Saudi Aramco 石油精製能力



PetroRabigh     Aramco 37.5%  住友化学 37.5%  一般株主 25%

2006/3/25 ペトロラービグ起工式

SAMREF (Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery)

YASREF (Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company )

SASREF (Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company)

SATORP (Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical )



Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company福建聯合石油化工)
                  Aramco 25%、Exxon 25%、中国側50% (Sinopec 50 / 福建省政府50)

2006/4/7 中国のエチレン合弁会社ー2

2016/3/25 Shell とAramco、米国のJVのMotivaを分離      

2014/1/15 Saudi Aramco、韓国のS-Oil株を買い増しへ  

2015/8/3 出光興産と昭和シェル石油、経営統合で基本合意



December 24, 2018

Saudi Aramco’s Motiva eyes $6.6B in petchem expansions

The Houston subsidiary of Saudi Arabia's national oil company is considering roughly $6.6 billion of investments in its Port Arthur, Texas, refinery to expand into the petrochemical business.

Motiva Enterprises LLC, owned by Saudi Aramco, is evaluating a new $4.7 billion steam cracker to produce ethylene, polyethylene and other petrochemicals, according to documents filed with the Texas Comptroller's office, the Houston Chronicle newspaper reported.

Motiva also is considering a $1.9 billion complex that would produce benzene and paraxylene, byproducts of gasoline production, according to other documents.

Both projects would be complete by 2022 if the company decides to move forward with the investments and receives the necessary permitting, the Chronicle reported.

The expansion of Motiva Enterprises LLC would move the U.S.’s biggest oil refinery (636,500 barrels per day capacity) into the petrochemical industry. Motiva previously has expressed interest in petrochemicals manufacturing in Texas, but the Comptroller's documents reveal new details and a potential timeline for the projects, Kallanish Energy reports.

Saudi Aramco hasn't decided yet whether it would build the petrochemical projects in Port Arthur or in other locations in Texas or Louisiana, according to the Chronicle.

Motiva spokesperson Angela Goodwin told the Chronicle the company is "actively exploring several opportunities along the Gulf Coast."

"Final investment decisions by the Board of Directors are not expected to be made until the end of 2019 and are dependent on strong economics, competitive incentives and regulatory support," Goodwin said.

If the board approves the projects, construction of the steam cracker would start in the first quarter of 2020, and of the aromatics complex in the second quarter of 2020, according to the Comptroller documents. Both projects would come online in the fourth quarter of 2022.


Motiva Enterprises は2002年以降、ShellとSaudi Aramco の50/50JVとして運営されてきたが、2016年3月に資産を分離する覚書を締結したと発表した。

AramcoはMotiva の社名と、Port Arthur, TXの製油所、26のガソリンターミナルを引き継いだ。

  Aramco Shell  
製油所 Port Arthur, TX
(元 Texaco )
Norco, LA
(元 Shell)
  能力 23.5万バレル
 エチレン 2系列 計 150万トン
 ブタジエン 26万トン

 Shell は1995年にPPプラントをUnion Carbide (Dow) に売却
Convent, LA
(元 Texaco )
ガソリンターミナル 26 9  

2016/3/25 Shell とAramco、米国のJVのMotivaを分離