of this year, according to a company source.

The company currently produces 60 000 tonne/year each of PVC and caustic soda, and plans to double its capacity by debottlenecking its existing plant.

Zhongtai also produces a corresponding amount of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) for captive use. It uses the calcium carbide-based route to produce PVC. The company sells around 30% of its products to eastern China.

2006/1/9 Platts

China's Zhongtai Chemical to start up new PVC unit    新疆中泰化工

Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co of northwest China Xinjiang Ugyur Autonomous Region is set to start up a new PVC unit with a capacity of 600,000 mt/yr in April, according to a source from the company.
The unit is set to run at 20% capacity at first, gradually increasing to 98% over three and a half years. The company now has a PVC capacity of 140,000 mt/yr and is expected improve to 900,000 mt/yr when the newly added capacity is brought on line and costs get streamlined.

China Chemical Reporter 2004/12/29

500 000 t/a PVC to Set up in Inner Mongolia

Linhai Chemical Company located in Inner Mongolia signed an agreement with Hong Kong Zhongce Group on building 500 000 t/a PVC with total investment of RMB 4.0 billion on December 22, 2004.
The PVC project will be constructed in two phases in Inner Mongolia. The production capacity in the first phase will be 200 000 t/a, with investment of RMB 1.5 billion, and start building in 2005 and go into operation in 2006. The second phase of PVC will be completed in 2007 and the production capacity will reach 500 000 t/a.

China Chemical Reporter 2005/1/21

Beijing Huaer Stopped Production

On January 18, 2005 the polymerization unit of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production line in Beijing Huaer Company Ltd. took place explosion accident, resulting in the entirely suspension in the company. Beijing Huaer has two PVC lines each with a capacity of 80 000 t/a.


Beijing Huaer Co., Ltd is a traditional enterprise with 42 years history, and it is a big scale first class enterprise producing basic chemical materials, also is an important producing base of China basic chemical materials, holding a key position in the whole country chlorine alkali industry. The main products of our company are NaOHPVCCLliquid Cl2 etc two products series 23 specifications and models products. The products have stable sales market and very good quality credit standing. PVC won the State Silver Prize (no setting of Gold prize)NaOH won High-quality Prize of Chemical Ministry. We also pass the ISO9002 authentication, with history opportunities, we'd like to step into the whole world e-commerce depending on our powerful economic and technological strength, in the future information enterprise competition we can succeed one after another.

The original body of Beijing Huaer Co., Ltd is the Second Beijing Chemicals Factory, first established in 1958, administratively belonged to Beijing Chemistry Industry Bureau. In 1985, Beijing Chemistry Industry Bureau was reorganized to be the Beijing Chemistry Industry Company. In 1991, ratified by the [1991]29 document issued by Beijing Administration Office of Beijing People's Government, Beijing Chemistry Industry Company was reorganized to be the Beijing Chemistry Industry Group Company, the Second Beijing Chemicals Factory became one part of it, meanwhile the corporation competence was canceled. In 1995, Beijing Chemistry Industry Group Company was appointed by State Council to be one of the 100 experimental units to build modern enterprise system. Also on December 31 1995 ratified by the [1995]83 file issued by Beijing People's Government and State Economic System Reform Committee together, Beijing Chemistry Industry Group Company was reformed to be the Beijing Chemistry Industry Group Co., Ltd, became one State-own company, the Second Beijing Chemicals Factory also one part of it. Beijing Huaer Co., Ltd (the following just call the brief Beijing Huaer) is ratified by [1997]26 document by Beijing People's government, Beijing Chemistry Industry Group Co., Ltd started to reorganized its sales and assets of the second Chemistry Industry factory, put the main business assets to our company to set the stock Co., Ltd by the way of collecting. Beijing Huaer is a first class large-scale enterprise producing basic chemical materials, also one of the important bases of basic chemical materials producing in China, and in a very important position of whole country chlorine alkali industry and Beijing's economy. The main products of our company are NaOH
PVCCLliquid Cl2 etc two kinds of product series 23 specifications and models products. The products are widely used in many important branches of national economy such as petrochemicalslight industrymedicinetextilemetallurgyelectric powerautomobilearchitecture engineeringplasticscity water supply, and the products have stable sales market and very good quality credit standing. PVC won the State Silver Prize (no setting of Gold prize)NaOH won High-quality Prize of Chemical Ministry
In the end of 1997, our company producing capacity of PVC reached to 150,000Ton/year, producing capacity increased 100% by the beginning of the year; producing capacity of NaOH reached to 160,000Ton/year, increased 39.1% by the beginning of the year, among which producing capacity of ion velum method NaOH was 100,000Ton/year. And passed the ISO9002 authentication.
  To see the future, Huaer will set building modern enterprise system and chlorine alkali industry e-commerce as the reform direction, actively expand to the related industries depending on technology innovation and powerful economic strength, stepping to collectivizinginternationale-commerce. Huaer are striving for the new target

2005/3/3 Chemnet Tokyo



ーバイド1トンの生産には3,700KWh(キロワット/時)の電力が必要とされる。電力料金は業種により異なるが、四川省のあるPVCメーカーによれば、これまでの0.42人民元/KWH(約5.3円)から少なくとも 0.1人民元(1.3円)引き上げられた。カーバイド法PVCの売価は現在7,800〜8,000人民元/トンだが、カーバイドコストのアップだけで500人民元/トン程度のコストアップとなる。




Platts 2005/3/9

Formosa to operate Ningbo PVC plant at 70% until demand firms

Formosa planned to operate its new 300,000 mt/yr PVC plant in Ningbo, China at reduced rates until domestic demand strengthens in China, a source close to the company said Wednesday.

China Chemical Reporter 2005/4/8

Sinochem and Sanlian Signed PVC Agreement

Through as long as half year's negotiation, Sinochem International Company Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Sanlian Chemical Corp. Ltd., for the joint venture project of polyvinyl chloride and caustic soda, formally signed the shareholder cooperation agreement and the charter for joint venture in Beijing recently and decided to set up a joint venture.

After the signing of the cooperation agreement, the joint venture held the first in the first round shareholder's conference and the first in the first round board meeting, elected the board of directors and operating team for the joint venture respectively. Bai Yi, vice president of the Planning Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry, was appointed the specialist director.

Chemnet Tokyo 2005年07月19日


 福建省の福建東南電化(Southeast Electro-Chemical Corp:略称 SECC) は福建省泉州市の泉港石化パークでの45万トンPVC計画について政府の承認を得た。計画には16万トンの苛性ソーダを含み、総投資額は453百万ドル。原料エチレンの一部ははこのほど同じ立地で工事を開始したExxonMobil/Saudi Aramco/Sinopec JVの80万トンコンプレックスから供給を受け る。本年末までに建設を開始したい意向だが、提携相手との交渉によって変わる可能性がある。



 昨年10月、LG化学は天津での電解〜VCM計画を発表した。PVCの提携相手の大沽化工とその親会社渤海化学とともに 天津 LG 渤海化学を設立し、電解(ソーダ:24万トン、塩素:21万 6000トン)、EDC(30万トン)、VCM(35万トン)を建設する。PVCの天津のJV・天津LG大沽化学の能力は34万トンのため、VCMと PVCの能力はほぼ見合い、現時点では中国でのPVC増設は明らかにしていない。


 福建東南電化はクロルアルカリメーカーで、苛性ソーダ(能力100千トン)、PVC(能力45千トン)、液塩、次亜塩素酸カルシウム、さらし粉 、塩酸などを生産している。

日本経済新聞 2006/2/9

塩ビ製造法停止 中国に呼びかけ 塩ビ協、水銀流出懸念


カーバイドに塩酸を付加反応すると,塩化ビニルモノマーになります(レッペ反応)。 そのときに,金属水銀ではなく,水銀塩を触媒として使用する。


2006/3/5 Asia Chemical Weekly

China's PVC outputs and capacities in 2005         新増設計画

China's total PVC capacity is about 9.33 million tonne, while total output is 6.49 million tonne. In 2005, the total import of PVC is about 1.67 million tonne; the total export of PVC is about 150 kt. So, the total consumption for PVC is about 8.01 million.

In 2005, China's
ethylene based PVC capacity accounts for 30%, while acetylene based PVC capacity accounts for around 70%.

China's mail producers and capacities and outputs show as the following table.

China's main PVC producers, capacities and outputs (kt, as of 2006-1-1)



Sinopec Qilu Petchem





Tianjin Dagu chem





Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical





Tianjin LG Dagu





Yibin Tianyuan





Hebei Cangzhou Chem





Jiangsu Jiangdong Chem





Xinjiang Tianye





Tianjin Botian Chem





Sichuan Jinlu





Xinjiang Zhongtai





Leshan Yongxiang Resin





Jiangsu Huasu Plastics





Haohua Yuhang





Beijing Huaer





Shanxi Yushe Chem





Ningxia Jinyuyuan Chem





Qingdao Haijing





Hubei Yihua




Other producers









2006/8/29 China Chemical Reporter

Ion-Membrane Caustic Soda and PVC Project Complete 吉林省 四平市

The technical renovation project of 50 000 t/a ion-membrane caustic soda and 50 000 t/a PVC in Siping Haohua Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. 四平昊華化工 was completed in Siping of Jilin province on August 18th, 2006.
The project started construction on April 15th, 2005. It has a total investment of RMB245 million and a design capacity of 50 000 t/a ion-membrane caustic soda and 50 000 t/a PVC. After the project reaches design indexes, the caustic soda capacity in the company will reach 100 000 t/a and the
PVC capacity will reach 80 000 t/a. The project started production on August 5th and produced qualified products on August 6th.



China Chemical Reporter 2006/11/22

Jinhua Group to Spin Off a PVC Facility

On November 9th, 2006, Jinhua Group Chlor-alkali Co., Ltd. announces that it plans to spin off its 40 000 t/a PVC unit and related facilities, to sell 70% equity in Jinhua Group Polyvinyl Chloride Branch, with audited net assets of RMB70.7775 million, in exchange for the Land Usage Right with an area of 3.529696 million square meter owned by Jinhua Group Vinyl Chloride Branch, valued at RMB148.2473 million. Jinhua Group Chlor-alkali pays the balance of RMB77.4698 in cash to Jinhua Group Vinyl Chloride Branch.
This divestment is in line with Jinhua Group Chlor-alkali's strategy, to reduce its loss.
The price for PVC represents a slack growth in China's market in the first half of 2006, but the price of raw materials continues to rise higher. Most PVC players in China suffered a loss.
Jinhua Group Chlor-alkali specializes in basic chemical sectors. It produces
caustic soda (290 000 t/a) and propylene glycol units, chlorobenzene, hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, PVC (130 000 t/a including the 40 000 t/a unit), trichloroethylene, cyclohexanone, propylene oxide (130 000 t/a), polyols, etc.

2007/3/1 China Chemical Reporter

PVC and Caustic Soda Expansion Project Completes

Inner Mongolia Linhai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Lianhai Chemical) recently completed the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and caustic soda renovation and expansion project and put it into production in Wulateqian Banner, Bayannaoer city, Inner Mongolia.
From August 2006, Lianhai Chemical made an investment of RMB140 million to increase the capacity of PVC and caustic soda
both from 60 000 t/a to 120 000 t/a today.
Lianhai Chemical is a leading chlor-alkali chemical producer with salt and
carbide as the major raw materials. Major products include PVC, liquid and solid sodium hydroxide, synthetic hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, calcium carbide, etc.

2007/4/12 Platts

China's carbide-based PVC remains competitive: Tangshan Sanyou

China's carbide-based polyvinyl chloride remained competitive compared with ethylene-based PVC despite rising coal and power costs, said Antares Wang Gang, General Manager of Tangshan Sanyou International Industry, Thursday. 唐山三友化工

In 2006, the production cost of carbide-based PVC was estimated at Yuan 5,063/mt, while for ethylene-based PVC it was Yuan 7,487/mt. Supplies of coal, a feedstock for carbide-based PVC, were sufficient but it was difficult to secure ethylene due to logistics, Wang Gang said.

As of March 2007, production cost of carbide-based PVC had risen to Yuan 5,500/mt with sales prices around Yuan 6,600/mt, meanwhile the production cost of ethylene-based PVC had fallen to Yuan 6,400/mt, compared with selling price of Yuan 7,000/mt. In addition to be cheaper, carbide-based PVC was much simpler to produce than ethylene-based PVC, he said.


2007/7/9 Asia Chemical Weekly

GPRO Beifang starts construction for PVC integration project

On Jun. 28, 2007, Jiangsu GPRO Beifang Chlor-Alkali corporation (GPRO Beifang
金浦北方) held a ceremony for its construction start of new PVC integration project in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.

With total investment around USD 400 million (RMB 3 billion), the project will build in two stages. In the first stage, based on its existing technology and utilities, GPRO Beifang invests USD 200 million to build a 200,000 tonne/year caustic soda and a 200,000 tonne/year PVC facility, which is started in Jun 2007 and expected to be completed by H2 of 2008.
The company also announced to build ECH and Chloroacetic acid facilities while the details were not disclosed.

In the second stage, the company will invest USD 200 million to build another 200,000 tonne/year caustic soda and 200,000 tonne/year PVC facility.

Located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, GPRO Beifang was originally
Jiangsu Beifang Chlor-Alkali Company, which was acquired in Q1 2007 by Nanjing based privated company GPRO and then renamed to the current name. By using the carbide route, GPRO Beifang has existing 100,000 tonne/year caustic soda and 100,000 tonne/year PVC capacities.

In 2006, China produced 8.24 million tonne PVC, imported 1.15 millon tonne and exported 0.46 tonne million tonne PVC in the same year. The carbide route output accounted for 73% of China's total PVC output in 2006.

China Chemical Reporter 2007/2/26

Jiangsu GPRO completes acquisition of Beifang Chlor-Alkali

On February 3rd, 2007, Jiangsu GPRO Group announced the completion of the acquisition of Jiangsu Beifang Chlor-Alkali Co., Ltd. Beifang Chlor-Alkali is renamed Jiangsu GPRO Beifang Chlor-Alkali Co., Ltd.

Located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, eastern China, Beifang Chlor-Alkali is engaged in the production, sales, research and development of chlor-alkali chemical business. Merging into Jiangsu GPRO is in line with Beifang Chlor-Alkali's strategy to form completed products chains and to increase its production.

同社は2005年に同社40%/Sinopec揚子石化 60%のJV、揚子石化金浦橡膠(YPC-GPRO Rubber)を設立し、南京ケミカルパークにSBR プラントを建設中(第1期 100千トン、計画では第2期として+100千トン)
また、2006年11月には、韓国の錦湖石化との50/50合弁会社、「南京GPRO錦湖石化」が塩素法PO100千トン、PPG 50千トン、苛性ソーダ 100千トンのプラントの建設を開始している。

2007/8/1 China Chemical Reporter

Jiyuan Fangsheng Breaks Ground PVC and Ion Membrane Project

Construction on the 120 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin project and 120 000 t/a ion membrane project was recently started in Jiyuan Fangsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd. located in Jiyuan, Henan province河南省済源. The two projects have a total investment of US$350 million and a construction period of 14 months. 

2005/7 CCR

Chlor-alkali project.(Jiyuan Fangsheng Chemistry Co., Ltd)(Brief Article)

The 50 000 t/a PVC and 45 000 t/a caustic soda project in Jiyuan Fangsheng Chemistry Co., Ltd. started trial production in Henan Jiyuan recently


2007/8/22 China Chemical Reporter         三井物産は数年前に既に撤退

Cangzhou Chemical Ceases Operation

    Cangzhou Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.滄州化工 announced on August 13th that it has ceased manufacturing operations of the 290 000 t/a PVC resin unit and all other units.
    On June 22nd 2007, the company said production of its 60 000 t/a PVC resin unit had to be suspended due to some factors of environment protection and safety. If the 60 000 t/a PVC unit did not get the appraisal of experts, the company would have to cease manufacturing operations of its all units.
   The company is a PVC producer. The 290 000 t/a PVC resin unit uses EDC as raw material and the 60 000 t/a PVC unit adopts calcium carbide process.
   The latest news is that Cangzhou Chemical's two senior managers have been arrested.

    三井物産とのJV 滄井化工有限公司 Cangjing Chemical Industry

2007/8/25 Asia Chemical Weekly

Cangzhou Chemical has 60,000 t/a carbide process and 230,000 t/a EDC process PVC with total capacity of 290,000 t/a.  
In 2006, the company stoped production of 230,000 t/a EDC process PVC unit as the shortage of capitals, which is caused by the launch of a 400,000 t/a PVC project.  
For the financing of 400,000 t/a PVC project, Cangzhou Chemical made the inter-credit with other two listed companies without the information disclosure between 2004 to 2006. This move was punished by Shanghai Securities Exchange.  
The arrest of two senior managers is also related to the inter-credit issue. Cangzhou Chemical has exit from the 400,000 PVC project.

金融債権者相互間での受け入れ担保の調整(譲り合い)や回収金の分配といった事項を債権者間契約(inter-credit agreement) として、債権者に債務者を加えた当事者間で合意し、新規融資を優遇する手法

1) Is Mitsui & Co. still shareholder of Cangjing Chemical Industry ?
    If so, there might not be any financial problems.
    Do you know when and why Mitsui retired from this JV ?

In Jul., 2000, Cangzhou Chemical and Mitsui made an agreement that change the profits distribution to 90:10 from the orginal 75:25. But there is not any information shows Mitsui has exit from the jv.  Finalical data shows the PVC sector was losed in 2005 and 2006. Financial problem is possibe as Cangzhou Chemical faced billions capital shortage and Cangjing is just a separated jv company.  

2) Was 60,000 t/a carbide process plant originally owned by Cangzhou Chemical Industry, being separated from JV ?  

 The carbide process plant is separeted from jv.
3) What was the punishment by Shanghai Securities Exchange ?
    Did they prohibit  inter-credit transaction ?

  Inter-credit Guarantee without information disclosure is prohibited.  

4) I am not familiar with inter-credit transaction,
    Is it such a serious crime if it was done without disclosure, so that two managers were arrested?

The company made Inter-credit Guarantee without information disclosure, and one of the partner companies has went to bankruptcy. So, Cangzhou Chemical has to be going into bankruptcy as the break-off of capital chain.

5) I understand that punishment by Exchange lead to abolishment of new plan.
    But why did it lead to operation stop of 230,000t/a plant ?

 High price of feedstock and shortage of capitals.

19 May 2003 ACN

Cangzhou Chemicals Industry (Group) is holding discussions with potential investors for its VCM-PVC project in Cangzhou, Hebei, China, a company source said.

However, the talks have not progressed much because of the outbreak of Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

ACN understands that Mitsui & Co is one of the potential investors.

Mitsui already produces 233 000 tonne/year of VCM and 240000 tonne/year of PVC through Cangjing Chemical Industry Co, a joint venture with Cangzhou Chemicals.

Mitsui owns 25% of the joint venture, and Cangzhou the rest.

The proposed plant would produce 400 000 tonne/ year each of VCM and PVC based on imported feedstocks (ACN 25 Feb 2002, p20). Both units are likely to use EVC's technology.

A source close to the project said it would start up in a single phase, instead of two as earlier understood, possibly in H2 2005.

Cangzhou Chemicals plans to form a new firm to run the project, which has not been approved by the government yet.

China Chemical Reporter 2007/8/23

HCACC Kicks off Chlor-Alkali Expansion Project

Inner Mongolia Haiji Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.(HCACC) recently started construction on its second-phase expansion project in Wuda Industry Park, Wuhai
烏海市, Inner Mongolia. With a total investment of RMB3.305 billion, the second-phase expansion project will complete 360 000 t/a calcium carbide, 180 000 t/a caustic soda and 200 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin.

As the major chemical project of China's Western Development Program, Wuhai Chlor-Alkali Project has a total investment of RMB10 billion and will complete 1 million t/a calcium carbide, 400 000 t/a caustic soda and 500 000 t/a PVC resin. The first-phase project with an investment of RMB1.721 billion was put on stream on September 25th, 2004, reaching the capacity of 90 000 t/a calcium carbide, 60 000 t/a caustic soda, 60 000 t/a PVC resin.

2007-9-25 CCR

Xinjiang Tianye Launches 200 000 T/A PVC Unit 新疆ウイグル自治区石河子

Construction on the second-phase 200 000 t/a PVC unit of the 400 000 t/a PVC project in Xinjiang Tianye Company Ltd. was recently started in Shihezi, Xinjiang 新疆ウイグル自治区石河子. The construction is undertaken by Tianye Taian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
 The 400 000 t/a PVC project has a total investment of RMB6.0 billion. It was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in February 2007 and construction of the first phase was started in March 2007.
The second phase covers 12 new facilities and its construction was started when the first-phase 200 000 t/a PVC unit is at the finishing stage and will finally be combined with the first-phase unit into a 400 000 t/a PVC project. The company uses calcium carbide/acetylene process in the two new lines.
According to the overall construction planning, the first-phase 200 000 t/a PVC unit will hopefully conduct trial run and start production in October 2007. The second-phase 200 000 t/a PVC unit will come on stream in October 2008.

2007-10-9 CCR

200 000 T/A PVC Project Starts Production

    On September 28th, 2007 Jilantai Salt Chemical Group Co., Ltd. of China National Salt Industry Corporation completed and put on stream its first phase 200 000 t/a PVC unit of the 400 000 t/a PVC project in Inner Mongolia 阿拉善(Alasan) Economic Development Zone.
    The 400 000t/a PVC and 360 000 t/a caustic soda project is executed in two phases with a total investment of RMB5.0 billion, and the first phase spent RMB2.9 billion.


2008/7/22 CCR

Jilantai Launches Its Second Phase 200 000 T/A PVC Project

According to a source from Jilantai Salt Chemical Group Co., Ltd. of China National Salt Industry Corporation on July 9th, 2008, the company has commenced the construction of its second phase 200 000 t/a PVC and 180 000 t/a caustic soda units of 400 000t/a PVC and 360 000 t/a caustic soda project in Alashan Economic Development Zone, Inner Mongolia.
The first phase 200 000 t/a PVC and 180 000 t/a caustic soda project was completed and went on stream on September 28th, 2007. The second phase with an investment of around RMB2.1 billion will be completed by the end of 2008.

2007-10-30 CCR

Tianjin Botian Chemical Start up PVC Paste Resin Project  天津渤天化工  渤海化工系

On October 16th, 2007 the 60 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) paste resin project in Tianjin Botian Chemical Co., Ltd. (the former Tianjin Chemical Plant) has started production. The completion of the project has made the company's production capacity of PVC paste resin reach 110 000 t/a and enhanced the market competitive edge of the company.
The project has a total investment of RMB320 million, and the construction on the project was started on October 18th, 2006.


2008/1/21 Asia Chemical Weekly

Shaanxi CoalChem invests PVC project in Shenmu

On Dec. 28, 2007, Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group (Shaanxi CoalChem) signed an agreement with Beiyuan (
北元) Chemical Company (Beiyuan Chem) for their cooperation, which including the assets acquisition and a large scale PVC project in Shenmu (神木), Yulin (楡林市), Shaanxi Province 陝西省.

According to the agreement, Shaanxi CoalChem will invest USD 94.2 million (RMB 680 million) to acquire around 40% shares from Beiyuan Chem, at the same time,
Beiyuan will build a 1 million ton/year carbide based PVC project and an 800,000 ton/year caustic soda project. According to the company, the project will consume crude salt 1.5 million ton/year and carbide 1.5 million ton/year directly as well as consume 6 million ton/year coal indirectly.

The PVC project will conduct through two stages. The first stage is a 500,000 ton/year PVC unit, which is planned to start up in Q3 of 2009; the second stage is another 500,000 ton/year unit, which is scheduled to start up by 2010.

Beiyuan Chem has an existing carbide based PVC capacity of 100,000 ton/year in the same site. After the new project completed, the company will have total PVC capacity of 1.1 million ton/year.

Shaanxi CoalChem is a Xi
an based government owned company, while Beiyuan Chem is a Shenmu based private company.



 2007年12月、陝西石炭化学グループ(Shaanxi CoalChem)は北元化学(Beiyuan Chem)との間で、陝西省楡林市神木(Shenmu)での大規模PVC計画での協力で合意した。
 合意によれば、Shaanxi CoalChem は94百万ドルを投じてBeiyuan Chemの株式の40%を取得し、Beiyuan Chemで年産100万トンのカーバイド法PVCと80万トンの苛性ソーダ工場を建設する。年間150万トンの工業塩と150万トンのカーバイドを消費する。

 計画は2段階で行い、第1段階はPVC 50万トンで2009年第3四半期にスタートする予定。第2段階の50万トンは2010年にスタートする。
 Beiyuan Chemは同地にカーバイド法PVC 10万トンを持っている。Shaanxi CoalChemは陝西省西安市を本拠にする国有企業で、Beiyuan Chemは神木に本拠を置く私企業。

2008-5-21 CCR                     Shaanxi CoalChem invests PVC project in Shenmu

Shaanxi Beiyuan Launches 1.0 million t/a PVC Project

On April 28th, 2008 Shaanxi Beiyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Shaanxi Beiyuan) started the construction of 1.0 million t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and 800 000 t/a caustic soda project in Jinjie Industry Park, Shenmu of Shaanxi province. 陝西省神木
The project also includes some matching facilities and will be executed in two phases with an investment of around RMB8.0 billion. The first-phase of the project has 500 000 t/a PVC unit and 400 000 t/a caustic soda unit and will be completed and go on stream in the end of 2009, and the second- phase including another 500 000 t/a PVC unit and 400 000 t/a caustic soda unit will put into operation in 2011

2008-5-29 CCR

Zhongtai Chemical Launches 360 000 t/a PVC Project

On May 20th, 2008 Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. started the construction of the second phase 360 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) project and its matching 300 000 t/a ion-membrane caustic soda project in Zhongtai Chemical Industry Park, Xinjiang.
The first-phase
120 000 t/a PVC resin project and its matching 100 000 t/a ion-membrane caustic soda project in March 2006
Full-load production was achieved in 2007.
After the completion of the second-phase project, the company's PVC capacity and caustic soda capacity will be expanded
to 739 000 t/a and 639 000 t/a respectively.

2009-8-24 CCR

Zhongtai Chemical to Build Chlor-Alkali Project    新疆ウイグル自治区ウルムチの新疆中泰化工

Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. announced on August 14th its plan to build 1.6 million t/a PVC resin unit, 1.2 million ion-membrane caustic soda project, and matching facilities - thermoelectric plant and 3.2 million t/a calcium carbide-based cement through its fully-owned subsidiary Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Fukang Energy Co., Ltd.





新疆ウイグル自治区の新疆中泰化工(Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical )は8月19日、新疆ウイグル自治区の阜康の中泰阜康産業パーク(Zhongtai Fukang Industry Park)で大規模計画の第一期着工の式典を行った。

子会社の中泰阜康エネルギーが実施するもので、150億人民元を投じて4期に分けて、イオン交換膜法ソーダ年産120万トン、PVC 160万トン、カーバイドスラッグセメント320万トンを建設する。最終的には2015年に完成の予定。


新疆中泰化工はウルムチの中泰産業パークに苛性ソーダ350千トン、PVC460千トンの能力を持ち、更に同地で苛性ソーダ 300千トン、PVC 360千トンを建設中で、これらは2010年にスタートする予定。


China Top 10 PVC producers up to H1 2009 (kt/a)

Rank Producer   Location Capacity
1 Tianjin Dagu 天津大沽化工 Tianjin  800
2 Xinjiang Tianye 新疆天業 Shihezi, Xinjiang  720
3 Sinopec Qilu シノペック齊魯 Zibo, Shandong  600
4 Yibin Tianyuan 宜賓天原 Yibin, Sichuan  500
5 Shanghai Chlor-Alkali 上海クロルアルカリ Shanghai  480
6 Xinjiang Zhongtai 新疆中泰 Urumqi, Xinjiang  480
7 Shanxi Yushe 山西楡社 Yushe, Shanxi  420
8 Formosa Ningbo Formosa 寧波 Ningbo, Zhejiang  400
9 Elion (Yili) Chemical   Ordos,
Inner Mongolia
10 ChemChina Haohua Yuhang 昊華宇航化工 Jiaozuo, Henan  400

注 天津大沽は韓国LGの天津LG大沽化工のパートナー。


  生産   輸入(Net) 消費  
2006 8,240 940 9,180
2007 9,720 550 10,270
2008 8,597 120 8,717

2008-6-5 CCR

Coal-Electricity-Chemical Integrated Project Kicks off in Suiyang

On May 28th, 2008 construction on the coal-electricity-chemical integrated project was started in Suiyang county, Zunyi of Guizhou province.
With a total investment of around RMB6.699 billion, the project will finally build up a capacity of 300 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride), 300 000 t/a caustic soda, 480 000 t/a calcium carbide, 1.3 million t/a cement based on calcium carbide residue. It will be completed and go on stream in 2010.

2008-7-10 CCR

Yaan Haosen Launches 200 000 t/a PVC Project

On June 19th, 2008 Yaan Haosen Co., Ltd, invested by Sichuan Hesen Electric Power Co., Ltd., kicks off 200 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) project and matching projects including 160 000 t/a caustic soda, 2.0 million t/a cement and 300 000 t/a calcium carbide in Yucheng District, Yaan of Sichuan province.
The total investment of the projects is RMB2.2 billion, and after completion of the project, the annual sales revenue will be added by RMB3.0 billion for the company.


2008-7-17 CCR

Pingdingshan Kicks off 1.0 Million T/A PVC Project   河南省平頂山

On July 12th, 2008 construction on the 1.0 million t/a PVC project of Henan Pingdingshan Coal (Group) Co., Ltd. was started in Pingdingshan, Henan province.
With a total investment of RMB8.0 billion, the project will be executed in three phases, and will be completed and go on stream in 2015. The first phase of the project with an investment of RMB2.5 billion has a capacity of
300 000 t/a PVC.

2008-9-9 CCR

Xinjiang Tianye Starts up 400 000 T/A PVC Project  新疆ウイグル自治区石河子

On August 14th, 2008 Xinjiang Tianye Company Ltd. (Xinjiang Tianye 新疆天業集團) commenced the production of the 400 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) project in Shihezi, Xinjiang. The capacity of PVC in the company has therefore increased from 300 000 t/a to 700 000 t/a.
As the
first phase of the 1.2 million t/a PVC integrated chemical project, construction on the 400 000 t/a PVC project and the related units was started in 2007.

LG joins Tianye PVC project in Xinjiang


「人民網日本語版」 2008年09月12日



  内モンゴル自治区における今年1〜7月のカーバイド累計生産量は、前年同期比4.4%増の314万5千トン、鉄合金の累計生産量は同比22.7%増の 206万7千トン。一方、同自治区が年初に定めた今年の生産制限計画は、カーバイド500万トン、鉄合金300万トンで、すでに年間生産高の62.9%と 68.9%に達した計算となる。

 2008年の省エネルギー目標の全面達成を確かなものとするため、内モンゴル自治区は今年9月から、 カーバイド・鉄合金メーカーの電気料金をさらに引き上げ、一キロワット時あたり0.07元値上げした。また同自治区は、第3四半期(7〜9月)末の省エネ ルギー状勢に基づき、11,12月の2カ月間、カーバイド・鉄合金メーカーに対して必要に応じて生産停止措置を講じる予定だ。

 同自治区 はこれ以外にも、各盟・市のカーバイド・鉄合金のさらなる生産制限を実施した。2009年カーバイド・鉄合金生産割当量は、フフホト(呼和浩特)市、ホウ トウ(包頭)市、オルドス(鄂爾多斯)市ではさらに30%、その他盟・市ではさらに20%それぞれ削減される。

2008-10-28 CCR

Jintai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Kicks off Its Second Phase PVC Project

On October 8th, 2008 Shaanxi Jintai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jintai Chlor-Alkali Chemical) commenced the construction of its second phase 200 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) of 300 000 t/a PVC project in Mizhi County, Shaanxi province.
With an investment of RMB2.6 billion, the second phase include 200 000 t/a PVC unit and matching facilities including
200 000 t/a caustic soda unit, and will put into operation in 2011.

CCR 2009/1/8

Pingmei Shenma Resumes Construction of Chlor-Alkali Project

On December 29th, 2008 China Pingmei Shenma Energy Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (Pingmei Shenma:
平煤神馬能源化工集團) resumed construction of its chlor-alkali project in Pingdingshan of Henan province 河南省平頂山.
The chlor-alkali project, once owned by Shenma Group, includes a
300 000 t/a PVC unit and a 300 000 t/a caustic soda unit. Construction on the chlor-alkali project was started in August 2004, but suspended afterwards due to capital deficiency.
Besides, construction on the
450 000 t/a calcium carbide project of Pingmei Shenma was started on the same day.
The total investment of the two projects is RMB3.05 billion, and construction period is 18 months. After completion of both projects, the annual sales revenue will be added by RMB4.08 billion for the company.

2009-3-3 CCR

China Salt Kicks off Its First Phase PVC Project

On February 26th, 2009 China National Salt Industry Corporation (China Salt), China's largest salt producer and seller, commenced the construction of its first phase of the 400 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) project in Yuncheng of Shanxi province.
The total investment of the project is RMB4.0 billion. The first phase with an investment of RMB1.8 billion has a capacity of
200 000 t/a PVC and 170 000 t/a caustic soda.

2009-3-26 CCR

Zhuzhou Chemical Conducts Successful Wet Commissioning on PVC Project

On March 18th, 2009 Zhuzhou Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (湖南株洲化工集団) conducted successful wet commissioning on its second-phase of the 200 000 t/a PVC expansion project in Zhuzhou of Hunan province.
Zhuzhou Chemical began the construction of the 200 000 t/a PVC expansion project on March 27, 2005.
The PVC expansion project is executed in two phases. The first-phase of the 200 000 t/a PVC expansion project was completed and put on stream in Zhuzhou of Hunan province on December 28th, 2006.

2009-10-19 CCR

Hebei Shenghua to Build Chlor-Alkali Plant   

Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co., Ltd. 河北盛華化工 plans to build a chlor-alkali plant in Wangshan, Xuanhua, Zhangjiakou, Hebei province. 河北省張家口市
The proposed plant is designed to produce 400 000 tons of caustic soda and 400 000 tons of polyvinyl chloride and 200 000 tons of calcium carbide per year as well as thermal power plant.

Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd was found in May 2000 by share system reformation. In June 2007, in order to become stronger and stronger, our company jointed the Chemical China Group in the form of increasing capital and stocks. Now our company became a state-holding company. Its address is No.10 Shenghua East Road of Zhangjiakou City. It is one of the leaders in Chlor-Alkli line.

Our company log-in finance is 16485 thousand RMB. It owns an asset of 100 million RMB, the area is 300 thousand m2, the annual sales income is 700 million RMB. There are all together 1850 employees among which 430 are various professional technicians, in which there are 12senior engineers.

The main products are PVC, caustic soda, flake caustic soda, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, oxygen, nitrogen, solution acetylene, coating kettle reagent, water conditioner, new build material, plastic broad, print products and recreation and sport products, the company has 60MW heat-power factory.


CCR 2009-10-21

Yinglite Expands Calcium Carbide Capacity

Two sets of calcium carbide furnaces of Western PVC Company Limited, in which Ningxia Yinglite Chemicals Co., Ltd. holds a share of 84.47%, officially came on stream in Shizuishan of Ningxia region On October 12th.
When full operational, the project is able to provide 108 000 tons of calcium carbide annually as raw material for its 200 000 t/a PVC project and 170 000 t/a caustic soda project, and the company
's total capacity of calcium carbide will reach 500 000 t/a.

December 28, 2009

Chinese company Anhui Hwasu Co., Ltd acquires license to use Arkema PVC production process

The company Anhui Hwasu Co, Ltd, a subsidiary of the Chinese group Huaibei Mining, has opted for Arkemas production process for its new 1,000,000 ton PVC production plant in Luquiao, Anhui Province. This project entails two consecutive phases, with the first to be launched in 2011, and will represent the worlds largest PVC production plant. As part of the cooperation agreement reached in November 2008 with Arkema, Aker Solutions will prepare the basic engineering for the plant.

"The licensing agreement concluded with Anhui Hwasu Co, Ltd for this project underlines the unique qualities of Arkemas PVC suspension process which make it one of the most efficient PVC technologies available. We are convinced that our cooperation with a respected engineering partner like Aker Solutions has been a decisive element in the process of obtaining this agreement.", states Otto Takken, Vice President of Arkemas Vinyl Products business segment.
"This latest project award is a further demonstration of the successful Aker Solutions - Arkema relationship. With our strong engineering know-how and our immense project track record in China, we are well-placed to provide first-class engineering expertise to this project ", said Johan Cnossen, Regional SVP - Europe, Middle East and Africa for Aker SolutionsProcess and Construction business.
This PVC production plant is part of a global project which includes upstream chlorine soda electrolysis and a vinyl chloride monomer production plant as well as a power plant. (アセチレン法)
The licensing agreement covers the operation of the Arkema technology, basic engineering, and technical assistance for the plants startup.

2004/12 CCR

Huaibei Mining Group establishes coal chemical base

Anhui Huaibei Mining Group signed an agreement with the State Development Bank and got a financial support of RMB 11.7 billion from the bank. The company will invest RMB18.06 billion within the next 7 years to fulfill the program of establishing a first-rate coal production, coking and power generation base in China.

Huaibei Mining Group produces more than 20 million tons of raw coal a year. The company will take coal production as the main business, develop coal in-depth processing and finally form an industrial chain of coal production, coking and power generation.

Huaibei :安徽省淮北市

2010/6/12 CCR

Yushe Chemical Completed Renovation on a Chlor-alkali Line  

June 5th, Yushe Chemical Engineering Inc of Shanxi province began trial production on its 100 000 t/a caustic soda unit and 120 000 t/a polyvinyl chloride unit after eight months' renovation.
The existing diaphragm electrolyzer was replaced by an ionic membrane electrolyzer in this renovation, and the membrane vaporization technology is used to concentrate caustic soda solution from 32% to 50%. On the renovation, the company can save 50 000 tons coal per year, 74.25 million KWh of electricity and 510 000 tons of steam gas.
The company is capable of producing
400 000 tons of caustic soda and 400 000 tons of polyvinyl chloride per year.

2010/7 CCR

Erdos Group Ready to Construct PVC Project

Recently, the Inner Mongolia based Erdos Group disclosed that it got ready for construction of a 400 000 t/a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) unit with 80% of purchased equipments on site. The whole project also covers a 300 000 t/a caustic soda unit. Construction on these two units is planned to be completed by the end of 2011.


2010/11/25 陝西北元化工、大規模PVCプラントの生産開始

陝西北元化工集団(Shaanxi Beiyuan Chemical Group) は11月10日、陝西省楡林市神木郡の錦界産業パークでPVC 2系列、年産合計50万トンの生産を開始し、オンスペックとなった。

総額80億人民元を投じるカーバイド法PVC 100万トン計画の第1期で、2008年4月に建設を開始した。

全体計画は、イオン交換膜法ソーダ 80万トン、PVC 100万トン、発電所 60KW x 4、産業廃棄物からのセメント 240万トンで、2011年7月に生産を開始する予定となっている。


陝西北元化工集団の元は2003年設立の北元化学で、2009年に陝西石炭化学グループ(Shaanxi CoalChem)が出資し、この計画を決めた。