1948年 フィンランドの国営石油会社ネステ・コーポレーション(Neste Corporation Inc.)設立

1994年 StatoilとBorealisを設立
99年3月 旧国営のイマトラ電力との合併で国営電力会社フォータム(Fortum)を設立
I.K(Industrial Kapital)が買収

2000年 I.KがDyno(ノルウェー・接着剤系の製品を生産・販売)を買収 
2001年5月 ネステ・レジンとDynoの合弁会社「Dynea」を設立

2001年6月 I.Kが川下製品を扱うPerstorp(スウェーデン)を買収
         Perstorpとネステ・オキソの合弁会社「SSK(Sydsvenska Kemi)」を設立
2001年8月 I.K は製紙用薬剤や塗料を扱うフィンランドの国営企業Kemira買収


 Industrial Kapital -- Neste Chemical

Neste Polyester → Ashland Polyester
Neste Resin   + +Dyno Dynea 
IK   66%
F政府 34%
Neste Oxso  +Perstorp + SSK

→ Kemiraとの統合失敗

2001/12/3 Dynea Oy

Dynea and Industri Kapital's comment to the Finnish Government's decision to withdraw the proposal concerning the Kemira arrangement

Despite significant efforts to show the economic and industrial benefits of the planned combination in the Nordic specialty chemicals industry involving Kemira Oyj, Dynea Oy and Sydsvenska Kemi AB (Perstorp and Neste Oxo), it seemed difficult to find sufficient support for this transaction in the Finnish Parliament.

2004/11 Finland-Russia JV MetaDynea commissions resin plant

2005/4 Neste Oil Corporation separated from Fortum Corporation

2005/9 Industri Kapital sells Dyno Nobel

2005/10 Industri Kapital sells Perstorp 

         Neste Chemicalsresinsadhesives部門だけに

         Rhodia and Lyondell enter into exclusive negotiations with Perstorp for the sale of their isocyanates business

2008/6 Neste Oil to build a NExBTL renewable diesel plant in Rotterdam

2002/3/1 Dynea 


Dynea Oy, the parent company of Dynea International Oy, is acquiring Perstorps resins operations from Sydsvenska Kemi. Through this acquisition, Dynea Group, a leading global supplier of industrial adhesive systems, will strengthen its position as a world-leader in industrial resins for non-wood applications. The acquired business will be owned by Dynea Oy. Dyneas current industrial resins business is owned by Dynea International Oy.



Fortum Sells Neste Chemicals to Industri Kapital for FIM 3 billion

Fortum Oil and Gas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortum Corporation, has agreed to sell Neste Chemicals Oy to Industri Kapital 1997 fund for FIM 3 billion (EUR 505 million). Neste Chemicals managers will also become owners of Neste Chemicals Oy. The transaction is subject to the approval of competition authorities.



Industri Kapital and the State of Finland have agreed in principle to combine Kemira, Dynea and Sydsvenska Kemi.
In order to complete the proposed combination, Dynea will acquire the State of Finland's shares in Kemira and make a public tender offer to the minority shareholders of Kemira.
The above transactions are subject to certain conditions.

Dynea will pay EUR 9.10 per Kemira share. The State of Finland will receive its consideration through the
receipt of 34 per cent of the shares in the new group and a consideration of EUR 100 million.


Platts 2004/11/2

Finland-Russia JV MetaDynea commissions resin plant

The joint venture company
MetaDynea, created last year by Russia's Metafrax and Finland's Dynea Chemicals Oy, has commissioned a 200,000 mt/yr plant to produce carbide-formaldehyde, melamine-carbide-formaldehyde, phenol and urea resins, according to the Russian Perm regional government press office. The plant, utilizing Dynea's technology, is located in the town of Gubakha in the Perm region. (ペルミ)

April 19, 2004 Dynea

Dynea and Metafrax join forces in Russia. New leading adhesive resins supplier in Russia

Z.A.O. MetaDynea manufactures and markets superior adhesion solutions. The new company, jointly owned by two leading companies, Dynea Chemicals Oy (Finland) and JSC Metafrax (Russia), aims to ensure the availability of high quality adhesives for the manufacture of wood based panels, other wood working industries and different industrial applications.

Metafrax in brief

JSC Metafrax is a
major producer of methanol. Its product portfolio of chemicals also includes formaldehyde, urea-formaldehyde concentrate and other formaldehyde based products. The company is based in Gubakha, in the Perm region. The company employs some 2.500 persons and has an annual turnover of over EUR 100 millions.

Neste Oil Corporation separated from Fortum Corporation

2005/3/31 Fortum

Fortum's Annual General meeting approved the distribution of Neste Oil shares as a dividend

Fortum Corporations Annual General Meeting, which was held in Helsinki on 31 March 2005, ---

In addition the Annual General Meeting resolved to distribute as a dividend altogether 217,963,549 Neste Oil Corporation shares so that each shareholder of Fortum Corporation receives as a dividend one (1) Neste Oil Corporation share for each four (4) Fortum Corporation shares, which have a par value of EUR 3.40 owned by the shareholder.

2005-09-19 Industri Kapital

Industri Kapital Exits Dyno Nobel

Industri Kapital (IK) and co-owner Ensign-Bickford Industries have signed an agreement to sell Dyno Nobel, a leading commercial explosives company, to a consortium of institutional investors lead by Macquarie Bank for 1.7 billion US dollars. The consortiums objective is to focus on Dyno Nobels North American and Australian assets and as a result it has entered into an agreement to sell certain assets to Orica Limited (Orica).

Macquarie will focus Dyno Nobel geographically on the North American and Australian markets and will explore a range of future options for the company, including the potential for an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange in the first half of 2006. Consequently, Macquarie has agreed with the Australian chemical and explosives company Orica to sell to it most of the European, Middle Eastern, African, Asian and Latin American businesses.

2005-10-19 Industri Kapital

Industri Kapital Exits Sydsvenska Kemi to PAI partners

Industri Kapital (IK) and PAI partners have signed an agreement on the sale of Sydsvenska Kemi (SSK), the holding company of the leading speciality chemicals group Perstorp AB.

Perstorp AB is the world leading company within its selected niches of the speciality chemicals market, focused on value-added additives for the coating industry. The Perstorp Group had annual sales of SEK 6.5 billion in 2004, and currently employs around 1,600 people. The Group has manufacturing operations in eight countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

2008/6/13 Neste Oil

Neste Oil to build a NExBTL renewable diesel plant in Rotterdam

Neste Oil is to build an 800,000 t/a plant to produce NExBTL renewable diesel in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Construction will start immediately and the facility is scheduled to be completed in 2011. Total cost of the investment is projected to be Euro670 million. Neste Oil announced its decision to go ahead with a similar-sized plant in Singapore in November 2007. Both plants are linked to Neste Oils goal of becoming the worlds leading producer of renewable diesel fuel.

2007年12月4日 化学工業日報



NExBTL renewable diesel is based on Neste Oils proprietary technology, which can use a wide range of raw materials. In its plant in Finland, the company currently uses a mix of palm oil, rapeseed oil, and animal fat to produce renewable diesel. Offering excellent product quality - even better than fossil diesel - NExBTL can be used in all diesel engines.

Neste Oil 20085月、再生可能ディーゼル油(Neste Green Diesel)の一般販売を開始した。

NExBTL は植物油や動物性油脂を原料としており、製油所において既に用いられている水素化精製技術を適用して軽油に相当する炭化水素油燃料を製造する技術。動植物油脂の混合割合は決まっておらず、柔軟に混合割合を変化させることができる。


また、輸送用燃料としてのNExBTL には、以下の特徴があるとされている。

・ 軽油と比較してセタン価が高い(軽油:45〜55、NExBTL:84〜99)。
・ PM の原因となる硫黄分やアロマ分をほとんど含まない。
・ 低温流動性の調整が容易である(流動点範囲:-30〜5℃)。
・ 高濃度での軽油への混合が可能である(混合率65%程度まで)。
・ 貯蔵安定性に優れる。

NExt generation Biomass To Liquid diesel technology