Clariant plans acquisition of Süd-Chemie 

Clariant AG is planning the acquisition of a controlling majority in Süd-Chemie AG and has thereto signed a contract with the majority shareholders.

As part of the planned transaction, still subject to clearance by competent merger control authorities, Clariant has come to agreements with the majority shareholder One Equity Partners (50.4%) and the family shareholders (approximately 46%). As a result, Clariant will acquire slightly above 95% of the outstanding shares. The shares of One Equity Partners will be bought at a price of EUR 121 per S
üd-Chemie share. The vast majority of the Süd-Chemie family shareholders will swap their shares into Clariant shares at a ratio of 1:8.84. The total value of the transaction is EUR 2.0 billion (CHF 2.5 billion).


Süd-Chemie is a highly-innovative, listed, specialty chemicals company headquartered in Munich. With its two divisions of Adsorbents 吸着剤 and Catalysts, the Süd-Chemie Group, which has around 6,500 employees, generates total sales of almost 1.2 billion euros. Süd-Chemie holds an extremely strong position on global markets, almost 80 percent of Group sales being realised with customers outside Germany. It systematically exploits the potential offered by fast-growing regions, notably in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The starting material for products manufactured by the Adsorbents Division is a clay mineral known as bentonite. This clayey rock binds materials dissolved in water or other liquids and can be chemically refined to create versatile adsorbents and additives.

In March 2003, SABIC and Süd-Chemie AG formed a partnership for the acquisition of Scientific Design Company Inc. from Linde AG. Under this changed ownership, Scientific Design remains an independent entity and continues to license its processes, provide engineering services and sell catalysts to its clients worldwide. SABIC and Süd-Chemie manage Scientific Design Company Inc. through a fifty-fifty joint venture.   

August 9, 2013 Clariant 

Clariant and Tasnee Establish Masterbatches Joint Venture in Saudi Arabia

Clariant sells 40% stake in Clariant Masterbatches Saudi Arabia to Tasnee

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, and Tasnee, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Saudi Arabia, today announced the signing of an agreement to establish a masterbatches joint venture in Saudi Arabia.

Within the framework of the agreement, through its 100% subsidiary Rowad National Plastic Company Ltd., Tasnee will acquire a 40% stake in Clariant’s masterbatches operations in the country, already operating under the name Clariant Masterbatches (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. The joint venture will be operational following completion of customary merger control clearance procedures and will keep its main focus on the Arabic peninsulas core market.

Clariant Masterbatches (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. is a market leader and a pioneer in the region, with masterbatches production already started in 1993. Rowad National Plastic Company Ltd is a regional leader in plastic conversion, and is a long-standing customer of Clariant Masterbatches. Together, the companies will be able to develop new solutions for the plastics market. In addition to the exisiting operations the construction of a new plant for the production of white masterbatches has been decided.

“Our strategic partnership with Tasnee and the formation of the joint venture represent a first essential step for Clariant in strengthening its presence in one of the most important growth regions of the world. Clariant will contribute a high level of specialist know-how to the new company, whereas Tasnee has in-depth knowledge of the relevant regional markets, which will deliver major benefits to our clients. The link with Tasnee will also create additional value by facilitating access to feedstock. This partnership therefore represents another step in the implementation of our global growth strategy”, said Clariant CEO Hariolf Kottmann.

Hans Bohnen, Head of Business Unit Masterbatches, added: “We are pleased to join forces with one of the leading industrial companies in the strategically important growth region on the Arabic peninsula and in Saudi Arabia in particular. The joint venture with Tasnee will open additional growth opportunities for Clariant and Tasnee in the Middle East region.”

“We are happy to join hands with Clariant, a world leader in the business. By this joint venture, Tasnee will enter into the important business of masterbatches which will create further opportunities for serving the downstream plastic industry in the Middle East region” said Saleh Alnazha, CEO of Tasnee.

September 29, 2014

Clariant to acquire Chinese healthcare packaging specialist VitaPac

Bolt-on acquisition to round out healthcare packaging portfolio
Low cost base production site with high quality performance
Opportunity to capture regional market share in emerging markets

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, today announced that it has signed a purchase agreement with VitaPac, a Chinese specialist for healthcare packaging. The owner-led company with 80 employees is based in Hong Kong with a production site in Dongguan, China. It had consolidated sales of about CHF 4. mio in 2013. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of the fourth quarter of 2014 and subject to regulatory approvals.

VitaPac, founded in 1995, develops and manufactures a full range of high quality protective packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and food industries, as well as for the logistics and electronics sectors, mainly in the region of Asia-Pacific (APAC). The company focuses on active sorbents and has built up a leading market position for desiccant packets for moisture adsorption.

VitaPac is known for its innovative, technology-driven product lines that address pharmaceutical stability and shelf life. The company maintains a Drug Master File (DMF) with the FDA, and its products comply with all pertinent regulations for use in direct contact with food and drugs.

The bolt-on acquisition of VitaPac complements the portfolio of Clariant’s Business Line Medical Specialties within its Business Unit Masterbatches. The agreement will help Clariant to gain increased market share in important emerging markets especially in Asia but also to capture further sales in other regions. The acquired Dongguan plant will enlarge Clariant’s global footprint, furthering the reach to its multinational pharmaceutical customer base.

Hariolf Kottmann, CEO of Clariant, comments: “The acquisition of VitaPac is in line with our strategy to grow profitably by investing in new technologies and new markets. It will enable us to enhance Clariant’s existing portfolio of packaging solutions with new innovative products from the active packaging area, helping us to further develop our positioning in the medical specialties market.”


January 25, 2018  

SABIC acquires 24.99% stake in Clariant


Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, today acknowledges the investment by chemical industry peer and partner SABIC, which has acquired a 24.99% stake in Clariant. The acquisition of these stakes, which were previously held by White Tale and 40 North, makes SABIC the largest Clariant shareholder.

As is customary in the industry, Clariant was informed of SABIC's intention to acquire the shares prior to the transaction. SABIC is one of the major global chemical companies, with a significant specialty chemicals business and a partner of Clariant in the Catalyst joint venture Scientific Design.

Clariant intends to engage with SABIC over the coming weeks in order to discuss the new situation and explore possible ways to create value. Clariant will also continue the existing dialogue with all its other shareholders.


All activists ever want is a quick boost in their target's share price so they can sell and move on. That's what beleaguered CEOs always say when hedge funds attack. The investors targeting Clariant AG have just given that tired riposte a big dollop of credibility.

White Tale Holdings ended hostilities with the Swiss chemicals group on Thursday by selling its 25 percent stake to Saudi Basic Industries Corp. The decision follows repeated assertions from the agitator -- a partnership between hedge fund Corvex Management LP and investment group 40 North -- that it was a long-term holder.

Measured in earth years, it was anything but. Corvex and 40 North began their joint assault in July 2017. The duo helpfully blocked Clariant's misguided plan to merge with U.S. peer Huntsman Corp. last year.

The pair then pushed for a strategic review to test the idea of selling the Swiss company's plastics and coatings business. This was a sensible demand. With management resisting, an ugly battle loomed.

両社の2016年の業績は次の通り。  1スイスフラン=1.02米ドル

Clariant (100万スイスフラン)          
  売上高 EBITDA
Care Chemicals 1,465 276
触媒 673 160
Plastics & Coating
2,525 368
Oil & Mining、Functional Minerals
1,184 200
Corporate - -117
Total 5,847 887


Or so it seemed. In October, White Tale was emphatic: "We will take responsibility to see this through on behalf of all shareholders."

If other investors thought such statements meant White Tale was in for the long haul, they were wrong. The sale to Sabic has given an industrial shareholder a blocking stake in Clariant. Sabic says it has no current plans to mount a full takeover, but it would be surprising if it didn't covet full ownership. If it ever makes an offer, the chances of a rival forcing Sabic to pay a full price look slim. Thanks, White Tale.


October 27, 2017

Huntsman と Clariant は2017年5月22日、両社の取締役会が満場一致で両社の対等合併の契約を承認した。

統合会社の社名はHuntsmanClariant で、統合会社の売上高は132億ドル、 EBITDA は23億ドル、企業価値は約200億ドルとなる。

2017/5/26     Huntsman と Clariantが統合 



両社は合併が長期的に株主の利益になると信じるが、Clariantの株主で24.99%を所有する物言う投資家White Tale Holdings が反対を続け、他の株主も同調しているため、無理と判断した。

Clariant and Huntsman jointly decided to abandon planned Merger of Equals

Clariant  and Huntsman Corporation today jointly announced that they have mutually terminated their proposed merger of equals. The decision was unanimously approved by the Boards of Directors of Clariant and Huntsman.

In a joint statement, Peter R. Huntsman, President and CEO of Huntsman, and Hariolf Kottmann, CEO of Clariant, stated: "We remain convinced that the proposed merger of equals as agreed to on May 21, 2017, would have been in the long-term best interests of all of our shareholders. However, given the continued accumulation of Clariant shares by activist investor White Tale Holdings and its opposition to the transaction, which is now supported by some other shareholders, we believe that there is simply too much uncertainty as to whether Clariant will be able to secure the two-thirds shareholder approval that is required to approve the transaction under Swiss law. Under these circumstances and in light of the high level of disruption and uncertainty that has been created for both companies, we have jointly decided to terminate the merger agreement. This will allow both companies to focus again fully on their respective stand-alone strategies in the best interests of the companies and their shareholders, associates, and other stakeholders. We maintain a great respect for one another, and we want to recognize and express our mutual and deep appreciation for the efforts and incredible commitment demonstrated by the associates of each company over the past several months."

The Termination Agreement foresees no payment of a break fee on either side. Clariant, therefore, avoids paying both the USD 210m deal breakage fee and the USD 60m EGM non-approval fee as foreseen in the Merger Agreement.

Following a thorough analysis of all strategic alternatives, Clariant's Board of Directors and Executive Committee unanimously considered the merger with Huntsman to be the best available option to further develop the company and increase the long-term value for all stakeholders. This view has been and is shared by the vast majority of our shareholders. Rudolf Wehrli, Chairman of the Board of Directors: "We regret the missed opportunity for value creation and thank our shareholders for their support. The Board of Directors, our Chief Executive Officer and our Executive Committee will now focus on our proven strategy to further strengthen the company's market position as a globally leading specialty chemicals company."

Clariant's CEO Hariolf Kottmann: "While White Tale's position on the merger has been different from ours, we share a common interest in increasing Clariant's value. We are committed to achieving this through a continuation of our existing and successful long-term growth strategy. That said, we will continue our dialogue with all our stakeholders."

While the merger would have enabled Clariant to speed up its strategy, the company has the utmost confidence in continuing its own path towards the goal of reaching a position in the top tier of the specialty chemicals industry. The success of its strategy is evidenced by a positive track record of increased profitability and enterprise value, a stronger portfolio which continues to grow, and leadership positions in innovation and sustainability. These elements will continue to be the foundation of Clariant's profitable growth, cash flow generation and value creation.


July 25, 2019 

Clariant, SABIC halt talks to form chemicals venture

Clariant and large shareholder Saudi Basic Industries have halted negotiations to form a new high performance materials company from the combined assets of the two companies, Clariant said on Thursday.

SABIC, which holds 25% of Clariant, and the Swiss company have been working to combine Clariant’s additives and specialty masterbatches businesses with parts of SABIC’s specialty chemicals operation.

Clariant, whose Chief Executive Ernesto Occhiello left abruptly this week said the companies have decided to temporarily suspend negotiations.

“Given the current market conditions, both parties have decided that temporarily suspending the negotiations is in the best interests of the respective shareholders of both companies,” Clariant said.


2018/2/2 SABIC、Clariantに出資 

Clariant は1月25日、SABICがClariantの株式の24.99%を取得し、最大株主になったと発表した。

物言う株主Keith MeisterのヘッジファンドCorvex Management LP と投資グループの40 North から買収した。これまで Corvex Management LPと40 North は共同でWhite Tale Holdings を設立し、Clariantと対決してきた。




スイス特殊化学大手のクラリアントは18日、筆頭株主となったサウジアラビア基礎産業公社(SABIC)を「戦略安定大株主(strategic anchor shareholder)」とすることなどを取り決めたと発表した。クラリアントはM&A(企業の合併・買収)が活発化している化学業界で単独で生き残るには事業規模が小さいことから、事業規模が大きいSABICと緊密に協働することを決めた。事業再編にも踏み切る。







July 28, 2019

SABIC CEO says no interest in taking over Clariant

Saudi Basic Industries Corp  has no interest in taking over Swiss chemicals firm Clariant and considers its 25% stake in the company as “a long term strategic investment,” said its chief executive Yousef al-Benyan on Sunday.

He told a news conference that once market conditions change, SABIC will have another round of talks about the joint venture with Clariant, which the two companies shelved.

Clariant said on Thursday that joint venture talks with top shareholder SABIC had been shelved due to differences over asset prices, a further setback for the Swiss chemicals maker whose CEO abruptly quit last week.


December 19, 2019               

Clariant has agreed to sell its Masterbatches business for approx. USD 1.6 billion

  • Divestment of Clariant’s entire Masterbatches business to PolyOne
  • Total enterprise value of approx. USD 1.6 billion
  • Extraordinary cash distribution of CHF 3.00 per share proposed by Clariant’s Board of Directors, subject to AGM approval and closing of transaction

Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, has agreed to sell its entire Masterbatches business to PolyOne. The transaction values the Masterbatches business at USD 1,560 million, representing c. 12.2 times the last twelve months reported EBITDA (ending September 2019) on a cash and debt free basis. This amount is payable at closing, which is expected by Q3 2020.

“This announcement is a significant milestone on our path to focussing on businesses with above-market growth, higher profitability and stronger cash generation. After the successful divestment of Healthcare Packaging in October 2019 the agreement to sell Masterbatches is an important step in delivering on our strategy defined in 2015 to concentrate on our three core Business Areas Care Chemicals, Catalysis and Natural Resources”, said Hariolf Kottmann, Executive Chairman of Clariant. “As announced, we are confident that we will execute the remaining divestment of our Pigments business in 2020 in order to build the new, more focused and stronger Clariant by 2021,” he added.

As previously communicated, the proceeds from the intended divestments of Clariant’s non-core businesses will be used to invest in innovations and technological applications within the core Business Areas, to strengthen Clariant’s balance sheet and to return capital to shareholders.

As a consequence of the divestment of the Masterbatches business, as well as the anticipated divestment of the Pigments business by the end of 2020, Clariant’s Board of Directors is proposing an extraordinary cash distribution of CHF 3.00 per share to the Clariant Annual General Meeting to be held on March 30, 2020. Subject to a positive vote of Clariant’s shareholders, the extraordinary distribution of approx. CHF 1 billion will be paid out post the closing of the divestment of the Masterbatches business.

The deal with PolyOne comprises two separate transactions. The global Masterbatches business is sold in a deal valued at USD 1,500 million, representing c. 12.1 times the last twelve months reported EBITDA (ending September 2019). Separately, the sale of Clariant’s Masterbatches business in India has been approved by Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited’s Board of Directors and is valued at INR 4,260 million or approx. USD 60 million, representing c. 17.3 times the last twelve months reported EBITDA (ending September 2019). Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited is listed on the stock exchanges in India with Clariant AG holding a 51% controlling stake. The closing of both transactions is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.

Clariant’s Masterbatches business offers color and additive concentrates and performance solutions for plastics. Clariant’s Masterbatches help to enhance the market appeal or end-use performance of plastic products, packaging or fibers. In the financial year 2018, the total Masterbatches business generated sales of around CHF 1.181 billion.