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Presentation by Chad Holliday, Chairman & CEO of DuPont

E.I.デュポン・ドゥ・ヌムール&カンパニー(E. I. duPont de Nemours & Company Inc.)

1802年 創立
1903年 中央研究所を開設
81年 石油会社コノコ社を吸収合併

86 シェルの農薬事業買収

93年 自社のアクリル事業と英ICI社のナイロン事業をスワップ
96年 エラストマー事業をダウケミカルとのJV「

97年7月 ICIの全世界のポリエステル事業(ポリエステルフィルムおよび同レジン、高純度テレフタル酸)と関連技術および北米を除く酸化チタン事業を買収することで合意

99年3月 塗料メーカー・ハーバーツ社の買収完了(自動車塗料分野で世界最大)

2000年1月 ポリエステルフィルム事業で帝人と合弁会社を設立

99年7月 コノコとの間で株式交換、デュポン本体から切り離し

In 2001 DuPont announced it would sell its pharmaceutical business to Bristol Myers Squibb.



DuPont and Bunge Announce Global Alliance,
      Including Joint Venture to Produce and Market Specialty Food Ingredients

デュポン 買収で知的財産強化

繊維部門売却交渉    DTI Inks Strategic Alliance with Huvis 

   Negotiations With Koch Industries

   デュポン テキスタイル アンド インテリア、社名を「インビスタ」に変更 


   DuPont and Koch Subsidiaries Agree On Sale of INVISTA Fibers Unit

Koch Subsidiaries Buy Fibers Unit from DuPont   → 新インビスタ


DuPont Performance Coatings to Expand Business in China

DuPont Increases Equity Position and Outlines Investment Plans For Automotive Coatings in China

DuPont Fluoroproducts Announces Land Reservation in China

DuPont to Locate Asia Pacific Research & Development Center in Shanghai

DuPont Takes Actions to Achieve USD 900 Million Annualized Cost Improvement in 2005

World-scale PBT plant by DuBay Polymer GmbH (jv of DuPont and Bayer)

DuPont Announces Organizational Alignment to Drive Growth

DuPont Chairman's Presentation   2004/2/26


DuPont Inaugurates Corian® Plant in Korea


DuPont and Tate & Lyle Form Bio-Products Joint Venture

DuPont Acquires BioSentry's Animal Health Business Assets

DuPont Completes Purchase of Maxygen Subsidiary Verdia


DuPont Opens $130 Million Facility to Produce Innovative Nonwoven Fabrics

Sabanci Holding to Acquire DuPont's Share of DuPont Sabanci Polyester (Europe)

DuPont Dow Elastomers 解散

   DuPont Dow Elastomers、DuPont Performance Elastomersに

DuPont Announces Research Agreement with India's National Chemical Laboratory

Dupont decided world scale TiO2 project in Shandong

US DuPont says it will not give up the titanium dioxide project in Dongying City of Shandong Province

DuPont and Lucite announce agreement regarding acrylonitrile operation at Beaumont


2006/6 BP and DuPont Announce Partnership to Develop Advanced Biofuels

2006/6 DuPont to Produce New High-Performance Polymers Made with Renewable Resources

2006/10 DuPont Partners with Zhangjiagang Glory Chemical Industry Co. to Produce First Bio-Based DuPont Sorona® Polymer in Asia

2006/11 DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Begin Bio-PDO Production in Tennessee

  2007/6 DuPont Tate & Lyle Joint Venture Officially Opens $100 Million Bio-PDOTM Facility

2006/12 DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition Increases Investment in Plant Biotechnology

2007/3  DuPont, Honeywell Announce Refrigerants Agreement

2007/8 DuPont Settles Patent Infringement Case Against Chinese Company

    DuPont to provide next-generation dental monomer technology to GC Corporation of Tokyo

    DuPont expands nylon resin compounding in Korea

2007/9 DuPont Plans $500 Million Expansion for Kevlar®

    Sinopec in EVA joint venture with DuPont

2007/10 DuPont ordered to provide medical monitoring in Harrison County

       2008/2 Judge Upholds $196.2 Million Award Against DuPont

DuPont Announces Nanotechnology Alliance that Combines the Best of Polymers with the Best of Metals

2007/12 DuPont Forms Joint Venture with Chinese Biotech Firm

     DuPont Selects South Carolina Site To Expand Production of High-Performance Kevlar® Fiber

2008/2  DuPont Opens PTFE Plant in China

     DuPont Acquires Chemtura Fluorine Chemicals Business

2008/5  DuPont Invests $150 Million in Key Growth Markets for Ethylene Copolymers

     DuPont, Genencor Create Cellulosic Ethanol Company

2008/7 DuPont to Add Capacity for Engineering Resins in China

2008/9 DuPont’s Board of Directors Appoints Ellen J. Kullman President and Board Member

2009/1 DuPont's Swift Response to the Financial Crisis

2009/8 DuPont、成長路線へ組織簡素化

2009/10 DuPont sees return to '08 profit levels in '12

DuPonts Board of Directors Appoints CEO Ellen Kullman Chair

2009/11 CEO Ellen J. Kullman インタビュー 「化学」から「科学」の会社へ

2010/2 セルロース系エタノールの高性能生産施設がオープン

2010/8 DuPont suspected of anti-competitive behavior

2010/9 DuPont and Sinopec start EVA production in Beijing

    INVISTA and DuPont Settle Lawsuits

2010/11 DuPont Reaches Agreement to Settle Spelter Lawsuit

2011/1 DuPont announces binding offer for Danisco

2011/5 DuPont Announces Global Plans to Expand Titanium Dioxide Capabilities

    DuPont Successfully Completes Tender Offer for Danisco

2011/7  DuPont Expands in Solar Energy with Acquisition of Innovalight

2011/9   DuPont Wins $920Million Award in Kevlar Case

2011/10  DuPont Starts Up $500 Million Kevlar® Facility in South Carolina

          DuPont Said to Seek Buyers for Teijin Venture, Powder Paint Unit

2012/2  DuPont and Yingli Green Energy Enter $100 Million Strategic Agreement

2012/5  DuPont Acquires Full Ownership of Solae

2012/8  DuPont wins 20-year ban on Kolon's Kevlar rival

            The Carlyle Group to Buy DuPont Performance Coatings Business for $4.9 Billion

History and Strategy

An explosive beginning
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company was founded in 1802 on the banks of the Brandywine River near Wilmington, Delaware in the US.

The 1920s also saw DuPont acquire General Motors, and enter into a 50-50 joint venture with Standard Oil (now known as Exxon) to produce and market the lead additive in petrol (known as ethyl). The new company was called the Ethyl Corporation..

Economically, the company
s most important discovery was Nylon.

The 2nd World War - making a killing (again)
World War 2 brought even more profits for DuPont.

1945-1980: the rise and fall of fibres
The post-war years brought further discoveries for DuPont, including Mylar (a strong plastic film), Dacron polyester, Orlon (a bulky acrylic fibre) and Lycra.

Diversification in the early 1980s
Since DuPont was completely reliant on petrochemicals to produce the vast majority of its products, in 1981
the company purchased the petroleum company Conoco.

In the 1980s DuPont began to reduce its dependence on synthetic fibres, beginning with the purchase of Remington Arms (a manufacturer of sporting firearms and ammunition).

The 1980s also saw DuPont branch out into the life sciences.

Maximising profits in the late 1980s

The early 1990s - further streamlining
DuPont entered into a
pharmaceutical joint venture with Merck. DuPont later acquired Mercks share of the venture in 1998.

In 1993 the company
sold its Remington Arms business. It also sold its acrylic business to ICI and in turn bought ICIs nylon business and later its worldwide polyester films, resins and intermediates business.

The late 1990s - DuPont goes GM
In 1999
DuPont shed its Conoco subsidiary, using the money to invest in its growing biotech business by assuming 100% ownership of Pioneer.

In 2001 DuPont announced it would
sell its pharmaceutical business to Bristol Myers Squibb.


Statement by Archie W. Dunham Regarding Conoco Split-off from DuPont

Conoco President and CEO Archie W. Dunham issued the following statement regarding the completion of Conocos split-off from DuPont:

DuPont Buys Conoco:1981

When DuPont bought petroleum manufacturer Conoco, Inc. in 1981, it was the largest merger in corporate history. The purchase gave DuPont a secure source of petroleum feedstocks needed for many of its fiber and plastics operations. Conoco also manufactured profitable commercial petroleum products and coal, produced by the wholly owned subsidiary Consolidated Coal Company. DuPont sold all of its Conoco shares in 1999 in order to free up capital for investment in other businesses.

Polymers engineered for packaging professionals  

Appeel® lidding resins

As a seal layer in flexible lidding and labels, Appeel lidding sealant resins offer controllable heat-seal strengths for easy, clean peeling when used on CPET, APET, PP, polystyrene, PVC and PE rigid containers. Appeel resins seal over a wide temperature range, for easy processing with a variety of substrates including foil, OPP, OPET and paper.

Biomax® resins

DuPont scientists have created a new family of highly versatile polymers based on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) technology and known commercially as DuPont Biomax hydro/biodegradable polyester. Depending on the application, up to three proprietary aliphatic monomers are incorporated into the polymer.

Bynel® adhesive resins

Bynel adhesive resins create a strong, interlayer bond between dissimilar materials in multilayer films, tubes and other packaging and industrial structures. Bynel can be coextruded or extrusion coated onto a variety of structural, barrier or heat-seal materials. DuPont offers the industry's widest range of standard and custom formulations to meet a variety of high-performance adhesion needs.

Conpol® additive resins

Conpol additive resins, supplied in pellet form, are designed to modify the surface properties of films or coatings of Surlyn ionomer resins and Nucrel acid copolymer resins. They are concentrated masterbatch products and should not be used by themselves in extrusion equipment, but blended with the resin to be modified.

Crystar® specialty polyester resins

DuPont tailors Crystar specialty polyester resins to meet unique customer needs. A flexible manufacturing process allows DuPont to introduce comonomers and additives to customize resin properties such as melt and flow points, intrinsic viscosity (IV), color and diethylene glycol (DEG) levels.

DuPont 20s polyethylene

The DuPont 20 Series resins enjoy a specialized role in health care, cosmetic and food packaging applications. These high-quality, low-density polyethylene resins offer outstanding purity, consistency and environmental stress crack resistance, as well as design and decorating flexibility. Uses include injection blow molded bottles, injection molded closures, and extruded tubing. DuPont maintains pertinent information about its 20 Series resins in FDA Drug Master Files.

Elvaloy® AC acrylate copolymers

Elvaloy AC acrylate copolymers are a new family of butyl-, ethyl-, and methyl-acrylate (EBA, EEA and EMA) resins that can be processed easily on conventional extrusion and extrusion coating equipment used by packaging film converters.

Elvanol® polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH)

Elvanol polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) is used in the manufacture of spiral wound tubes, coated paper and specialty water-soluble films.

Elvax® EVA ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resins

Elvax EVA ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resins are available from DuPont in a wide range of packaging film and coating grades. Elvax combines tough, low-temperature sealability with excellent clarity, cling, flexibility, impact and puncture resistance. Its easy processability at low temperatures results in energy savings and trouble-free processing.

Nucrel® acid copolymer resins

Nucrel acid copolymer resins provide excellent adhesion to aluminum foil, nylon, paper, and other polar substrates. As a seal layer in laminated and coextruded structures, Nucrel resists delamination and seal failure even in harsh environments. It has excellent hot tack strength, low seal initiation temperature and good toughness.

Selar® PA amorphous nylon barrier resins

Selar PA amorphous nylon barrier resins provide unique oxygen barrier properties when wet or chilled, making the resins a perfect choice for flavorsensitive refrigerated foods and beverages. In bottles, jars and other rigid structures, Selar PA offers the crystal clarity of glass, but with lower weight and better impact resistance. Selar PA can be blended with nylon 6 and with EVOH to provide certain property and processing advantages.

DuPont Selar® PT specialty polyester resins

DuPont Selar PT specialty polyester resins offer excellent aroma and flavor protection, good chemical resistance, and PET recyclability potential. Properties include toughness, high melt strength, low coefficient of friction and high temperature resistance. Selar PT resins are sold for applications in blow molding, sheet extrusion, cast and blown film, extrusion coating and foam extrusion. End use markets include films for snacks and lidding; bottles for cosmetics, personal care, juices and condiments; trays for bakery, deli and dual ovenable applications; and coated board for frozen entrees and juice cartons.

Surlyn® resins

Tough, crystal clear Surlyn resins offer the best seal integrity in the packaging industry. Outstanding hot tack strength and high melt strength, plus the industry's broadest sealing range, make Surlyn the relied-upon choice for reducing leakers, improving packaging speeds, sealing through contaminants, and boosting efficiency. The sparkling clarity, high gloss and film handling advantages of Surlyn also make it a proven leader in visual carded display packaging.


日本経済新聞 2003/2/11

米大企業再生 デュポン 買収で知的財産強化



売却・分離 買収
・石油大手コノコ(1997年)   220
・医薬品部門(2001年)   178
・繊維部門(2003年中)   未定
 合  計               298
 合  計                   177


2003/3/6 デュポン


米国デュポン社エンジニアリング・ポリマー事業部は、3月5日イーストマン・ケミカル・カンパニー社より、高機能結晶性プラスチック事業を取得したことを現地において二社合同で発表しました。 このビジネス・セグメントには、イーストマン社の液晶ポリマー(LCP)樹脂タイタン
TM(TitanTM) 、ポリシクロへキシレン・ジメチレン・テレフタレート(PCT)樹脂サーミックス®(Thermx®)、および自動車、電気・電子、その他の産業で使用される強化PET樹脂、熱可塑性ポリエステル樹脂のサーミックス®EG (Thermx® EG)シリーズが含まれます。

2003/4/14 DuPont

DuPont in Negotiations With Third Party On Possible Sale of DuPont Textiles & Interiors

DuPont today announced that it is in negotiations with a third party regarding the possible sale of DuPont Textiles & Interiors (DTI). This disclosure is required to be included in the offering circular for DuPont's tender offer for the 24 percent of DuPont Canada stock that it does not already own. The offering circular will be issued April 17.

DuPont continues to consider all options to separate DTI, including an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In February 2002 DuPont announced its intent to separate DTI by the end of 2003, market conditions permitting. All activities required to execute such a transaction remain on their scheduled timeline.

DuPont Textiles & Interiors

DuPont Apparel & Textile Sciences
  Lycra® Brand Fiber(ポリウレタン弾性繊維), Terathane® Intermediates
DuPont Nylon
  DuPont Flooring, Intermediates, Specialties & Polymer
DuPont Polyester
  Fibers, Resins & Intermediates

DuPont Canada

DuPont Canada Inc., whose business origins in Canada date to 1877, is a diversified science company. The wide range of products sold includes nylon industrial yarn, synthetic fibers, polymer resins, packaging films, automotive finishes, crop protection products, and industrial chemicals. We sell to approximately 3,000 customers in Canada, the United States and 40 other countries.

February 11, 2002 DuPont

DuPont Aligns Businesses By Markets, Technologies; Forms Textiles & Interiors Subsidiary

Taking the next step in its transformation to a sustainable growth company, DuPont today announced the alignment of its businesses in five market- and technology- focused growth platforms and the creation of a Textiles and Interiors subsidiary.

The growth platforms are: DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies; DuPont Performance Materials; DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies; DuPont Safety & Protection; and DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition.

2003/8/11 DuPont

DuPont Confirms Negotiations With Koch Industries On Possible Sale of DuPont Textiles & Interiors

DuPont today announced that it is in exclusive negotiations with subsidiaries of Koch Industries Inc., of Wichita, Kansas, regarding the possible sale of DuPont Textiles & Interiors (DTI). The company informed employees today that Koch representatives would be visiting DTI sites as part of the due diligence process.

2003/7/16 DuPont China

DuPont Performance Coatings to Expand Business in China

DuPont Performance Coatings and Beijing Red Lion Coatings Company Limited, Beijing, have signed agreements forming two automotive coatings joint ventures, one in Beijing and the other in Changchun,
[吉林省]長春, China. Both ventures have received final government approval and will have a share distribution of 60 percent DuPont and 40 percent Red Lion. Operations have already begun.

Through the agreements, DuPont has increased its stake in an existing joint venture and has entered into a second joint venture, both named "
DuPont Red Lion," with the objective of modernizing coatings production to support the Chinese automotive industry with locally manufactured and technically serviced products.

DuPont Red Lion Coatings (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

In the Chinese capital of Beijing, DuPont Red Lion will build a new production site for OEM paints as well as an application center.

(* DuPont has increased its stake in Herberts-Akzo-Red Lion Automotive Coatings (Beijing) from 51%, to 60%, by acquiring shares from Akzo Nobel and renamed the business DuPont Red Lion Coatings (Beijing) Co. DuPont acquired its original stake in the jv through the 1999 acquisition of the Herberts coatings business from Hoechst. )

DuPont Red Lion Coatings (Changchun) Co., Ltd.

The Changchun site in the North of China, in the vicinity of First Automotive Works and its joint venture with Volkswagen, is to be expanded and modernized at an incremental cost of $15 million (USD). This investment will enable DuPont Red Lion to supply its customers with coatings that meet the highest international standards for both product quality and technical service.

The joint venture in Changchun, was originally established in 1995 by TOA International Company, Ltd. (Thailand) and Changchun City Paint Factory (CCPF) as "TOA-CPF Paints Co. Ltd." (TCPC). Red Lion acquired the interest of CCPF in 2001. DuPont is acquiring the interests of TOA in the previous venture.

Beijing Red Lion Coatings Company Limited

Red Lion, founded in 1952, is one of China's largest coating producers. Its trademark, Red Lion(TM), is named a "Famous Trademark" by the governing Beijing authority. Red Lion provides a variety of high quality coatings to market and its products are widely used in various industries such as automotive, machinery, sheet steel and buildings.

February 6, 2004 PR Newswire

DuPont Increases Equity Position and Outlines Investment Plans For Automotive Coatings in China

DuPont Performance Coatings has acquired additional equity in its DuPont Red Lion joint ventures in Beijing and Changchun, China, to reinforce its position as the leading coatings supplier to the growing Chinese automotive industry.

With government approvals obtained at year-end 2003, DuPont now has increased its equity position in the
DuPont Red Lion - Beijing joint venture to 76 percent from 60 percent and has renamed it "DuPont Red Lion (Beijing) Company, Limited" (DRBC). The joint venture in Beijing was initially formed in 1992. DuPont also acquired 100 percent ownership of its other DuPont Red Lion joint venture in Changchun, China, by purchasing the remaining 40 percent interest held by Red Lion. The company will be known as "DuPont Performance Coatings - Changchun" (DPCC). The DuPont and Red Lion joint venture in Changchun was initially formed in 1995.

2003/9/24 DuPont

DuPont Fluoroproducts Announces Land Reservation in China
   Sets Stage for Series of Investments Over Next Several Years

DuPont Fluoroproducts and DuPont China Holding Co., Ltd., announced they have signed a land reservation agreement with officials of the Hai Yu Township of the Changshu常熟 Municipality in the Jiangsu province 江蘇省of the People's Republic of China.

The first facility planned for the Changshu site, pending approval and formation of a joint venture between DuPont and Zhonghao 中浩New Chemical Material Co. Ltd.

Zhonghao New Chemical Material Co. is
an affiliate of the Shanghai 3F New Materials Co., Ltd., which also is a leading manufacturer of fluoropolymers in China.

About DuPont Fluoroproducts

Fluoroproducts is a DuPont strategic business unit (SBU) that manufactures and markets high-performance chemicals and polymers worldwide, serving customers in the telecommunications, aerospace, refrigeration, air conditioning, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, chemical processing, and housewares markets.

1999 Revenue: About $1.5 billion
Employees: 3,200 worldwide

Major Products and Brands
Major product lines include Suva
® refrigerants, Teflon® and Tefzel®fluoropolymer resins, SilverStone® non-stick finishes, Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride film, Formacel® blowing agents, Vertrel® cleaning agents, Dymel® propellants, Zyron® electronic gases, and Nafion® membrane products.

2003年9月8日 デュポン

デュポン テキスタイル アンド インテリア、社名を「インビスタ」に変更

デュポン テキスタイル アンド インテリア(DTI)(米国デュポン社の100%子会社)は、9月4日(米国時間)、社名を「インビスタ」へと変更すると発表しました。




2003/11/17 DuPont

DuPont and Koch Subsidiaries Agree On Sale of INVISTA Fibers Unit

DuPont and Koch Industries, Inc. today announced they have reached a definitive agreement to sell INVISTA, formerly DuPont Textiles & Interiors, to subsidiaries of Koch for $4.4 billion in cash. The two subsidiaries are KED Fiber Ltd. and KED Fiber, LLC.


2004/4/8 DuPont

DuPont Provides Update on Sale of INVISTA TM

DuPont today announced that KED Fiber Ltd. and KED Fiber, LLC, subsidiaries of Koch Industries, have advised DuPont that they intend to accelerate the closing of the sale of INVISTA to April 30, 2004. DuPont and the Koch companies also have agreed to an amendment of the purchase agreement, adjusting the sale price to $4.2 billion, including the assumption of debt and certain joint venture and equity interests covered under a non-binding letter of intent. No further details were disclosed.

2003/11/4 DuPont

DuPont to Locate Asia Pacific Research & Development Center in Shanghai

DuPont today announced it will construct a $15 million corporate research and development (R&D) facility near Shanghai to support growth in the Asia Pacific region.

Globally, DuPont has more than 75 R&D facilities with over 40 in the United States and more than 35 in 11 other nations. The Shanghai research and development (R&D) center will be the third major research facility for DuPont outside the United States; the others are in Switzerland and Japan.

December 01, 2003 DuPont

DuPont Takes Actions to Achieve USD 900 Million Annualized Cost Improvement in 2005


DuPont today announced that it will take aggressive actions to ensure its global competitiveness as a more focused, science- based company following the separation of INVISTATM. Included are productivity and organizational actions that will achieve a USD 900 million cost improvement in 2005. In addition, the company will undertake actions that strengthen its ability to achieve 6 percent annual revenue growth - a key objective in its ongoing transformation to become a sustainable growth company.

DuPont will take the following actions:

Reduce Costs from INVISTA Separation.
  DuPont will realize a total of USD 200 million in fixed cost reductions to offset residual costs from the anticipated separation of INVISTA. USD 100 million will be realized in 2004, and the full USD 200 million in 2005.
Leverage and Strengthen Infrastructure.
  Infrastructure actions are expected to achieve USD 250 million in fixed cost reduction in 2004, and the full USD 500 million in 2005.
Improve variable margin.
  These actions are expected to realize a USD 100 million variable margin improvement in 2004, and the full USD 200 million improvement in 2005 - mainly through cost reduction.
Improve Growth Capabilities.
  Recognizing that its leadership and functional expertise is concentrated in the United States and Western Europe, DuPont will rebalance resources towards emerging markets, where much of its growth will occur in the coming years. Initial focus will be on China, where the company already has a strong base. Other areas of interest include Central & Eastern Europe and Brazil. Separately, DuPont has undertaken to comprehensively and systematically improve its marketing and sales capabilities across its businesses, and to center and strengthen its marketing and sales support functions.


January 12, 2004 DuPont

DuPont Announces Organizational Alignment to Drive Growth

DuPont today announced that it is aligning its organizational structure to implement the customer- and market-focused growth and productivity actions announced on Dec. 1, 2003.

"This alignment will greatly enhance our ability to deliver over $1 billion in revenue growth every year, said DuPont Chairman and CEO Charles O. Holliday, Jr. "By streamlining our internal structure and leveraging functional capabilities, we will enable our businesses to focus on meeting the needs of customers wherever they are in the world. We will fully capitalize on the global scope and scale of DuPont to win in the marketplace and achieve our mission of sustainable growth."

February 26, 2004 DuPont

Chad Addresses Morgan Stanley Investor Conference

DuPont Chairman and CEO Chad Holliday yesterday addressed industry analysts and investors attending the Morgan Stanley Basic Materials Conference in New York City.




March 05, 2004 デュポン


世界初の人工大理石であるデュポンTMコーリアン®Corian®)を製造するデュポン サーフェス事業部は、デュポン社の戦略の一環として、成長市場における地位を強化する目的で、広州およびXishuiの両市にある広州モンテリ社の既存の製造施設を従業員400人とともに買収しました。この買収には、広州モンテリ社がこれまで販売してきた様々な人工大理石ブランドならびに中国全土を網羅する同社の販売流通ネットワークが含まれています。



デュポン サーフェス事業部は、デュポンの事業部門の一つとしてデュポンコーリアン


2004/3/8 中国・ASEANニュース速報



Montelli Industrial Enterprises Limited (China) manufactures Solid Surfacing Material. With the know-how from the United States, Montelli (China) established on October 1995 and rapidly expanded to become the leading manufacturer of Solid Surfacing Materials in China.

Montelli (China), located in Guangzhou, occupies an area of 60,000 sq. meters and employs more than 500 workers. Besides, Montelli (China) is the only manufacturer in China which has adopted the "Continuous Manufacturing Process" for the production of Solid Surfacing Material - an ISO9001 certified process which ensures the quality of all products maintains at a high and stable standard. Moreover, with the introducing of this process, our factory is capable to produce 1,200,000 sq. meter of Solid Surfacing Material annually to satisfy the growing demands from all over the world.

USA  Montelli Industries, Inc.   http://www.montelli.net/


March 24, 2004 DuPont

DuPont Inaugurates Corian® Plant in Korea


DuPont Surfaces recently inaugurated a new Corian® manufacturing plant in Ulsan, Korea.

* The Ulsan plant replaces the earlier facilities at Anyang, which was established in 1999.

2004/4/30 Dupont

Koch Subsidiaries Buy Fibers Unit from DuPont
New INVISTA combines strengths - in nylon, spandex, polyester and resins - of INVISTA,

DuPont and subsidiaries of Koch Industries, Inc. today finalized the sale of INVISTA, formerly DuPont Textiles & Interiors, for $4.2 billion, including the assumption of debt and certain joint venture and equity interests covered under a non-binding letter of intent. Ownership will transfer at 5 p.m. EDT.

*Subsidiaries of Koch Industry own polyester manufacturer KoSa.


2004/5/20 デュポン



®ナイロン樹脂の特殊製品(HTN芳香族ナイロン樹脂を含む)、Thermx® (サーミックス)PCT樹脂、ライナイト® PET樹脂、クラスティン®PBT樹脂、ハイトレル®熱可塑性ポリエステル・エラストマー、およびゼナイト®液晶ポリマーです。


2004/5/26 DuPont

DuPont and Tate & Lyle Form Bio-Products Joint Venture
New Company Will Replace Petrochemicals with Renewable Resources

DuPont and Tate & Lyle PLC today announced a joint venture to create products from renewable resources such as corn for numerous applications including clothing, interiors, engineered polymers and textile fibers.

The new company - DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts, LLC - is equally owned by DuPont and Tate & Lyle and will be based in Wilmington, Del. The company plans to construct its initial commercial manufacturing plant adjacent to an existing facility in Loudon, Tenn., with startup scheduled for 2006. A pilot facility in Decatur, Ill. has been operating for several years.

The joint venture will use a proprietary fermentation and purification process developed jointly by DuPont and Tate & Lyle to produce 1,3 propanediol (PDO), the key building block for DuPontTM Sorona® polymer.



Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle is a global leader in carbohydrate processing. Our brands and high quality ingredients add value to consumer products around the world. Our core competence is to take basic carbohydrates - corn, wheat or sugar - and add value to these raw materials through technology. As a result of continuous innovation we are able to offer an ever-wider product portfolio of versatile and functional sweeteners, starches, proteins and acidulants.

2004/6/30 DuPont

DuPont Acquires BioSentry's Animal Health Business Assets

DuPont today announced it has acquired the animal health business assets of BioSentry, Inc., a leading biosecurity company providing animal health prevention programs in 50 countries. Financial terms were not disclosed.

"This year's Avian Influenza outbreaks further demonstrate the importance of preventive biosecurity to protect operations and the food chain from the effects of virus and disease. This acquisition will enable us to further meet existing and emerging needs, contributing to the continued growth of our overall Clean and Disinfect business."

In 2003, DuPont acquired
United Kingdom-based Antec International. Antec products are used throughout the world to protect global food supplies from disease-causing agents such as the Avian Flu and Foot and Mouth Disease and the public from pathogens such as the Norwalk-like virus that has impacted the cruise ship industry. Antec products are used not only to attack disease outbreaks but also as a preventative agent, eliminating the germs before they can cause infection.

DuPont and Maxygen, Inc. yesterday completed the sale of Verdia, Inc., formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxygen.

2004/6/3 DuPont

DuPont To Acquire Maxygen Subsidiary Verdia

DuPont (NYSE: DD) today announced that it has signed definitive agreements to acquire Verdia, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxygen, Inc. (Nasdaq: MAXY) headquartered in Redwood City, Calif.

By purchasing Verdia, DuPont will have worldwide, royalty-free, exclusive rights to use Maxygen's MolecularBreedingTM directed evolution platform technologies (gene shuffling) for agricultural applications across its Agriculture & Nutrition platform. All Verdia employees will receive offer letters for employment with DuPont, and DuPont plans to retain Verdia's name, its bay-area offices and the Verdia leadership team.

Maxygen plans to use the proceeds from this transaction to fund the advancement of its human therapeutic development programs.
The company has an improved interferon alpha in development with Roche for the treatment of hepatitis B and C infections - an improved interferon beta for multiple sclerosis and a novel G-CSF for neutropenia both of which Maxygen plans to advance into clinical development over the next 18 months.

Maxygen   http://www.maxygen.com/about.php

Maxygen was founded in 1997 to develop important commercial products through the use of biotechnology. Since then, we have established a focus in human therapeutics, formed multiple partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, built a robust pipeline of product candidates and created industrial businesses with near-term product revenues.

Maxygen is a leader in the evolution and optimization of genes and proteins for the creation of improved human therapeutic products. Our business model focuses on cost-effective development and commercialization of multiple products, on our own and with partners.

Verdia http://www.verdiainc.com/

Verdia is dedicated to becoming a global leader in providing proprietary product solutions to important commercial problems in plant-based businesses through the application of advanced trait optimization methods.

Our proprietary MolecularBreeding
TM directed molecular evolution enables us to enhance the potency, functionality, and utility of proprietary protein-based actives, the starting point for competitive transgenic products. Verdia has validated its capabilities for rapidly developing superior transgenic products through collaborations with industry leaders and currently has seven products in commercial development with our partners.

Our technology has the potential to add value to the two major components of transgenic agriculture: input traits, which can reduce a grower's production costs, and output traits, which can enhance the functionality and value of plant-derived products. Our initial focus is on input traits, such as transgenic solutions for crop disease, pest and weed management as genetic-based product alternatives to the $28 billion crop protection chemical market. In the future, we intend to enter the output trait and value added market segments through research and development partnerships with major companies.

2004/8/25 DuPont

DuPont Opens $130 Million Facility to Produce Innovative Nonwoven Fabrics
Advanced Composite Technology to enhance protection, comfort for healthcare professionals

DuPont today opened a new $130 million facility here to produce innovative nonwoven fabrics born from a revolutionary composite technology that provides users with advanced levels of both comfort and protection.

DuPont's proprietary Advanced Composite Technology (ACT) blends the ideal properties of two different raw materials to create nonwoven fabrics that meet specific needs. More than 20 new patents were developed for this technology.

The ACT's initial product is DuPont
TM SuprelTM, a highly protective and comfortable fabric used for hospital operating gowns and patient drapes. SuprelTM is the only medical fabric available that is made of polyester - for strength - and polyethylene - for silk-like softness. Traditional single-use medical fabrics can be uncomfortable, especially when they are worn for an extended time, and can lack the necessary fluid barrier for protecting today's healthcare professionals. SuprelTM has less surface friction than other medical fabric products, allowing for greater comfort and freedom of movement. It also transfers heat away from the body quickly, adding to comfort in the operating environment. SuprelTM is made from continuous filament fibers and is very low linting.

September 29, 2004 DuPont

DuPont Electronic Technologies and Samsung Cheil Industries, Inc. Announce Joint Venture Agreement for Flexible Circuit Materials

DuPont Electronic Technologies and Cheil Industries, Inc., part of the Samsung Group, have signed a 50/50 joint venture agreement, pending local and government approvals, to establish SD Flex Company, LLC. SD Flex Company will manufacture DuPontTM Pyralux® adhesiveless, flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL), the material instrumental in enabling advanced functionality and performance in displays, cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other electronic devices.

DuPont 2005/4/25

DuPont Announces Research Agreement with India's National Chemical Laboratory
DuPont Continues Goal to Globalize its R&D Efforts In Targeted Emerging Markets

DuPont today announced it has signed a research agreement with the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) in Pune, India. Under terms of the agreement, DuPont will have access to the talents and capabilities of one of India's premier research and development laboratories to grow new market-facing technologies. The first research projects NCL will develop will be for the DuPont Titanium Technologies business.

Asia Chemical Weekly 2005/8/23

Dupont decided world scale TiO2 project in Shandong

Dupont has decided to build a world scale Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) project in Dongying (
東栄), Shandong Province. According to the industrial sources, the total investment for the proposed TiO2 project would be USD 1 billion. In the first phase of construction, the investment is expected as USD 700-800 million and it would have the capacity of 200 kt/a.

The world-class TiO2 project would be located in the Economic Development Zone of Dongying City. Dongying is being famous as the city is the location of Shenli (
勝利) Oilfield which is the second large oilfield in China, just less than Daqing (大慶) Oilfield.

This TiO2 project maybe start construction by the end of this year or at the beginning of 2006; and it is expected to start up in 2009.

DuPont thinks that Current and forecast demand for Titanium Dioxide in Asian markets, especially China, is growing faster than any other region of the world. The company also believe that location of a new plant at Dongying would significantly improve its ability to serve its own customers in these fast-growing markets while contributing to the continued development of the local economy.

DuPont is the world's largest manufacturer of TiO2, it operates three TiO2 plants in the US, one in Mexico and one in Taiwan.

2005年11月21日 DuPont



Jan 03, 2008  (SinoCast via COMTEX)

US DuPont says it will not give up the titanium dioxide project in Dongying City of Shandong Province.

In 2005, DuPont signed a cooperative agreement with Dongying government to pour about USD 1 billion in a titanium dioxide project with an annual output of 200,000 tons after it is put into production in 2010. The project will pay CNY 500 million tax to Dongying government annually by then. DuPont says China's demand for titanium dioxide is increasing year by year.

However, Chinese experts pointed out that the project was likely to produce hazardous waste in its production.

DuPont responded by saying that it used deep well injection technology in a bid to avoid environmental pollution. It targets providing technology solutions for China's energy saving and emission reduction, as well as sustained development.

It is not the first time that DuPont's project is doubted to pollute the environment. Its Taiwan project was once forced to change locations and raw material.

2007-12-19 chinadigitaltimes.net

DuPont Gets Go-ahead on Titanium Dioxide Plant, but Triggers Concerns - Southern Weekend

But there's a problem: DuPont is bringing a relatively backward technology to its China plant, whose output will dwarf that of any domestic competitor. Environmentalists accuse DuPont of using a production technique based on a much higher polluting and energy-guzzling material, or low-grade titanium feed. Some raise alarms that when the toxic waste gets injected underground, it will be extremely difficult to reverse the damage, which includes possible radiation.

Despite all these concerns, and despite DuPont's historical record of failing to dump this low-end technique on Taiwan more than 20 years ago, China's authorities have flashed a green light this time.

RubberWorld 2005/9/21

DuPont, Lucite announce agreement

DuPont and Lucite International, Inc. announced Tuesday they have entered into an agreement regarding their manufacturing facilities at the Beaumont, Texas, Industrial Park. As part of the agreement,
Lucite now will operate the DuPont acrylonitrile operation at the Beaumont site. They also will take over operation of site services such as power and utilities, for the Beaumont Industrial Park.

Lucite will offer employment to large number of DuPont employees who currently operate the acrylonitrile plant and perform site services work. In addition,
Lucite will invest in the acrylonitrile operation to enhance the competitiveness of the facility. This agreement will not change operations at other DuPont or Lucite manufacturing facilities or the DuPont Performance Elastomers, a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont, facility at the Beaumont Industrial Park.

2005/12/12 デュポン・ジャパン


O・ホリデー・ジュニア)は、12日(米国時間) 、高成長する二つのエンジニアリングポリマー、デュポンTM ザイテル(R) HTN高機能ポリアミド樹脂デュポンTM ベスペル(R) パーツ&シェイプスについて、新たにシンガポールに設備投資を行うことを発表しました。

(R)2007年、ザイテル(R) HTN2009年を予定しています。ベスペル(R)については、デュポンは既にオハイオ州、デラウエア州、ベルギー、そして日本で生産を行っています。ザイテル(R)HTNに関してはテネシー州とバージニア州リッチモンドで生産をしています。このリッチモンド工場は2005年第2四半期に稼動を開始し、現在優れた高品質の製品を供給しています。

ザイテル (Zytel) はデュポンのナイロン樹脂。ナイロンは1938年に米国デュポン社カローザス博士によってが世界で初めて発明され、開発商品化されたことで有名。

ベスペル (Vespel) は、デュポンが開発した超耐熱性プラスチック(全芳香族ポリイミド樹脂)。エンジニアリングプラスチックのなかで最高の耐熱性と耐摩擦性を有しており、機械・電機部品をはじめ幅広い用途に使用。

DuPont News, June 28, 2006

DuPont to Produce New High-Performance Polymers Made with Renewable Resources

DuPont expects to begin production in 2007 of new high-performance thermoplastic resins and elastomer products made from two of its latest bio-based materials innovations. The products will be targeted for automotive, electrical/electronic and other industrial markets.

Intermediates for DuPont Sorona(R) polymer and DuPont Hytrel(R) made with renewable resources will be made from corn sugar instead of petroleum, using a patented and proprietary process. The key ingredient in Sorona is Bio-PDOTM, which replaces petrochemical-based 1,3-propanediol (PDO). The new DuPont Hytrel offering is produced using a new DuPont polyol made with Bio-PDO. Sorona polymer for industrial applications will be commercially available in mid-2007; and the renewably sourced Hytrel grades will be available in late 2007.
コーンシュガー : トウモロコシから作られる砂糖

Loudon, Tenn., will be home for the worlds largest aerobic fermentation plant for the production of Bio-PDO. The plant is owned and operated by DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts LLC, an equally owned joint venture of DuPont and Tate & Lyle. It is scheduled to come on stream later this year and will have the capacity to produce 100 million pounds of Bio-PDO (over 45,000 metric tons) per year.

Bio-PDO+TPA or DMT → Sorona polymer → 3GT繊維、PBTと同様の性能と成形性の高機能ポリマー





2003年. アメリカのグリーンケミストリー賞 Alternative Solvents and Reaction Conditions Award  
 DuPont、 Microbial Production of 1,3-Propanediol

繊維用ポリマーDuPont Sorona の原料、1,3-プロパンジオールの製造を再生可能原料から変性バイオ触媒で行い、環境負荷の低減、コスト削減、効率改善を実現した。 コーンスターチからのグルコースをグリセロールに変えるイーストの遺伝子と、グリセロールを 1,3-プロパンジオールに変えるバクテリアの遺伝子をホスト微生物に組み込み、グルコースからプロパンジオールへの 1 段での転換を最大にし、バイオマス・副生物を最少にすることに成功した。(この遺伝子組換えは DuPont と Genecor International の共同開発)
1,3-プロパンジオールのポリエステルである Sorona は、分子鎖にキンク(捩れ)を有し、弾性、柔軟性、防汚性、染色堅牢性などに優れて、衣類の他 自動車内装、家具用に適する他、樹脂としてはバリア性に優れているという特性をもっているが、石油化学からの製造ではモノマーコストを安く出来なかった。バイオ法がそのコストの問題を解決した。

Sorona®  3GTポリマー(ポリトリメチレンテレフタレート)

2006 年8 月1 日 デュポンジャパン

小林昭生デュポン(株)社長がDAP 社新会長に内定
デュポン(株)新社長には天羽 稔副社長が昇格

小林昭生社長がデュポン・アジア・パシフィック リミテッド(DAP 社)代表取締役会長 兼デュポン且謦役相談役に就任し、その後任として、デュポン(株)取締役副社長兼エンジニアリングポリマー事業部アジア太平洋地域リージョナルディレクターの天羽 稔がデュポン(株)の代表取締役社長に昇格する役員人事を発表しました。
 小林社長は、2003 年1 月にデュポン(株)社長に就任し、低迷する日本経済の中にあって、これまで強力なリーダーシップを発揮して、過去3 年余、デュポン(株)に年率二桁の成長をもたらしました。その原動力となったのは同社長が打出した、日本を再生させる「デュポン・ジャパン・ルネッサンスプラン」です。同プランは、@顧客の声に迅速に対応し、品質改善・供給の安定確保に努めて顧客満足度を向上させる事業戦略、A若手や女性の積極的な登用・活用を図る人材戦略、B社内活性化や業務改革を主とするインフラ整備戦略――を三つの柱としています。昨年度の日本におけるデュポン・グループの売上高は3,300 億円に拡大しています。
 天羽新社長は、設立以来45 年の歴史を持つデュポン(株)において内部から昇格した初の社長となります。合成樹脂事業ではアジア太平洋地域の事業成長に貢献し、また、名古屋にデュポン・オートモーティブ センターを設立して多くの事業部がかかわる自動車関連事業をOne DuPont (ワン・デュポン)戦略に基づき主導してきました。今後は、アジア太平洋地域で合成樹脂事業を成長させた実績と事業運営の経験を生かして、合弁会社を含めた日本におけるデュポングループの更なる発展のため、業容の拡大と強固な経営基盤を構築することが期待されています。また、サイエンス・カンパニーであるデュポンの科学と技術革新を最大限に駆使し、事業部間を越えて持続可能なビジネス ソリューションを提供するというデュポンのOne DuPont(ワン・デュポン)戦略の更なる具現化も推進します。

2006/10/11 DuPont

DuPont Partners with Zhangjiagang Glory Chemical Industry Co. to Produce First Bio-Based DuPont Sorona® Polymer in Asia

DuPont today announced a partnership with Zhangjiagang (張家港) Glory Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Glory) to produce and distribute bio-based DuPont Sorona® (3GT 繊維) polymer, the company's latest polymer innovation, throughout Asia. The partnership marks the first commercial manufacturing of Sorona® in Asia. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Located in the Jiangsu Province in China, Glory was formed earlier this year exclusively to produce Sorona® polymer. The company broke ground in May on its new continuous polymerization (CP) facility, which will manufacture Sorona® using the technology know-how licensed from DuPont. The Glory facility is slated to start up in the fourth quarter with plans to offer the first commercial product in the second quarter of 2007. Glory will receive Bio-PDO from the DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts facility in Loudon, Tenn., and will manufacture renewably sourced Sorona® polymer. Once operational, the Glory facility will be capable of producing 66 million pounds or 30 kilotonnes of Sorona® per year.

DuPont  December 12, 2006

DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition Increases Investment in Plant Biotechnology; Streamlines Nutrition and Crop Protection Businesses

Yesterday, DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition launched a plan to
increase investment in plant genetics, biotechnology and other high-value growth opportunities, while further improving competitiveness in low-growth areas of its nutrition and crop protection businesses by reducing operating costs about USD 100 million a year.

Under the plan, DuPont will reinvest all of the
USD 100 million savings into its seed business. These actions will help expand the companys competitive advantage in the seed market and increase the speed to market of seed products with next-generation biotech traits.

We are aggressively adjusting our capital and resource allocation to the highest value growth opportunities for our customers and shareholders,said Erik Fyrwald , group vice president, DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition.

DuPont will
consolidate manufacturing assets, leverage technology centers and refocus product marketing strategies in its nutrition and crop protection businesses.

Other growth opportunity areas in the Agriculture & Nutrition plan include:
Increased sales and marketing resources for the seed business.
Investments in safer crop protection products by delivering our research pipeline products, including the planned 2008 introduction of RynaxypyrTM, a next generation ultra-low toxicity insecticide.
Growth for The Solae Companys SoleCina - which enables food processors to convert a proprietary blend of vegetable and meat protein into a nutritious finished product.
Launch of Crystalon - vertical form fill and seal liquid packaging technology.
Continued investment in the markets of Brazil, Eastern Europe/Russia, India and China for all businesses.
Driving growth in its portfolio of leading biofuel technologies.

The Associated Press  2006/12/11

Monsanto Co. has improved its dealer network, taking market share from DuPont's Pioneer Hi-Bred seed division in the important corn seed market. It is expected to continue to do so. Pioneer, meanwhile, is fighting back by developing new strains of genetically engineered seeds and poses a long-term threat to Monsanto, according to a recent report from analyst Kevin McCarthy with Bank of America in New York.

June 07, 2001 DuPont

DuPont to Sell Pharmaceuticals Unit to Bristol-Myers Squibb Company for $7.8 Billion; Board Authorizes New Share Buyback Program

DuPont today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to sell the DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company to Bristol-Myers Squibb Company for $7.8 billion in cash. DuPont said that it will retain its interest in Cozaar®/Hyzaar®, an antihypertensive drug developed by DuPont and Merck, and marketed by Merck. Closing of the sale is expected in the fourth quarter, subject to government approvals.

DuPont plans to use a portion of the proceeds to complete the current $2.5 billion share buyback program that was announced in July of last year. The remaining proceeds are expected to be used to reduce net debt and invest in growth opportunities aligned with the company's strategic direction.

The 1991 formation of the DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company, a joint venture with prescription drug giant Merck and Company, made DuPont a competitive force in the field of life sciences.
Since the late 1950s, DuPont had conducted pharmaceuticals research but found that it lacked the experience necessary to expedite FDA approval for new drugs and then market them. The 1969 purchase of
Endo Laboratories provided DuPont with the successful drug Coumadin®, but pharmaceuticals remained a marginal part of the company's business through the 1980s.

As part of an overall strategy to expand its Life Sciences Division, DuPont formed the 1991 venture with Merck, one of America's oldest pharmaceutical companies with a proven ability to develop and market new prescription drugs. The DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company conducted important research in cardiovascular, radiopharmaceutical and central nervous system products. The company's most successful products included Sinemet® to fight Parkinson's disease; Cardiolite® cardiac imaging agents; and Cozaar®, a hypertension drug discovered by DuPont and marketed by Merck.
In 1998 DuPont bought Merck's one-half interest in the company and began operating as
DuPont Pharmaceuticals. This wholly owned subsidiary has developed revolutionary products like Sustiva to fight HIV infection and continues to research new treatments for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

1998年2月、46歳の産業エンジニア、チャールズ・O・(チャ ド)ホリデー・ジュニアがクロールの後任としてCEOに就任。デュポン・アジアパシフィックの社長経験をはじめ、社のあらゆる分野に実績をもつホリデーの 目も、やはり世界を睨んでいた。着任後、ホリデーがすぐさま取りかかったのは、世界市場でデュポンがさらに強みを発揮できる体制づくりだった。デュポンは まず、医療事業で合弁していたメルク社に注目。高血圧薬コザール®、抗凝血薬クマジン®など一部のデュポン・メルクの製品は効果と収益性がすでに証明ずみ だった。また、サスティバTMもヒト免疫不全ウィルス(HIV)用の薬として間もなく最終認可が下りる予定だった。1998年7月、デュポンはデュポン・ メルク医薬社のメルクの持ち株50%を現金26億ドルで買い取り、デュポン医薬社を設立した。

  生産性向上のため、デュポンは世界の事業の構造改革を続行。2001年4月、デュポンは競争力を失ってきたポリエステルおよびナイロン工場の閉鎖を発表。 3カ月後にはポリエステル事業の一部を売却した。6月には、抗高血圧薬のコザール®とハイザール®の利権を除いた医薬品事業をブリストル・マイヤーズ・ス クイブに78億ドルで売却するという英断を下す。医薬品事業に必要な巨額投資は、あまりにリスキーだったからだ。医薬品事業は、長年デュポンが得意とする 統合的科学の豊かな土壌であり、優れた製品を生み出してもいた。しかし、冷静な資産分析の結果、32年間育ててきた医薬品事業は、苦渋の末手放された。
ブリストル・マイヤーズ スクイブ社への医薬品事業部の売却益aftertax 38億6,600万ドル

2001/10に医薬部門をBristol-Myers Squibb に売却
CozaarR)(losartan potassiumACE 阻害剤= 持続性の血圧降下薬)Hyzaar R(losartan potassium with hydrochlorothiazide ACE 阻害剤とチアジド系利尿剤 との合剤)の特許は維持しMerckにライセンスした。利益はこの特許料。

PTOI (pre-tax operating income) excluding impact of special items

  1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
PTOI  230   89  3,924          
exclspecial  263  133    58  468  548  681  751  819

decline resulted principally from significantly lower fourth quarter sales as well as planned higher research and development and marketing expenses


DuPont News, March 30, 2007

Sustainability: DuPont, Honeywell Announce Refrigerants Agreement

More than 400 million cars with air conditioning systems are on the road globally. DuPont and Honeywell are developing refrigerants that are more energy efficient and have low global warming potential. One product being evaluated could lead to a worldwide emissions reduction of greenhouse gases equivalent to 230 million gallons of fuel per year by 2017.

Yesterday DuPont and Honeywell announced a global joint development agreement to accelerate the development and commercialization of next generation, low global warming refrigerants for the automotive air conditioning industry.

The new refrigerants would enable automakers to meet new regulations in Europe that require the use of low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants in mobile air conditioning (AC) applications.  Today's automotive air conditioners use hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)-134a.  The new regulation is scheduled to take effect in 2011 for new model automobiles, with the transition complete by 2017.


Honeywell International is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; turbochargers; and specialty materials.


June 8, 2007 DuPont

DuPont Tate & Lyle Joint Venture Officially Opens $100 Million Bio-PDOTM Facility - the World's First to Produce Propanediol From Corn Sugar
U.S. Secretary of Energy Bodman Recognizes Advancements in Bio-Based Technology

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, LLC, an equally owned joint venture of DuPont and Tate & Lyle, today marked the growing demand for products made from its revolutionary Bio-PDO product. U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman joined senior leaders from DuPont, Tate & Lyle, the joint venture and their customers to see the new production facility first-hand and recognize its official opening.

The Loudon facility produces 1,3-propanediol (Bio-PDO) from renewable resources - in this case corn sugar - making it the first facility in the world to manufacture this new bio-based product. Bio-PDO is a versatile, biodegradable and high-performance ingredient that can be used in cosmetics, liquid detergents and industrial applications such as anti-freeze and many other applications that currently use glycols. It also can be used as a monomer to produce unsaturated polyester resins as well as other specialty polymers such as DuPont Sorona® (3GT 繊維and the latest renewably sourced polymer, DuPont Cerenol. In addition, renewably sourced Hytrel® thermoplastic elastomers and a new line of renewable DuPont automotive finishes are two new product lines scheduled to be launched later this year. The first commercial product was sold in November 2006, and demand for new uses of Bio-PDO continues to grow with nearly a dozen product applications to date.

DuPont Cenerol is a family of renewably sourced, high-performance polyols (polyetherdiols).


The joint venture uses a proprietary fermentation process developed jointly by DuPont and Tate & Lyle to produce Bio-PDO using corn sugar instead of petroleum-based feedstocks. The production of Bio-PDO consumes 40 percent less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent compared to petroleum-based propanediol. Annual production of 100 million pounds of Bio-PDO will save the energy equivalent of over 15 million gallons of gasoline per year, or enough to fuel more than 27,000 cars - over half the cars in Loudon County, Tenn.

Bio-PDO is available in two grades: Zemea and Susterra propanediol. Zemea has been developed for the personal care and liquid detergent categories where high purity level and low irritation are key product requirements. Susterra propanediol is ideal for industrial applications such as de-icing fluids, anti-freeze and heat transfer fluids, where its low toxicity and biodegradability are beneficial. To learn more about Susterra or Zemea corn-derived propanediol, visit www.duponttateandlyle.com.
Today's event was webcast and can be viewed at:


デュポン テイト・アンド・ライル バイオプロダクツ社 世界初、トウモロコシ由来のプロバンジオールを生産開始

 米国デュポン社(本社:デラウエア州ウィルミントン、会長兼最高経営責任者、チャールズ・O・ホリデー・ジュニア)と英国のテイト・アンド・ライル社の折半出資による合弁会社、デュポン テイト・アンド・ライル バイオプロダクツ社(DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, LLC)は、11月27日(米国時間)、米国テネシー州ラウドンに建設した総工費1億ドルの製造拠点から、デュポンTMBio-PDOTM製品の出荷を開始したと発表しました。ラウドン工場は、再生可能な資源としてトウモロコシの糖分から1,3プロバンジオール(Bio-PDOTM)を製造する施設で、この新しいバイオベース製品の製造拠点としては世界初となります。


DuPont News, August 2, 2007

DuPont Settles Patent Infringement Case Against Chinese Company

DuPont has settled a patent infringement lawsuit it filed earlier this year against Trustchem Co., Ltd., also known as Jiangsu Trustchem Chemicals Co., Ltd., in China.  Under the terms of the settlement, Trustchem will pay monetary compensation and make a public apology to DuPont for losses resulting from Trustchem actions.  Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

DuPont initiated the lawsuit in the Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in March in response to illegal Trustchem sales of agricultural products containing rimsulfuron, which are protected by a DuPont patent in China.  Rimsulfuron is an active ingredient in crop protection herbicides that are marketed around the world under the Titus®, Matrix® and Resolve® trademarks.

This lawsuit represents part of an ongoing DuPont Crop Protection program to protect its intellectual property rights worldwide.  Based on these investigations, DuPont has filed similar patent infringement actions against several other companies, issued numerous "cease and desist使うことをやめる " letters and is actively investigating several other businesses in China that are suspected of violating DuPont patents.

"DuPont aggressively protects its intellectual property and will enforce its rights to prevent counterfeiting of its product, infringement of its patents and trademarks, theft of its trade secrets and other illegal activities," said Glen Baldwin, lead counsel for DuPont Crop Protection.  Through vigorous enforcement of its intellectual property rights, DuPont intends to preserve the value of its proprietary products and protect the best interests of its customers, particularly growers who have come to rely on the quality of DuPont products.

種別:除草剤 適用場面:ゴルフ場等

DuPont News, August 22, 2007

New Monomer Material to Reduce Shrinkage of Dental Composites -- Putting Science to Work

DuPont has signed an agreement with GC Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, a major global manufacturer of dental materials and equipment, to provide next-generation dental monomer technology that reduces the shrinkage of dental composites. 


DuPont News, August 23, 2007

Expanding to Support Asia Growth for Engineering Resins

DuPont has enhanced its global manufacturing network in support of strong Asia demand for its engineering resins through a 20,000-tons-per-year expansion at its Ulsan, Korea, compounding facility for nylon resins. 

The capacity expansion is in response to rapid growth in demand for DuPont Zytel® nylon resins in the region, particularly for automotive applications, and complements other recent engineering polymers investments in Singapore for DuPont Zytel® HTN high-performance polyamide and DuPont Vespel® parts and shapes.  DuPonts Engineering Polymers business also has a significant presence in the companys Shanghai research and development center and in the DuPont Nagoya, Japan, Automotive Center.

DuPont News, September 20, 2007

$500 Million Expansion Planned for Kevlar®

DuPont plans to invest over USD 500 million in a multi-phase production expansion for its high-performance Kevlar® para-aramid brand fiber, starting with a Kevlar® polymer expansion in Richmond, Va., later this year.  For DuPont, a world leader in para-aramid sales, this expansion would increase Kevlar® capacity by more than 25 percent when complete in 2010 and represents the largest Kevlar® expansion since the product was introduced in 1965.  Details about additional expansion phases will be announced at a later date.

The Associated Press  September 21, 2007

China's Sinopec in chemical joint venture with DuPont unit

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., or Sinopec, has formed a chemicals joint venture with a unit of U.S. company DuPont Co., it said Friday.

Production of ethylene vinyl acetate resins - used in products such as packaging, adhesives, footwear and clothing - is due to begin late next year at a new plant to be built by the venture, Sinopec said.

"The new facility will help meet fast-growing demand for EVA products in China," Sinopec said in a statement on its Web site.

Sinopec will own 55 percent of the joint venture, which will have an annual capacity of around 60,000 tons. The remaining 45 percent will be owned by DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers.

No details were given on the level of investment involved.

Production of EVA, used in products such as packaging materials, adhesives, footwear and clothing, is due to begin in late 2008 at a new plant to be built at the existing facility of Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Company in Beijing.

The plant will be the first in China to make DuPont's Elvax EVA.

2007/10/15 Asia Chemical Weekly

Sinopec and Dupont set up EVA jv in Beijing

On late Sep. 2007, Sinopec and Dupont set up a 55:45 EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) jv in Beijing.

Named as
Beijing Huamei (華美) Polymer Company, the jv project is located in the existing site of Yanshan Petrochemical, a subsidiary of Sinopec.

The project has got the approval from government in Mar, 2007. With investment around USD 75 million, the jv project will have EVA capacity 60,000 ton/year. It is expected to start up by the end of 2008.

EVA production technology will be provided by Dupont and ethylene feedstock will be sourced from Yanshan Petrochemical Co.

The new facility is hoped to meet the fast growing demand for EVA products in China, according to the industrial observers, the EVA consumption, such as packaging, footwear, adhesives, etc are growing rapidly in China.

Currently, there are two EVA producers in China, Beijing Dongfang (
東方/Oriental ) Petrochemical, a subsidiary of Sinopec has capacity of 40,000 ton/year and YPC-BASF has capacity of 200,000 ton/year.

China imported 394 kt EVA in 2005 and 368 kt in 2006. The import of EVA is estimated at 370 kt in 2007 according to the data from China Customs.



DuPont ordered to provide medical monitoring in Harrison County

DuPont Co. has been ordered to provide medical monitoring for Harrison County, West Virginia residents who were exposed to dangerous chemicals at a waste site.

A Harrison County jury ruled Wednesday that
DuPont must finance monitoring for about 7,000 residents who were exposed to arsenic, cadmium and lead contamination. The verdict is the result of the second phase of a class-action lawsuit filed by 10 residents of Spelter.

The residents accused DuPont of deliberately dumping dangerous heavy metals on an industrial site in Spelter, causing the contamination.

DuPont must
finance the medical monitoring for the next 40 years, attorney Mike Papantonio said. Papantonio is representing the class.

October 25, 2007 DuPont 

DuPont Announces Nanotechnology Alliance that Combines the Best of Polymers with the Best of Metals

DuPont today announced an alliance with Canada-based Morph Technologies Inc., Integran Technologies Inc. , and U.S.-based PowerMetal Technologies to develop and commercialize a nanocrystalline metal/polymer hybrid technology that will be used to manufacture extremely lightweight components with the strength and stiffness of metal and the design flexibility and lightweight benefits of high-performance thermoplastics.

DuPont has consistently led the industry in providing metal replacement solutions. Now we are turning traditional plastic/metal hybrid technology inside-out with an innovative metal over plastictechnology that delivers not only a step-change in performance, but also provides product designers with a technology that can help shift the current paradigm,Keith J. Smith , vice president and general manager - DuPont Engineering Polymers, said.

Morph Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned company charged to commercialize Integran's proprietary nanomaterial technology for automotive applications. Integran Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in the development of nanomaterials, with business operations in Pittsburgh, Pa., and Toronto, Ont., Canada. PowerMetal Technologies, Inc, based in Carlsbad, Calif., is a leading supplier of nanotechnology enabled components to the sporting goods and consumer products industries. PowerMetal is already commercially supplying nanometal/thermoset polymer hybrid products that apply the same concept as the alliance is introducing for thermoplastic polymers.

Bayer's Plastic/Metal Hybrid technology combines plastic and metal to create mechanically interlocked structures with excellent resistance to bending, compression and torsional loads, high energy absorption, dimensional stability and low part weight.
Plastic/Metal Hybrid parts consist of a thin formed sheet metal profile supported by ribbing made from Bayer's plastics. The metal provides the required strength and stiffness to the structure, while the plastic ribbing provides the necessary support to prevent buckling without adding significant weight. Already proven in the automotive industry, other applications for Plastic/Metal Hybrid technology include appliance substructures, television housings, bicycle frames and in-line skate structures.


  • 現在金属とハイブリッドを造る樹脂材料は,圧倒的にポリアミド6又は66である。
  • 屋根フレーム


  • ライバルの開発

    同じポリアミドの供給メーカであり,ライバル会社でもある,BASF社とGE Plastics社もこれらハイブリッド技術の開発に追随している。
    2002年,BASF社は,成形済みのプラスチックコンポーネントと板金を一体化するカラーフォーム法,collar formingと呼ばれる方法を発表した。
    一方,Dow Automotive社の命題は,ハイブリッド構造において金属コンポーネントから最大の剛性を引き出すことにある。このために同社は,クローズドボックスデザイン法,closed box designを提唱する。Dow Automotive社は,各種プラスチック/金属処理技術報告する最近のペーパについて次のように指摘する。
    2年前,同社は,低エネルギー表面接着剤,low-energy surface adhesive (LESA) の試作品Golf を確立した。
    Dow Automotive in Schwalbach, Germanyの,グローバル技術リーダ,Padraig Naughton氏は,この技術の最大の障害は,従来の伝統的な接合法に替えて接着技術の設計を採用することに対する設計者の抵抗感だと言う。


    DuPont News, December 4, 2007

    DuPont Forms Joint Venture with Chinese Biotech Firm

    DuPont and Beijing Weiming Kaituo Agriculture Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (BWK) are forming a joint venture to accelerate the discovery of genes for high-value agronomic traits such as stress tolerance and efficient nutrient utilization to improve the performance of important crops for farmers in China and throughout the world.  For DuPont, this marks another step toward the globalization of its R&D capabilities to accelerate new product launches and drive business growth for its worldwide seed business, Pioneer Hi-Bred. 

    Peking University and its affiliate, Peking University Weiming Biotech Group Co., Ltd., are significant participants in the joint venture through an ownership stake in BWK.

    December 18, 2007  DuPont

    DuPont Selects South Carolina Site for Planned $500 Million Investment To Expand Production of High-Performance Kevlar® Fiber

    DuPont has selected its Cooper River plant to receive the planned $500 million investment it recently announced to significantly expand production of high-performance DuPont Kevlar® para-aramid brand fiber for industrial and military uses.

    The investment at the Cooper River site, which is located about 30 miles north of Charleston in Berkeley County, will include construction of a new Kevlar® fiber facility. It is expected to require 100 permanent DuPont jobs, as well as more than 400 contractor jobs during peak construction, which is scheduled to begin in January 2008. The plant's startup is scheduled for 2010.

    January 29, 2008 DuPont

    DuPont Opens Fluoropolymer Production Plant in China  江蘇省常熟市
    New PTFE Facility Will Support Growth in Global Markets

    A new DuPont fluoropolymer production plant has begun operations here. The plant, which produces polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fine-powder and dispersion for global customers, with focus on Asia Pacific, marks a significant milestone in the companys strategic plan to establish a broader fluoroproducts manufacturing base in China.

    The Changshu plant is the fourth DuPont facility that has installed commercial production units using DuPontEchelontechnology which produces low-PFOA content aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions. Other DuPont facilities using the Echelontechnology are located in Parkersburg, West Virginia; Dordrecht, The Netherlands, and; Shimizu, Japan.


    2008/2/1 DuPont

    DuPont Acquires Chemtura Fluorine Chemicals Business
      Expands Specialty Businesses, Advances Development Strategy for More Sustainable Products

    DuPont today announced that it has completed its purchase of Chemtura Corporation
    s fluorine chemicals business. The move is part of DuPonts strategy to expand its fluorochemicals business offerings; enhance its presence in specialty businesses

    The acquisition includes
    all of Chemturas fluorine business, along with the fluorine chemicals production unit that is part of Chemturas manufacturing site in El Dorado, Ark., which will be fully integrated into DuPonts operations. All fluorine chemicals intellectual property rights will be transferred to DuPont. Approximately 25 Chemtura employees will become part of DuPont Fluoroproducts.

    2008/5/6 DuPont

    DuPont Invests $150 Million in Key Growth Markets for Ethylene Copolymers
    Addresses Strong Demand in Photovoltaics, Packaging and Emerging Geographic Markets

    DuPont today announced that it is investing approximately $150 million to expand and upgrade manufacturing facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia to meet strong demand for its
    specialty ethylene copolymers in photovoltaics, packaging and automotive markets, as well as for new infrastructure in emerging economies.

    This investment will result in over 200 million pounds of additional capacity, enhanced capability of our current facilities, and reduced energy consumption of our operations,said William F. Weber, global director, DuPont Ethylene Copolymers. Importantly, it will accelerate DuPonts ability to respond to rapidly growing demand as we serve our customers worldwide.

    Newly announced investments include:
    Added capacity at
    Dordrecht, the Netherlands, to expand the global operations network for DuPont Fusabond(R) modifiers and DuPont Bynel(R) adhesive resins and to serve the European market. The new capacity is expected to be online in 2009.
    Enhanced capabilities for DuPont Surlyn(R) ionomer resin and Vamac(R) ethylene acrylic elastomers from DuPont Performance Elastomers and upgrades to improve energy efficiency at DuPont
    s Sabine operation in Orange, Tex. These will be operational in 2008 and 2009.
    Production efficiency investments at the
    Victoria, Tex., facility for DuPont Elvax(R) ethlyene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) products. These will be operational in 2008 and 2009.

    As previously announced, DuPont will construct an EVA facility near
    Beijing, China, with its joint venture partner, Sinopec. The facility, the first EVA manufacturing operation for DuPont in China, will supply a broad range of EVA products, thus strengthening DuPonts position in the worlds fastest growing EVA market. The facility will begin operations in 2009.

    DuPont is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.

    DuPont News, May 15, 2008

    DuPont, Genencor Create Cellulosic Ethanol Company

    DuPont and Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, are forming DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC, a 50/50 global joint venture to develop and commercialize the leading, low-cost technology solution for the production of cellulosic ethanol -- a next generation biofuel produced from non-food sources - to address a USD 75 billion global market opportunity.  

    The partners plan an initial three-year investment of USD 140 million, which will initially target corn stover トウモロコシ茎葉 and sugar cane bagasseサトウキビの絞りかす.  Future targets include multiple ligno-cellulosic feedstocks including wheat straw, a variety of energy crops and other biomass sources. 

    Danisco is one of the world's leading producers of ingredients for food and other consumer products.

    DuPont July 11, 2008

    DuPont to Add Capacity for Engineering Resins in China

    DuPont is expanding compounding capacity for its range of DuPont Zytel(R) nylon 6,6 resins and DuPont Zytel(R) HTN high performance polyamide resins at its manufacturing site
    in Shenzhen, China. Start up of production is planned for the second quarter 2009. When combined with a recently announced expansion for Zytel(R) resins in Ulsan, South Korea, the result will be an additional 65,000 metric tons of capacity to serve growing markets in Asia.


    On July 9th, DuPont Engineering Polymers announced an expansion of compounding capacity for its range of nylon 6 and 66 resins and high performance polyamide (PPA) resins at the manufacturing site of DuPont in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, southern China. The expansion will add 30 000 tons new capacity per year for Zytel nylon 6,6 resins and 10 000 tons for Zytel HTN high performance polyamide resins. Startup of the production is planned for 2nd quarter, 2009.

    In addition to manufacturing capability, DuPont also has invested in providing innovative technical solutions to engineering resin customers. The DuPont R&D Center in Shanghai is equipped with the full spectrum of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Engineering capabilities. These enhanced molding and testing capabilities will support development work for customers within a shorter time period. In addition, the DuPont Automotive Center in Nagoya, Japan, is collaborating with customers to provide new solutions for auto system applications.

    August 31, 2007

    DuPont Engineering Polymers expands compounding capacity for its DuPont Zytel(R
    polyamide resins in Asia Pacific

    DuPont Engineering Polymers has completed an expansion of compounding capacity for its range of DuPont Zytel(R) nylon 6 and 66 resins at the manufacturing site of DuPont in Ulsan, Korea.

    This expansion adds
    20,000 tons per year of new capacity and is in response to rapid growth in demand for reinforced nylon resins in the region, especially from the automotive industry.

    April 23, 2004

    New DuPont Compounding Facility Serves Booming China Market for Glass-Reinforced Zytel(R) Nylon

    DuPont Engineering Polymers is meeting burgeoning demand in China for glass-reinforced Zytel(R) (GRZ) nylon resin from a new compounding facility in Shenzhen. It is DuPont
    s first compounding unit for nylon engineering plastics in China.

    2008/9/23 DuPont

    DuPonts Board of Directors Appoints Ellen J. Kullman President and Board Member; Will Become Chief Executive Officer Effective Jan. 1, 2009
      Charles O. Holliday, Jr. to Continue as Chairman During Transition

    DuPont today announced that its board of directors has elected Ellen J. Kullman, 52, president and a director of the company effective Oct. 1 and chief executive officer effective Jan. 1, 2009. Charles O. Holliday, Jr., 60, chairman and CEO, will serve as chairman of DuPont and as a member of the board until Kullmans expected succession as chairman.

    04/20/2009 EPA

    Dupont And Lucite International Agree To Pay $2 Million For Clean Air Violations

    DuPont and Lucite International Inc. have agreed to pay a $2 million civil penalty to settle Clean Air Act violations at a sulfuric acid plant in Belle, W. Va., the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Justice Department, and the state of West Virginia announced today.

    The sulfuric acid plant is located on a 100-acre chemical manufacturing complex along the Kanawha River. The plant is owned by Lucite and operated by DuPont. The companies will pay $1 million to the United States and $1 million to the state of West Virginia. Further, the companies
    chose on their own to shut down the sulfuric-acid manufacturing unit of a larger chemical facility at the site and the settlement confirms this agreement. Under the settlement, the sulfuric acid unit is scheduled to shut down by April 1, 2010.

    The actions taken as part of this settlement will reduce emissions of air pollutants by more than 1,000 tons each year,said Catherine McCabe, acting assistant administrator for the EPAs Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. Sulfur dioxide emissions can be harmful to children, the elderly, and people with heart and lung conditions.

    This settlement is part of the U.S. governments dedicated effort to bring all sulfuric acid manufacturers into compliance with the Clean Air Act,said John C. Cruden, Acting Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Justice Departments Environmental and Natural Resources Division.

    In a joint complaint, filed concurrently with the consent decree, the United States and West Virginia allege that the companies made modifications to their plant in 1996 without first obtaining pre-construction permits and installing required pollution control equipment. The Clean Air Act requires major sources of air pollution to obtain such permits before making changes that would result in a significant emissions increase of any pollutant.

    The Belle sulfuric acid plant burns sulfuric acid sludge, which creates sulfur dioxide (SO2). Most of the SO2 is converted to sulfuric acid and recovered, but a portion of the chemical is emitted to the atmosphere. In addition to SO2, the plant also emits sulfuric acid mist, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

    SO2 can have serious health effects on children, the elderly, and people with heart and lung conditions. It also contributes to the formation of acid rain, which can affect ponds, lakes and streams. Acid rain has resulted in the acidification of waters in ponds, lakes, and streams, leading to the disappearance of animal and plant life. Acid rain is also believed to leach nutrients from sensitive soils and damage forests.

    Sulfuric acid is widely used for ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing and chemical synthesis.

    The settlement is part of an EPA initiative to improve compliance among industries that have the potential to cause significant amounts of air pollution, including the cement manufacturing, glass manufacturing, and acid production industries.

    The consent decree, lodged today in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia is subject to a 30-day public comment period and approval by the federal court.
    More information on the settlement:


     May 22, 2024 

    DuPont Announces Plan to Separate into Three Independent, Publicly Traded Companies     Electronics and Water and New DuPont

    • Tax-free separations create independent, focused Electronics and Water companies that are global leaders in their respective industries
    • New DuPont will remain a premier diversified industrial company with industry-leading brands and solutions
    • Reaffirms second quarter and full year 2024 net sales, operating EBITDA and adjusted EPS financial guidance
    • Company to host a call with investors at 8:00 a.m. ET on Thursday, May 23, 2024
    DuPont today announced a plan to separate into three distinct, publicly traded companies. Under the plan, DuPont would execute the proposed separations of its Electronics and Water businesses in a tax-free manner to its shareholders with New DuPont continuing as a premier diversified industrial company following completion of the separations. As independent entities, both Electronics and Water will benefit from increased focus and agility in their respective industries. At separation, each of the three companies will have strong balance sheets, attractive financial profiles and compelling growth opportunities.

    As leading standalone companies, each business is expected to benefit from:

    • An ability to tailor capital allocation strategies to pursue differential strategic growth objectives
    • Enhanced strategic flexibility to pursue portfolio enhancing M&A
    • Compelling investment profiles appealing to different investor bases
    • Distinct boards of directors and management teams comprised of world-class leaders with track records of driving value creation in each specific industry

    “This is an extraordinary opportunity to deliver long-term, sustainable shareholder value through the creation of three strong, industry-leading companies,” said Ed Breen, DuPont Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “The three-way separation will unlock incremental value for shareholders and customers and also create new opportunities for employees. Critically, each company will have greater flexibility to pursue their own focused growth strategies, including portfolio enhancing M&A.”

    Overview of Three Leading Standalone Companies

    New DuPont: A Diversified Industrial Company with a Portfolio of Iconic Brands and Solutions

    New DuPont will be a premier diversified industrial company powered by deep materials science and application engineering expertise, industry-leading innovation, top-tier manufacturing capabilities, and iconic brands such as Tyvek®, Kevlar® and Nomex®. New DuPont will have a strong presence in fast-growing healthcare end-markets including applications for biopharma consumables, medical devices, and medical packaging. The company will also be a leading provider of key technologies enabling advanced mobility particularly within electric vehicles. Finally, New DuPont will remain a provider of advanced solutions serving safety, construction, aerospace and other industrial-based end-markets.

    New DuPont will be comprised of the existing businesses within the Water & Protection segment (excluding Water Solutions), the majority of businesses within Industrial Solutions (including healthcare), and the retained businesses reported in Corporate (including adhesives). These businesses generated net sales of approximately $6.6 billion and operating EBITDA margin(1) of approximately 24% in 2023.

    New DuPont is expected to continue to deliver strong margins, generate robust cash flow and will have a balanced financial policy similar to the current DuPont, including the ability to invest in growth opportunities.

    Electronics: A Global Leader for Electronic Materials including Semiconductor Solutions and Advanced Electronics Products

    Electronics will be a leading global provider of differentiated electronics materials including key consumables used in semiconductor chip manufacturing, as well as advanced electronic materials enabling reliable signal integrity, power management and thermal management. The company will be well positioned to capture growth in the semiconductor industry, driven by high-performance computing demands from AI, high speed connectivity, smart and autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things, among other mega-trend growth drivers.

    Electronics will be comprised of the existing Semiconductor Technologies and Interconnect Solutions lines of business, as well as the electronics-related product lines from Industrial Solutions. These businesses generated net sales of approximately $4.0 billion and operating EBITDA margin(1) of approximately 29% in 2023.

    Electronics will focus on innovation-based growth. With robust cash flow generation, Electronics will be well positioned to pursue ongoing organic growth initiatives and have flexibility to pursue inorganic growth opportunities.

    Water: A Comprehensive Water Solutions Provider with Leading Filtration Technologies

    Water will be a global technology leader with a comprehensive portfolio of water filtration and purification solutions with leading technologies in reverse osmosis, ion exchange and ultrafiltration. Its solutions provide critical components and systems that generate clean and fit-for-purpose water across a variety of market segments including industrial water and energy, life sciences and specialties, municipal and desalination, and residential and commercial.

    Water will be comprised of DuPont’s current Water Solutions line of business which generated net sales of approximately $1.5 billion and operating EBITDA margin(1) of approximately 24% in 2023.

    With profitable growth and strong cash generation, Water will be well positioned to drive earnings growth through continued investment in the business as well as potential inorganic growth opportunities.

    (1) Presented on a DuPont segment reporting basis for informational purposes and should not be viewed as an indication of the future company’s operating results on a standalone basis assuming completion of the separation transactions. Refer to Non-GAAP Financial Measures for further information. 

    Separation Transactions Detail

    DuPont expects to execute the proposed separations of Electronics and Water in a way that will be tax-free for DuPont shareholders for U.S. federal income tax purposes.

    DuPont expects to complete the separations within 18 to 24 months. The separation transactions will not require a shareholder vote and are subject to satisfaction of customary conditions, including final approval by DuPont’s Board of Directors, receipt of tax opinion from counsel, the filing and effectiveness of Form 10 registration statements with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, applicable regulatory approvals and satisfactory completion of financing.

    It is anticipated that all three companies will have strong balance sheets and will be capitalized to provide the financial flexibility to take advantage of future growth opportunities. New DuPont is expected to maintain its investment grade credit rating.

    Leadership Updates

    In a separate press release issued today, DuPont announced the following leadership appointments, effective June 1, 2024:

    • Lori Koch, current Chief Financial Officer is appointed Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Ed Breen who will retain his role of Executive Chairman.
    • Antonella Franzen, current Chief Financial Officer of DuPont’s Water & Protection segment, is appointed Chief Financial Officer.

    Following completion of the separations, Lori Koch and Antonella Franzen will remain in their respective positions for New DuPont. Specifics around additional executive leadership and Board of Director appointments are expected to be announced in advance of the respective separations.